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Monday, 4 August 2014

Postcard from New York

At the moment my 'postcards' are unapologetically in support of Israel because I think, apart from fighting for its sheer existence, this brave but embattled little country is  also fighting a particularly nasty and nearly overwhelming  propaganda war. Among a  herd that is as moronic as it is violent,  even  the-Jews-eat-babies-brigade finds a clientele.  So I put whatever I can, be it  pebbles against rocks, into what I consider the right side of the scales. 

In this conflict, neutrality is not possible, at least not for me.

Here  I found one of the most satisfying videos I have seen in a long time. I am soooooo happy that these Jewish people understood that a) there are no brownie points in  tending the other cheek and b) eventually one runs out of "other cheeks" to offer.


Bullies are cowards, call their bluff and see them scuttle back into their holes.

Well done, New York !



Quote of the day: 

Hitler and his colleagues were adored not despite their hatred of Jews and their organization of German politics around the dehumanization of Jewish people. They were supported by the Germans, and by the majority of the people in the European lands they conquered because of their anti-Semitism and their dehumanization of Jews. (Caroline Glick, a potential future Israeli Prime Minister?, 28.1.2014)

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