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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Some heavenly Sunday Music

I find this piece of music "heavenly", but coming from humans, it does contain the proverbial Persian Flaw

The tradition of Persian Flaw originated, not surprisingly in Persia, the Iran of today.  Persian tribe members worked together to weave carpets that would tell their stories. They believed however that only God was perfect in all aspects and to show this, the carpet weavers would intentionally place flaws or mistakes in the carpet, a tradition that survives today and is also practised by the Amish in their Quilt making. 

So, what is that "Persian Flaw" I find in this video? 

Well, for me it is the picture of the ever media-conscious Pope Francis, whom I consider an opportunistic, extreme left, islamophile political hack that swims in the effluent of current political fashion. When he went to Greece a couple of years ago - cameras blazing of course - to "rescue" his allotment of  "refugees", he refused to take the desperate Christian family and took 3 Muslim families instead. When found out, the excuse was that their papers had not been ready, denied later by people who spoke up for the Christian refugee family. 

But these voices, singing in the language Jesus spoke, are worth putting up with the Persian Flaw. 

Enjoy ! 



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