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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Postcard from Sydney 2015


Now that even Canada (one of the few countries to have a  courageous political leader) has finally made it to 2015 I can post this which comes from *M*@Vladtepes and wish you all that the very best experiences of 2014 will be the worst you can expect for 2015. 

Psst: If like me, the background music irritates you,
 just silence it and listen to some Beethoven or Wagner,
 both go well with Fireworks.



Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Obama dancing with the Dark Side ?

Found this on one of Allen West's twitter posts. Pity that Alan West whose name sounds somehow self-explanatory could not have been the first black POTUS; the West would have been a lot  safer, in my notsohumble opinion. 

Pssst, have a look at the last Western-culture-destroying act in the scene and wonder no more why I chose this magnificently sensual  video; it also  matches the "political" message... 

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tommy Robinson at Oxford

This video which I found via Vlad is nearly 1-1/4 hour long but every spell-binding minute of it is worth listening to. 

The victims of cowardly politicians, Lawyers, Police  and the  Media  who not only enable, but promote Islam and what is done in its name are the Old, the Young, the Children, the Jews, the Christians, the Gays, the Everybodies of Tommy Robinson's town, his country, the whole West. 

Message to you, you nasty wing clippers and sneerers: 

none of you would even come up to Tommy Robinson's ankles, and if you had a ladder as high as Jacob's. It takes someone  a thousand times your morally puny sizes to resist evil for so long and still be standing, and yes,  those who knocked him down again and again and continue to do so are   e-v-i-l   in my not so humble opinion. 

Tommy Robinson, You are a Hero!


Friday, 19 December 2014

BDS defend Cancer Against the Jews!

Ahhhh, these Jews...Israelis....Ziiionists! 
...at it again... 

h/t to vladtepesblog

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy Hanukkah (How the Jews fight)

"In Israel, not to believe in miracles is not realistic"
(David Ben Gourion)

An article on this "Dangerous Holiday" by Daniel Greenfield, well worth reading, as everything, written by him is worth reading. You may  call me unashamed and nearly uncritical admirer of "Sultan Knisch" 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Kristallnacht 9. November 1938

Lest we forget



Warning: confronting (authentic) images.



Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Israel does the work of the Vatican...

...while the media-darling, Pope Francis schmuses those who torture, crucify and otherwise massacre  Christians and while the Western media demonise Israel and the Jews, eagerly assisted by Obama and his ilk. 

Link to the UN-Watch article and transcript of the video: here



Monday, 20 October 2014

"We are ISIS"


Boo Hoo Palestine

This cute little video was made by a French Jewish family who plan to make 

France's Loss, Israel's gain...

"Next Year in Jerusalem"



Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Real Islam

I found this one chez Vlad, a constant source of truths that the "main" media would like to (and does) hide from us. Here, fearless experts comment on "Real Islam", not the hypocritical euphemism  of "religion of peace" used and abused by our cowardly, vote-obsessed political leaders. It is well worth listening to. 


From an article by the inimitable Sultan Knish aka Daniel Greenfield titled: 

"...Radical Islam is REAL Islam. "Moderate" Islam also serves the cause of Jihad, by serving as real radical Islam's Trojan horse into the West. Once established, communities of "moderate" Muslims in the West serve the vital task of creating a thick triple-canopy forest to camouflage the real, genuine radicals Muslims..."

    . . .

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What did Islam ever do for ...?

Warning: this video contains some confronting images.

Oh and just in case anyone is thinking:  "Islamophobia":

"This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché, conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics." — (Abdur-Rahan Muhammed, former member of the International Institute for Islamic Thought.)


P.S.: anyone interested in that seventies' song, 
apparently also  popular in what was then called 
"The Paris of the Middle East"
here it is:

Monday, 6 October 2014

On a lighter note...

