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Friday, 8 August 2014

Hypocrisy over Gaza and dead children


Their "Dead babies Jihad" works well for HAMAS.  

I wonder: has anyone seen dead HAMAS terrorist? The victim numbers we are fed by this terrorist group are reported to be  made up exclusively of "Children" and "Civilians", not a single dead HAMAS terrorist among them...

A propos "dead children": 

Daniel Greenfield in yet another of his brilliant articles that take no prisoners asks: 

Are all dead children created equal?

Here are a few extracts: 

While furious mobs of leftists draped in Keffiyahs and corn syrup were shrieking about Gaza in the public squares of every major city, ISIS was continuing its genocidal advance on Baghdad. In the last 24 hours, the Yazidis, a non-Muslim minority, fled ISIS to a mountaintop where their children are dying of thirst. 
The stark reality of their plight, caught between thirst and a genocidal army, is in sharp contrast to the phony claims made about Gaza where truckloads of goods continue passing from Israel during wartime, where the malls have iPhones and the five star hotels offer cakes so tall they can only be cut from a crane.

The dead Yazidi children won’t inspire any protests or much in the way of outrage. The hysterical rallies for Gaza won’t suddenly turn into anti-ISIS rallies. If any of the angry white hipsters with dead baby posters are asked about it, they will offer some variation on, “It’s Bush’s fault” or “It’s Tony Blair’s fault.”


They  use (the children)  to wage war in the name of peace when they come in handy. 
And when they die of Hamas rockets and clan feuds, when they are killed by ISIS and the entire murderous alphabet soup of Islamic terrorism, they drop them like yesterday’s garbage.

For Hamas and its supporters screaming “Free Gaza” at the top of their lungs, children, dead or alive, are just another propaganda weapon in the arsenal of terrorist theocracy.

They are eager and willing to let Hamas go on killing Jewish and Muslim children in the name of its war.




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