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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Who kills genuine Refugees by Proxy ?

I have never hidden the deep contempt in which I hold the racist Pigs Through which the  "UN" of today has become. Looking at this video below, they can add yet another activity to a long list of the same kind: complicity in the Genocide of Yazidis (and Christians). 

Oh, and nor will I forget this Pope's (Francis) very media-guided visit to Greece, to "save some refugees"  and bring them to Italy, cameras blazing, of course. Among the three chosen ones was a Christian family whom the media floozy left behind at the very last minute. When found out, the "excuse" from the Vatican was that "their identity papers had not been completed". It was a lie. Wherever these Christian refuges have ended up, I don't know, but the Muslim families chosen by this Pope are, on last reports "doing very well". 

Here is a video from TV Libertés, France on Yazidis, subtitled by Vlad  some months ago: 

You can find a German version of this video on RohDatenHalde

As for my choice of music for this post, I'm going out on a limb and hope that I'm not threading on any ethnically sensitive toes:


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