...or is it? Because even at that young age, anti-semitism raises its ugly head...(from min. 3.10)

Ellen DeGeneres Meet Little Mel Gibson





Saturday, 4 October 2014

Why I am on the side of Jews & Israel

My support for Israel comes from a historical knowledge which is far from expansive, but which is still "profound" compared with that of these largely moronic herds we have seen lately screeching their Jew Hatred in the streets of Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney via their fake passion for the "pooooor Palesteeeeenians" with vulgarly rhyming slogans like "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free"

My support for the Jewish people and for their right to live freely and safely in their ancestral lands is unconditional.

The reasons for my totally subjective stand, while not completely irrational, are also largely emotional. Basically I am as cowardly as the next person although I find running with the pack offensively vulgar but, as a German, I need to prove to myself that, had I not been what Brecht called a "Nachgeborene" (*), I would not have looked the other way as my fathers did, or worse run with the Nazi pack. 

And so, today, I try to swim against this  stinking effluent of anti-semitism which - once again seems to pollute so many things of beauty and suffocate so much potential for good.

The media have turned from 4th estate to 5th column and turn otherwise 'civilised' and educated people into hyenas when it comes to "Israel" aka "The Jews". One of the products of this Goebbels' style propaganda is this normally very charming, mature and educated woman who, during the recent  Israeli response to HAMAS answered one of my emails like this:

Hi .... I know you are committed to the ideals and actions of Israel but I see it very differently. My sympathies lie unequivocally with the Palestinians whose country has been encroached on by aggressive, land-grabbing, women and children-killing, war criminals.  We must agree to disagree on this one.  Cheers.  

I am ashamed to say that I have not responded to this missive: this lady is a neighbour, so, in the interests of neighbourly peace and all that, you know... 

Would I have remained silent  too if this kind of gauntlet had been thrown down to  me in Germany's Nazi past? 

My "alibi" of being a "Nachgeborene" looks  shaky...

So: who are the "Palestinians"? And what is "Palestine? Time for a little history class:

(*) "Nachgeborene" 
Title of a poem by Brecht: "To those who follow in our wake"

    ... ...


I'm rather chuffed to be on the same side as Pat Condel:


The Truth by Geert Wilders

Let me name-drop and quote Albert Camus who said: "Mal nommer les choses, c'est ajouter au malheur du monde"(*). And while I am feeling pretentious, let me speculate and boldly assert that Camus would have despised the fools of today who, confronted with an unmistakable truth hitting them in the face still simper "it's got nothing to do with Islam", just as, in the end, he despised his former friend Sartre who, long after the truth was there for all to see, still fawned over Stalin. I just know that he would have been with Geert Wilders who calls things, as ugly as they are, by their real names.

You, Obama, do not, nor you, David Cameron, nor you François Hollande and, sadly - very sadly nor do you Tony Abott. You held such promise and now you already show the submission of people who have finally achieved power and are afraid of losing it. And so you repeat, meekly, after Obama: "ISIL...nothing to do with Islam...bla-bla-bla" 

You all stand condemned by Camus, et je vous accuse!

Geert Wilders, once again, I salute you, I know the high price you pay for refusing to have your nose of the same colour as the one worn by the late Herr Schickelgruber's brown shirts.

found this video on vladtepesblog, so often the first cab off the rank.

(*) "Misnaming things adds to the tragedy of the world"

"Hamas, ISIS and Iran...

...are branches from the same poisoned tree...", says the Prime Minister of Israel and proves it (see from approx. minute 6.45). 

To my past, present and future Jewish friends: a very happy Yom Kippur and a virtual basket full of apples and honey.

To the UN I offer a crate full of rotten eggs for snubbing the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people while officially "celebrating" at least two islamic holidays. Time to become a little more inclusive, or move your HQs to Teheran.


P.S.: After an accident most of my typing fingers are still in plaster, so for the moment I will favour videos rather than typing verbose commentary.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sounds of Silence from moderate Muslims

Where are all the marches, the protests, the expressions of disapproval from the moderate muslims on this one asks Michael Coren. 

