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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Germans Homeless in Merkel's Germany

Angela Merkel  describes those whom I regard as "real"  Germans merely  as "those who have lived here longer" but considers her newly, illegally imported "guests" as "those who joined recently", and who, according to her, are just as German as "those-who-have-lived-here-longer"

Merkel calls the Germans:
"Those who have lived here longer" 

"This statement is a mockery of the Sovereign who elected her and whom she intends to do away with..." writes Michael Mannheimer, a blogger and writer and certainly  a thorn in the eyes of Merkel who seems to have a Stasi-like grip on Free Speech and the number of  information crumbs  the Volk is allowed to access.  I understand they have tried to silence Mr. Mannheimer already several times but, like a modern-day Socrates this "gadfly" is hanging in there. 

Merkel juxtaposed her description of Germans to that she has chosen for her personal 1.5 million migrants (so far) as "die, die neu dazugekommen sind" (those, who joined up recently). 

Mannheimer's Article (in German) published late last year, is well worth reading. 

So, Germans are rich, yes ? Well here is a video that shows you some of those Germans that Merkel dismisses as "those who have lived here a little longer".

Its source is the Deutsche Welle, a State Media,  hence of a clear conformist left bent and  regime-promoting. But here they really did a surprisingly good job  with an objectivity you normally don't find among their propagandist pieces. Not even one Merkel-Refugee in sight. Perhaps the reason for that is that Merkel-Refugees are not homeless in Merkel's Germany, unlike those "who have lived there longer".

This story made me, somewhat, angry. To put my anger into an acceptable tame-it-box, I showed it to a non-German, very analytical friend. All he would state is the obvious: "It did not touch me the same way as it did you". Doh !

So, here I am, left with my strange anger. I let a bit of it out by mentioning "Merkel" a lot in my editiorial.  

Anselm's fate touched me the most. He (and Franziska Dinter) too  might remember this old number of  Freddy Quinn:

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Who kills genuine Refugees by Proxy ?

I have never hidden the deep contempt in which I hold the racist Pigs Through which the  "UN" of today has become. Looking at this video below, they can add yet another activity to a long list of the same kind: complicity in the Genocide of Yazidis (and Christians). 

Oh, and nor will I forget this Pope's (Francis) very media-guided visit to Greece, to "save some refugees"  and bring them to Italy, cameras blazing, of course. Among the three chosen ones was a Christian family whom the media floozy left behind at the very last minute. When found out, the "excuse" from the Vatican was that "their identity papers had not been completed". It was a lie. Wherever these Christian refuges have ended up, I don't know, but the Muslim families chosen by this Pope are, on last reports "doing very well". 

Here is a video from TV Libertés, France on Yazidis, subtitled by Vlad  some months ago: 

You can find a German version of this video on RohDatenHalde

As for my choice of music for this post, I'm going out on a limb and hope that I'm not threading on any ethnically sensitive toes:


A Muslim asks: "Why do they hate us"?

Following the 'vehicular' attack outside a London mosque on June 19,  Egyptian TV host Youssef Al-Husseini with courage and an insight rarely seen on our TV screens these days asked and answered his own rhetorical question: 

"Why do they hate us ? ! 
If they didn't, there would be something mentally wrong with them..." 

And he continued: 

"Muslims have contributed nothing to the West except slaughter, massacres and terror attacks, and you still expect them to LOVE US ?!"

He also debunks to a large extent the  tales of all those  "enormous contributions to Science, Literature, Philosophy" Muslims have, allegedly, made. 

A video well worth watching, despite  the effort it takes to read the sub-titles, and thanks to  Vlad Tepes for finding it.

. .

MEMRI TV, who published this video on 25. June 2017 write in their disclaimer:

"MEMRI TV is a non-partisan, independent research institute providing research, analysis and translation of primary materials covering a wide range of issues, including on terrorism and ideological trends in the middle east. 

These video clips are provided as a public service to an international viewing audience to bridge the language gap and better educated and inform.

Material about the statements of terrorists and extremists is provided to alert the public to threats and in no way constitutes an endorsement of such activities. 

Please contact us for any queries.
The Middle East Media Research Institute is a not-for-profit press monitoring and analysis organization with headquarters in Washington, DC"


Sunday, 25 June 2017

Melanie Phillips in and on Israel

Melanie Phillips, British journalist, author and public commentator offers an eye-opening perspective on where anti-Israel ideas and sentiments originate. This impressive Cassandra foretold the future of London over 10   years ago by coining the name "Londonistan"

Her  conversation with Yaakov AchiMeir  was published on Israeli TV earlier this year.


