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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"Australian Living Treasure" sides with beheaders

I have quietly  despised  Michael Leunig since he came out of the closet as a Jew Hater. Yea yea, I know, he too from time to time still wore the see-through fig leaf of the "I-dont-hate-Jews-only-Israel"   lie.  I find this mantra  vulgar and I hate  Jew hatred, seemingly the default position of the modern Left.  In Australia  "left causes" of this kind  are ruthlessly promoted    by  tax-payer funded Media like the ABC and SBS who want to be like the BBC when they grow up and who both out-aljezeera Aljezeera  and by the Fairfax press. 

Leunig is a daaaarling of and  in the pay of all three. He publishes his cartoons in the islamophile "Sydney Morning Herald" and "The Melbourne Age"In the year  1999 he was even honoured with the title of "Australian Living Treasure";  you earn plenty of  brownie points from the pack  if you run with them.

And now, in chronological order,  to the pictures which made me reach for the vomit bucket:

Here is an "Australian", Mohamed Elomar, holding up two severed human heads, trophies of his "jihad".

"Australian" Mohamed Eloma

A picture of his son that appeared on his website with the caption: "that's my boy". (Published in The Australian Newspaper).

The American Journalist, James Foley,  a minute before an English sounding (*) Islamic jihadist cuts off his head in front of the camera.

And here is the "cartoon" by Leunig declaring his hand once more, a few days after this decapitation  murder. 

This   sneering cartoon is nothing less than a blatantly defiant  promotion of "swords" and islamic barbarians.

The "message" from the "Australian Living Treasure" is quite in tandem with that of James Foley's murderer. 

PS: I dont know if "Leunig" dedicated an approving cartoon to  the Lee Rigby or other beheadings of Westerners...

(*) For more about the islamic murderer, a rapper who featured on BBC, click here


  1. Something else I missed. The leunig cartoon. Actually I always miss the leunig cartoon but you know what I mean

    This cartoon is better than Leunig knows. It's like the kid in a dopey sitcom I used to watch some times. It's funny because it's true. That's ironic..

  2. Leunig fits the anti-semitic Fairfax stable and will, no doubt, find a niche at the like-minded ABC once the SMH folds.