"Australian Living Treasure" sides with beheaders

I have quietly  despised  Michael Leunig since he came out of the closet as a Jew Hater. Yea yea, I know, he too from time to time still wore the see-through fig leaf of the "I-dont-hate-Jews-only-Israel"   lie.  I find this mantra  vulgar and I hate  Jew hatred, seemingly the default position of the modern Left.  In Australia  "left causes" of this kind  are ruthlessly promoted    by  tax-payer funded Media like the ABC and SBS who want to be like the BBC when they grow up and who both out-aljezeera Aljezeera  and by the Fairfax press. 

Leunig is a daaaarling of and  in the pay of all three. He publishes his cartoons in the islamophile "Sydney Morning Herald" and "The Melbourne Age"In the year  1999 he was even honoured with the title of "Australian Living Treasure";  you earn plenty of  brownie points from the pack  if you run with them.

And now, in chronological order,  to the pictures which made me reach for the vomit bucket:

Here is an "Australian", Mohamed Elomar, holding up two severed human heads, trophies of his "jihad".

"Australian" Mohamed Eloma

A picture of his son that appeared on his website with the caption: "that's my boy". (Published in The Australian Newspaper).

The American Journalist, James Foley,  a minute before an English sounding (*) Islamic jihadist cuts off his head in front of the camera.

And here is the "cartoon" by Leunig declaring his hand once more, a few days after this decapitation  murder. 

This   sneering cartoon is nothing less than a blatantly defiant  promotion of "swords" and islamic barbarians.

The "message" from the "Australian Living Treasure" is quite in tandem with that of James Foley's murderer. 

PS: I dont know if "Leunig" dedicated an approving cartoon to  the Lee Rigby or other beheadings of Westerners...

(*) For more about the islamic murderer, a rapper who featured on BBC, click here

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Proper Way of Beheading

This video (thank you vladtepes) is actually serious. It shows a Muslim cleric (*) explaining to a group of his followers the "proper way to behead people". In his own oh-so-caring way he insists that slaughtering  humans is different from slaughtering animals, and, if done correctly it should become a quasi orgasmic experience for the beheader, according to the teacher: 

The sword, you see, should be placed on the neck and then be moved back and forth, while slitting the throat - thusly finishing off the victim and at the same time rewarding the executing Allah-u-akbarist with a "petite mort".


- but (with apologies to the bard): 
What's in a name? that which we call a Muslim
By any other name is still a Muslim. 


Update 24. August 2014: 

thank you vladtepes


Someone once posted on some internet blog a comment which I found a little close to the limit, but seeing this video I dont know if we can still speak of "limits", let alone respect them. This poster wrote: 

"Centuries of inbreeding in the Petri dish of Arabia have produced some nasty mutations"

Friday, 15 August 2014

Palestinian Leader: "Hamas is killing my people"

Jordanian Palestinian leader Mudar Zahran: 

Hamas is killing my people; 

Jordan oppresses Palestinians; 

leftists are wrong; 

Gazans are against Hamas; 

Hamas defenders just hate Jews !

Hamas fires from exactly where the civilians are because they know the Israelis won't shoot... If Israel wanted to kill all of Gaza, they could do it in 15 minutes. All we have is 2,000 innocent civilians killed because of Hamas' recklessness.

Hamas is just another terrorist group terrorizing MY people. 


Update 26. October 2014:
Strange thing happened: this video above disappeared some time ago with the comment you can see above. Then today it reappeared on the excellent vladtepesblog, so here it is again:


Hamas has to be stopped. 

MY people are suffering. 

My people are BLEEDING. 


Sex Slaves and Jihad Brides 2014 style (updated)

Until not so long ago, when I heard about the Arab Slave Trade, it is this painting below by the French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) which came to my mind. A sensual painting, but of a nearly "safe" sensuality because what it depicted was well and truly in the past, wasn't it? 