On one point though  I disagree with the formidable Miss Melanie Phillips: She says "there is nothing remotely right-wing about standing up for truth against lies, justice against injustice, freedom against those who would snuff out freedom and human life". 

Well I say there is! 

You will not see many "right-wingers" at Jew-Hatred marches under Terrorist flags chanting "death to Jews", like just those last few days for Al Qud day, nor will you see too many Conservatives under the "Palestinian flags"  chanting "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea", which, if you know a minimum of Israel's geography is the same. I strongly suggest, that today's version of  Jew-hatred comes, of course from those who follow the edicts of the Koran, but they are enthusiastically assisted, directly and indicrectly,  by  the "Left Wingers", Labor, Greens, Antifa, etc. 

The Left's  default position of moral posturing (moral signalling in modern parlance)  does not a good people make.

By declaring my support for Israel (too often and too loudly according to some) I will proudly accept the label of "right winger"!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Merkel attacks while AfD defends Israel & Jews

Vlad, when posting  the two videos below introduced them like so: 

"Oz-Rita brings us a singular juxtaposition of two videos, showing the diverse attitudes towards Jews by the ruling Merkel party in Germany, (The CDU) and the AfD, who post-modernists insist are Nazis when,  in fact, it is  the Post-Modernists who share their root philosophy with the Nazis.".

Being very angry at what Merkel has done to my old country, my approach will have more ad hominem undertones. Here you will see two German women politicians, one with class and one without. 

Lets start with the "classy" one. An aristocratic pedigree does not automatically assure you class, but Beatrix von Storch as plenty of both. She is porte-parole of- and represents her party, the "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) in the EU parliament. The AfD is a much maligned, relatively new, conservative and patriotic party and with quite a few people like Beatrix von Storch in their ranks,  they offer a real alternative and the only hope I see for Germany at the moment. 


And then we have Angela Merkel, erstwhile 'girlfriend' of Adolf Erdogan, then of Obama, now cougar to Emmanuel Macron - politically speaking of course. In the video below she confirms her bad taste in men by not only snuggling up to  Abbas, but by betraying Israel and so the Jewish people.  

The second part of this video (in Arabic) is not yet translated/subtitled, however, Abbas mentions the word "Apartheid" which I think might be an indication of what he has to say. 

Merkel seems to have acquired an anti-Israel perspective - a concession to her (new) masters, whoever they are ?

And last: Did she really say: 

"...I have said again and again that the settlements in the occupied territories are a violation of international law..." ? 

Yes she did !


Friday, 23 June 2017

A Haram Look at Halal Certification in OZ

This new documentary on "The Unpalatable Facts" of Halal Certification has just rolled off the presses (or what ever documentaries roll off these days). It came to my in box from the Q Society of Australia, a group which I hold in great respect and features people whose courage in the face of all sort of attacks I admire. 


“Never underestimate the intelligence of your readers, but never overestimate their knowledge”  so, please, pass this documentary onto your friends, enemies (*) and other contacts. 

Here is a little sample of what I take to be "Halal" in its natural habitat: 


Now we are coming to the truly HARAM part of this post: HUMOUR

(*)  "Don't speak because it's safe, speak because it is necessary"

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Is London's Mayor Sadiq Kahn deaf or islamist ?

First a little explanation as to what "Al Quds" day is. This one  might sound light-hearted for such a nasty call to genocide, but I think it still packs a punch:

I have written about this brave woman, Kay Wilson, before. Here she had a message for Sadiq Kahn, the islamist Mayor of London:  

And then there were petitions, I signed some of them too, but what can you expect from an Islamist mayor who until  the day before his election paraded his wife in civilised dress yet could not wait  even for a modest interval before showing his true colors on the very day after the election. Not only did he  wrap up  his submissive muslima completely, but he chose as place for his "coronation" a CHRISTIAN church - when all his predecessors had correctly chosen the Town Hall for what should not be a "religious" function. 

I'm reminded of the dogs who, I'm told, mark their "territories" by "watering" their conquered spots.

Not only did the "march" take place, the Jew Haters were actually allowed to carry Terrorists flags and call for the death of Jews.

