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Thursday, 8 June 2017

"Human Rights" = the Religion that kills

Author and Journalist, Eric Zemmour is one of the most courageous and brilliant minds in today's France.  For telling the truth about the galloping Islamisation of France, he has at present another Prison Sentence hanging over his head - the unholy trinity that rules over France,  a Socialist Government, a submissive Media and a totally politicised Judiciary - do not like to hear the truth, and will punish the truth teller every time. 

This little video below is an extract from an in depth interview (50 minutes recorded in November 2016) in which Eric Zemmour spoke to Martial Bild on the best TV channel in France, TV LIBERTÉS. You can find the original interview (in French) here

I am a great fan of Zemmour for his ability to not only recognise the truth, but to so courageously  articulate it and make it accessible without dumbing it down despite this Sword of Damocles hanging over him. 

The book you can see at the end of this extract is Zemmour's latest bestseller "Un Quinquennat Pour Rien". (Five years for nothing). In it he speaks of the 5 wasted years of François Hollande's Presidency. 

Another one who has recognised this most deadly weapon used against us in the past few decades:  those damn "Human Rights"  à la UN, is Theresa May. 

Nothing like an impending election to sharpen one's wit and language.  In view of  her 6 year track record as Minister of the Interior, I don't believe Theresa May yet, however the prospect of the  Labour alternative, a Jew-hating, Hamas-Loving Extreme Left Terrorist sympathiser  and best friend of the  islamist mayor of London, winning the election, is frightening.  So I will put my pessimism on ice for a while and give that Pastor's Daughter a second chance: 

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