And then, a week or so ago I came across a cry for help in this Article with the title: 

"Les Irakiennes vendues comme des esclaves au souk de Mossoul(Iraqi women sold as slaves in the market place of Mossoul)

The article translated reads: 

THE “RED CRESCENT OF IRAQ” calls upon the international community to intervene and save Christian women, sold in the Souks of Mossoul by ISIS (*). 

Jihadists now impose their laws from another time in the zones they occupy in the centre of Northern Iraq, namely Mossoul. All communities are abused, and especially Christians. The latter, who have lived in this region for 2000 years are today stripped of their possession and chased out of their homes. Those who resist are directly executed. 

The women are led like cattle to the market and auctioned off like the slaves in other times.

(*) The original text reads "Islamic State", but, feeling hat 'State' would be giving "them" some form of legitimacy, I translated it as "ISIS". Meanwhile the abbreviation of "IS" seems to have been widely accepted. How fast things deteriorate...


What shocked me the most were the two photos in the text.  And even now, more that a week after I first saw them, they still haunt me. These pictures don't give me the comfort of distance in time as did Gérôme's painting, nor are they "art", they show, brutally, what is happening now, and not far away from you nor from me. 

"To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric" (or words to that effect) wrote Theodor W. Adorno, I feel a bit  like this about playing music after Mossoul, but Mozart's Lacrimosa hits the right tone, I think. 



In a related article, just published, Dr. Phyllis Chesler  writes: 

Western Sex Slaves for ISIS:

The Twisted Psychology of Jihad Brides

The most barbaric bunch of blood-thirsty misogynists this side of Genghis Khan are yearning for western “brides”—and the “brides,” who will be no more than sex and reproductive slaves, are coming, via an internet campaign, to service ISIS’s male Jihadis in the Caliphate in formation in Syria and Iraq. There is a “marriage bureau” in the northern Syrian town of Al Bab for Western women in a marrying state of mind...

Read the whole article here.

2nd Update: 

This article in French from "L'orient LeJour" announces that: 

« À Mossoul, 700 femmes yazidies ont été vendues sur la place publique à 150 dollars pièce...(in Mossoul, 700 yazidie women have been sold on the public market place for 150 Dollars a piece) »

 3rd update 1. November 2014

Someone said that Islam  had great difficulties to justify its existence on moral grounds. The more I look the more I am convinced that it has even greater difficulties aesthetically. See this confirmed in the following video which I found on  vladtepesblog:


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gaza's wide open spaces

Here are some translated extracts from a very richly illustrated and well argumented article by Professeur Franklin from Riposte Laique:

(Gaza: the pictures that the French medias are hiding from you) 

Gaza has a lot of uninhabited zones

In a text describing the conditions under which his team realised a reportage about the launching of a rocket from a densely populated civil zone in Gaza (we showed this video in our previous article), Sreenivasan Jain, correspondant of the Indian TV chain NDTV writes: 
« ...Instead a series of arguments have been thrown at us, for instance, the ‘we have no choice’ argument, suggesting that Israeli encroachment has deprived Gaza of open spaces from which Hamas can launch attacks. This is factually dubious – one only has to drive down the Salahudin Road from Gaza City in the north to Khan Younis in the south to see that the Gaza strip is not, as is commonly believed a continuous urban agglomeration. »

A picture is often worth a thousand words, so here is a map of Gaza: 

All the white zones on that map are either fields or wastelands. Consequently Gaza has numerous uninhabited zones from whence HAMAS could launch its rockets. 

But the terrorists of Hamas, as all terrorists, are cowards: they prefer to launch their rockets from populated zones in order to use civilians as human shields, which constitutes a war crime. 

It is not surprising that "antisionists" and other anti-Jewish "militants for peace" reject categorically any information coming from Tsahal, the defence army of Israel. But it is a scandal that the French medias do the same and prefer to pass on slavishly the propaganda from Hamas terrorists, just as they passed on, slavishly, the propaganda from Goebbels during the second World War. 