I dont think that the saying "All that it takes for Evil to florish, is for good men to do nothing" spoke of the Islamist Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn, the nasty Jew-Hater Jeremy Corbyn, and the commissioner of metropolitan Police when mentioning "Good Men" - I think hese 3 are actually batting for the side of Florishing Evil. And while I'm at it, I might even throw  the (at best) spineless Theresa May into the mix.

Update on 22/23 June 2017


Monday, 19 June 2017

What have the Jews ever done to YOU ? !

In April this year, in the middle of the Presidential Election campaign, a Muslim threw Sarah Halimi,  a little 65 y.o. Jewish lady out of the window of her 3rd floor Paris apartment to the shouts of Allah-U-Akbar. 

He had tortured her  for more than an hour, according to witness reports, her neighbours heard her screams, and the police who had been called to the building were doing "nothing" but  "waiting" for the riot police. The quarter in which that happened, Belleville  is very close to the centre of Paris and used to be a vibrant centre with many of its residents being of Jewish background until about 10 years ago, when communities of Arabo/Sub-Saharan Muslims moved in. Sarah Halimi, a doctor, had been living in this flat for 30 years. She and her daughter had been insulted by the family of the Muslim killer as "dirty Jews" etc. They even have a word in France  for throwing someone out of a window to kill him/her: 


Semantics aside, one could expect that such a barbaric act would be "big" news.  YET....this murder was given the totally silent treatment by   the media and the only politician accusing this anti-Semitic murder was Marine Le Pen.  In Germany we have a word for this media device:  "totschweigen" - kill it with silence. 

Whether this media- and political silencing was caused by anti-Semitism, Islamophilia or electoral strategy, I don't know, although I would tip the two latter ones. 

I will get back to the murder of Sarah Halimi (no relation to ILAN Halimi other than they were both Jewish) in more detail, but I wanted to give you this quick run-down because the islamist murder of Sarah Halimi was the catalyst to the discussion in the video below. 

The program from which I have extracted this video is called "On n'est pas Couché" (ONPC). It's one of the most popular late Saturday Night TV shows with some pretence towards "intelligence", it runs until way past midnight and  - as all other "popular" entertainment programs -  it too has become pretentiously "leftist", the default position of the non-thinking herd. However, I must say, I was rather impressed by the exchange: 

What, indeed, have the Jews ever done to you ? 

And before I pass to what my friend Vlad calls my "gimmick", ie the piece of music, I would like to shake the protagonists and ask them: Why don't you dare mentioning, let alone name the beast in the room ! ? Neither the journalists, nor  the Jewish Actor, who had a sympathetic platform  for once, mentioned the source of this new Jew Hatred. "Islam" seems to have become a sacred cow, and like a nice little conformist, he  talks about the softer targets like Catholics, and Spanish Inquisition and Wotnot. Arrrrrrghhhhhh !!!!!

//end of rant mode//

I have but two things in common with the following  poet and song-man: 

I'm not Jewish, I'm not a poet, I'm not a singer,  I'm not good at my guitar,  I have not received a Nobel Price...


I am a "Gemini" and I'm on the side of Israel, just like  Robert Zimmermann whom you might know under the name of Bob Dylan: 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Muslimas in the West

I look at this

I see breeders

I think: “Demographics”


I fear for our children ! 

^^^ This is LONDON, in the UK ^^^

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Some heavenly Sunday Music

I find this piece of music "heavenly", but coming from humans, it does contain the proverbial Persian Flaw

The tradition of Persian Flaw originated, not surprisingly in Persia, the Iran of today.  Persian tribe members worked together to weave carpets that would tell their stories. They believed however that only God was perfect in all aspects and to show this, the carpet weavers would intentionally place flaws or mistakes in the carpet, a tradition that survives today and is also practised by the Amish in their Quilt making. 

So, what is that "Persian Flaw" I find in this video? 

Well, for me it is the picture of the ever media-conscious Pope Francis, whom I consider an opportunistic, extreme left, islamophile political hack that swims in the effluent of current political fashion. When he went to Greece a couple of years ago - cameras blazing of course - to "rescue" his allotment of  "refugees", he refused to take the desperate Christian family and took 3 Muslim families instead. When found out, the excuse was that their papers had not been ready, denied later by people who spoke up for the Christian refugee family. 

But these voices, singing in the language Jesus spoke, are worth putting up with the Persian Flaw. 

Enjoy ! 