However we prefer to take our information (among other sources) from the only democracy in the Middle East, just as the French Resistance took their information for Radio London, which broadcast from the UK, the only democracy in Europe at that time. 

If you think that my choice of music here refers ironically to the Siren Song of Hamas, the terrorist occupiers of Gaza "we are sooooooooooo fenced in and soooooooooo crowded, we just have to launch rockets from private houses, hospitals and kindergartens", you are right. 

pssst, ever wondered why their brothers in Egypt do not want to open the "door" to Hamas? 
It's not only Israel you know.... 

Is it me or are Siren Songs getting more vulgar, having devolved from the rather grand Homer and the poetic Heinrich Heine to the offensively stupid  lies of a bottom-dwelling terrorist group seducing some of the most dangerously moronic  herds  in human history?

Siren Song
By Margaret Atwood

This is the one song everyone
would like to learn: the song
that is irresistible:

the song that forces men
to leap overboard in squadrons
even though they see the beached skulls

the song nobody knows
because anyone who has heard it
is dead, and the others can't remember.

Shall I tell you the secret
and if I do, will you get me
out of this bird suit?

I don't enjoy it here
squatting on this island
looking picturesque and mythical

with these two feathery maniacs,
I don't enjoy singing
this trio, fatal and valuable.

I will tell the secret to you,
to you, only to you.
Come closer. This song

is a cry for help: Help me!
Only you, only you can,
you are unique

at last. Alas
it is a boring song
but it works every time.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hypocrisy over Gaza and dead children


Their "Dead babies Jihad" works well for HAMAS.  

I wonder: has anyone seen dead HAMAS terrorist? The victim numbers we are fed by this terrorist group are reported to be  made up exclusively of "Children" and "Civilians", not a single dead HAMAS terrorist among them...

A propos "dead children": 

Daniel Greenfield in yet another of his brilliant articles that take no prisoners asks: 

Are all dead children created equal?

Here are a few extracts: 

While furious mobs of leftists draped in Keffiyahs and corn syrup were shrieking about Gaza in the public squares of every major city, ISIS was continuing its genocidal advance on Baghdad. In the last 24 hours, the Yazidis, a non-Muslim minority, fled ISIS to a mountaintop where their children are dying of thirst. 
The stark reality of their plight, caught between thirst and a genocidal army, is in sharp contrast to the phony claims made about Gaza where truckloads of goods continue passing from Israel during wartime, where the malls have iPhones and the five star hotels offer cakes so tall they can only be cut from a crane.

The dead Yazidi children won’t inspire any protests or much in the way of outrage. The hysterical rallies for Gaza won’t suddenly turn into anti-ISIS rallies. If any of the angry white hipsters with dead baby posters are asked about it, they will offer some variation on, “It’s Bush’s fault” or “It’s Tony Blair’s fault.”


They  use (the children)  to wage war in the name of peace when they come in handy. 
And when they die of Hamas rockets and clan feuds, when they are killed by ISIS and the entire murderous alphabet soup of Islamic terrorism, they drop them like yesterday’s garbage.

For Hamas and its supporters screaming “Free Gaza” at the top of their lungs, children, dead or alive, are just another propaganda weapon in the arsenal of terrorist theocracy.

They are eager and willing to let Hamas go on killing Jewish and Muslim children in the name of its war.




Monday, 4 August 2014

Postcard from New York

At the moment my 'postcards' are unapologetically in support of Israel because I think, apart from fighting for its sheer existence, this brave but embattled little country is  also fighting a particularly nasty and nearly overwhelming  propaganda war. Among a  herd that is as moronic as it is violent,  even  the-Jews-eat-babies-brigade finds a clientele.  So I put whatever I can, be it  pebbles against rocks, into what I consider the right side of the scales. 

In this conflict, neutrality is not possible, at least not for me.

Here  I found one of the most satisfying videos I have seen in a long time. I am soooooo happy that these Jewish people understood that a) there are no brownie points in  tending the other cheek and b) eventually one runs out of "other cheeks" to offer.


Bullies are cowards, call their bluff and see them scuttle back into their holes.

Well done, New York !



Quote of the day: 

Hitler and his colleagues were adored not despite their hatred of Jews and their organization of German politics around the dehumanization of Jewish people. They were supported by the Germans, and by the majority of the people in the European lands they conquered because of their anti-Semitism and their dehumanization of Jews. (Caroline Glick, a potential future Israeli Prime Minister?, 28.1.2014)

Sunday, 3 August 2014

A Postcard from Sydney

A perfect Sydney Winter's Sunday, a wonderful community, showing their solidarity with Israel. There were many double Australian/Israeli flags - when I work out how, I will post some of my own photos here.  

One little "B-moll note" (as they say in France)  and it came, of course, from a Politician. He shall remain nameless, mainly because I never heard of him before and  didn't hear the name clearly today: He had sent his "apologies for not attending" as he had "a previous engagement in the West of Sydney". Derisive laughter from the crowd, estimated at 10,000, derisive because locals know that "Sydney's Western Suburbs" are largely Muslim areas. Ah well, as doggie for his bone, so the politician for his votes, one begs for them where one can... 

There were some wonderful voices and songs and, although I am  not Jewish, someone singing of  what I understood to be a part of Kaddish made me feel gratitude towards  my dark sunglasses. I want to find that song and when I do I will bring it to you. 

photo  by Alex Ryvchin

First sign I came across spoke to and for me
Photo by Rita

Thinking of our own IDF soldier, Gidon
photo by Rita

quality of the photo in direct inverse proportion to the quality of the crowd
photo by Rita

Unbelievable, but some "people" dont think so 
photo by Rita

As many Australian flags as Israeli ones
photo by Rita

photo by Rita 

Photo by Rita 

Found only one  video so far (watch this space for more:

Came to this one  by J-Wire via my blogger friend's geofffff.blogspot:


photo by Rita

photo by Rita

Photo by Rita

Photo by Rita
I think you can still participate in this petition

Photo by Rita

Photo by Rita


Quote of the day: 

"...The Truth is, 
we are all living in Israel. 
It is just that some of us 
have not realised it yet."

(I cannot attribute it, as I have forgotten where I heard/read it). 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tweets from an Israeli Soldier Part 4


"Tweeting your experiences of a war, is a strategy for attracting new twitter followers ...."

This tongue-in-cheek tweet by our "Israeli Soldier" as I called him here and here and here, made me suddenly realise that my trying to protect his "privacy" was actually quite silly since I too had discovered him in this very public twitter sphere. @Gidon Shaviv obviously never meant to "hide" and probably even likes being tweeted at...;)

I'm running late again; squirrelling away his pearls meaning to post them as they come but then letting my innate tendency to procrastination take over. And so now, the chronology I meant to respect is shot to pieces like the illusion that HAMAS love their children more than they hate Israel.

To Gidon Shaviv these must feel like a little life time away:

C'mon guys I'm in the middle of a war. Stop inviting me to play Candy Crush.

Speaking of downtime, thank you to a certain kibbutz that opened its pool to a few hundred miluimnickim.

Just to point out, my wife at home with three kids, sirens, cancelled kindergartens etc, is working much harder than I am...

I've been sleeping in a tent in the desert for the last 5 days...

The trick in using the mobile toilets the ISF kindly provided, is to never, ever look down or breathe...

Those cardboard targets never saw it coming

I've never been this long without. Seeing my kids. My five year old in her love of drama, asked my wife what her father's (me) name was...

I've said it before. Stop firing rockets at civilians would seem a fairly low bar for peace...