Thursday, 8 June 2017

"Human Rights" = the Religion that kills

Author and Journalist, Eric Zemmour is one of the most courageous and brilliant minds in today's France.  For telling the truth about the galloping Islamisation of France, he has at present another Prison Sentence hanging over his head - the unholy trinity that rules over France,  a Socialist Government, a submissive Media and a totally politicised Judiciary - do not like to hear the truth, and will punish the truth teller every time. 

This little video below is an extract from an in depth interview (50 minutes recorded in November 2016) in which Eric Zemmour spoke to Martial Bild on the best TV channel in France, TV LIBERTÉS. You can find the original interview (in French) here

I am a great fan of Zemmour for his ability to not only recognise the truth, but to so courageously  articulate it and make it accessible without dumbing it down despite this Sword of Damocles hanging over him. 

The book you can see at the end of this extract is Zemmour's latest bestseller "Un Quinquennat Pour Rien". (Five years for nothing). In it he speaks of the 5 wasted years of François Hollande's Presidency. 

Another one who has recognised this most deadly weapon used against us in the past few decades:  those damn "Human Rights"  à la UN, is Theresa May. 

Nothing like an impending election to sharpen one's wit and language.  In view of  her 6 year track record as Minister of the Interior, I don't believe Theresa May yet, however the prospect of the  Labour alternative, a Jew-hating, Hamas-Loving Extreme Left Terrorist sympathiser  and best friend of the  islamist mayor of London, winning the election, is frightening.  So I will put my pessimism on ice for a while and give that Pastor's Daughter a second chance: 

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


I will not insult you with adding more to the effluent of recycled clichés, by now you must be drowning in them. The Fashion in France among the "fashionable"  is to quote someone who has lost his wife in the Jihadist Bataclan Massacre and addressed the Mohammedan murderers with: 

" Vous n'aurez pas ma haine !"  

(You'll not have my hatred) 

Oh, yes you will !!! I am with Katie Hopkins, one of the most outspoken English women (who, of course got sacked from her media position for telling the truth): 

No more Keep Calm and Carry On !

Or in the words of William Shakespeare:

 Once more unto the breach, dear friends

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; 
Or close the wall up with our English dead! 
In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man, 
As modest stillness and humility; 
But when the blast of war blows in our ears, 
Then imitate the action of the tiger: 
Stiffen the sinews, conjure up the blood, 
Disguise fair nature with hard-favoured rage: 
Then lend the eye a terrible aspect; 
Let it pry through the portage of the head, 
Like the brass cannon; let the brow o’erwhelm it 
As fearfully as doth a galled rock 
O’erhang and jutty his confounded base, 
Swill’d with the wild and wasteful ocean. 
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide; 
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit 
To his full height. On, on, you noblest English, 
Whose blood is fet from fathers of war-proof! 
Fathers that, like so many Alexanders, 
Have in these parts from morn till even fought, 
And sheathed their swords for lack of argument. 
Dishonour not your mothers: now attest, 
That those whom you call’d fathers did beget you. 
Be copy now to men of grosser blood, 
And teach them how to war. And you, good yeoman, 
Whose limbs were made in England, show us here 
The mettle of your pasture: let us swear 
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not; 
For there is none of you so mean and base, 
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes. 
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, 
Straining upon the start. The game’s afoot: 
Follow your spirit; and upon this charge, 
Cry ‘God for Harry! England! and Saint George!'

(Henry V, Act III, Scene I)

And now I give the floor to a few voices that I consider absolutely worth listening to. First Lauren Southern, one living proof that beautiful blondes can be highly intelligent and courageous.

I have admired Tommy Robinson for a long time and have written about him on this blog. This following video, however, needs a "Language Warning" for the more fragile souls among you,  but Tommy Robinson can lay claim to be the "true voice of the people", someone called this passionate  cris du coeur  a "Truth Bomb": 

Everybody (including the 'moderate' Left) praised the soi-disant "conservative" Theresa May for her "strong words", but the wool had run out before it came to the eyes of Paul Watson, another Truth-Teller, and one of the most articulate ones. He had the measure of what Theresa May really said, but he also points out that the alternative Leader, a Jew-hating "friend of Hamas" would be even worse. 

And lastly: in case some of you are entitled to vote in the upcoming elections, you DO have a choice to at least send out a message to the candidates who think they've got it "in the sack". Vote for Paul Weston who once got arrested  for quoting what Winston Churchill had to say about Muslims

"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

This ^^^ Churchill’s quotation is from “The River War,” Volume II, pages 248-250, published by Longmans, Green & Company, 1899

are you sure ? ! Britons never never will be slaves ! are you sure ?