Retweet: The notion that Israel would be more justified in striking Hamas terrorists trying to kill Israelis if Hamas were better at murder is vile.

Can't the world spare just a little moral outrage for those intentionally firing rockets at civilians?

It's been a week since we've been called up. I don't mind staying much longer, so long as we put an end to the reality of rocket fire.

Hamas uses BBC brand for fauxtography propaganda ‪http://wp.me/p2tuZQ-2SL

Weirdly enough you CAN spell cease fire without the word Rocket.

Heart shaped cookies The note is "a big loving hug, lizi, Mili and Nava"

Yay!!! Package from my wife arrives!!

I really don't deserve my wife...

judging by drawings my kids sent on the package from home I just got, my daughters "kitty" phase is not yet over.

There must be a cease fire, because only two rockets have landed near me today.

From Lior the Israeli dairy farmer, now soldier "Israel have no fear, us dairy farmers will protect you" it's 5 am...

Lior- normally a dairy farmer, currently an Israeli reservist

Thank you Adam Roth from Florida! Your package arrived and is much appreciated by the soldiers of my unit. Pls RT.

Retweet: Rather sick fake feed claiming to be that of Oron Shaul, the IDF soldier Hamas claims it's holding.

25. july 2014

I'm afraid I will have to decline celebrating the day of rage with you. My son and I have already booked a day of tickles.

On the way home for Shabbat!!!

Finally on a bus headed to Jerusalem

So I took some of the candy people donated from the base to give my kids as a gift when I got home...


Shavua Tov. Had a great Shabbat at home. Getting organized and will soon head back.

Amount of love I received over the weekend was overwhelming. Thank you everyone.

Will state that the conversation with my five year old daughter about war was somewhat of an eye opener.

How so?

.@shootersix bc she clearly does understand that her father might die...

I got to see one of the exposed terror tunnels today. All I can say is that these things are deadly, and we must MUST deal with this threat.

I have started to read a few of the nasty tweets Gidon Shaviv gets; one particularly vile comment came from a female whose twitter profile I looked up. Her description of self contained all the prerequisite clichés like Peace, Free-Palestine, working for "charities", love, children and the usual must have fashion accessories for a compassionista. Yet the her attack on our soldier and her twitter ID picture (hooked-nose Jew as octopus with swastika on Israeli flag)violently contradicted her masturbatory auto-biography. She seems to spread her poison from London and appears to be a stale left over from the Flotilla Boats of "We con the world" infamy.

Gidon's response:

@gazaboatconvoy I apologize that Jews have become competent at preventing their own murder

it is clearly Israel's actions, that are causing the masses to search for any Jew, and show their outrage.

I don't think nasty compassionistas do irony, no wonder she hates the Jews.

Hey where are the pics of me in a terror tunnel?? Oh I wasted all my phone battery arguing with haters on twitter... Sorry :)

As one of my favourite writers, Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish said:

"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?"

How many layers of irony to fact that anti-war rally in Tel Aviv dispersed by police due to incoming rocket sirens?

Why is nobody commenting on the fact that these rallies happen only in Tel Aviv, not Sderot, Ashdod, etc.?

Gidon: @Marc_Leibowitz forget Ashdod. Name one, just one, peace rally in Palestinian city. @NTarnopolsky

Silly Hamas. A ceasefire doesn't normally mean that you continue firing rockets at civilians... #hamasarenotfiveyearolds

"Poor Yaseen Al Kilani. Hamas says he was killed three times." good read http://feedly.com/e/W7uh4tFx

Sleeping in APC

keeping your boots on as a courtesy to your fellow sleepers ;) ?

I think I can guess the age of each reservist by the style of his combat boots. ;-)

The question is, why aren't you sleeping?

On the radio they announce the names of the soldiers killed today. The hitchhiker behind me bursts into tears. Just found out a friend died.

Pointed out that when we were called up there was full moon. I suspect I will see the next full moon still in uniform.