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Friday, 15 August 2014

Sex Slaves and Jihad Brides 2014 style (updated)

Until not so long ago, when I heard about the Arab Slave Trade, it is this painting below by the French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904) which came to my mind. A sensual painting, but of a nearly "safe" sensuality because what it depicted was well and truly in the past, wasn't it? 

And then, a week or so ago I came across a cry for help in this Article with the title: 

"Les Irakiennes vendues comme des esclaves au souk de Mossoul(Iraqi women sold as slaves in the market place of Mossoul)

The article translated reads: 

THE “RED CRESCENT OF IRAQ” calls upon the international community to intervene and save Christian women, sold in the Souks of Mossoul by ISIS (*). 

Jihadists now impose their laws from another time in the zones they occupy in the centre of Northern Iraq, namely Mossoul. All communities are abused, and especially Christians. The latter, who have lived in this region for 2000 years are today stripped of their possession and chased out of their homes. Those who resist are directly executed. 

The women are led like cattle to the market and auctioned off like the slaves in other times.

(*) The original text reads "Islamic State", but, feeling hat 'State' would be giving "them" some form of legitimacy, I translated it as "ISIS". Meanwhile the abbreviation of "IS" seems to have been widely accepted. How fast things deteriorate...


What shocked me the most were the two photos in the text.  And even now, more that a week after I first saw them, they still haunt me. These pictures don't give me the comfort of distance in time as did Gérôme's painting, nor are they "art", they show, brutally, what is happening now, and not far away from you nor from me. 

"To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric" (or words to that effect) wrote Theodor W. Adorno, I feel a bit  like this about playing music after Mossoul, but Mozart's Lacrimosa hits the right tone, I think. 



In a related article, just published, Dr. Phyllis Chesler  writes: 

Western Sex Slaves for ISIS:

The Twisted Psychology of Jihad Brides

The most barbaric bunch of blood-thirsty misogynists this side of Genghis Khan are yearning for western “brides”—and the “brides,” who will be no more than sex and reproductive slaves, are coming, via an internet campaign, to service ISIS’s male Jihadis in the Caliphate in formation in Syria and Iraq. There is a “marriage bureau” in the northern Syrian town of Al Bab for Western women in a marrying state of mind...

Read the whole article here.

2nd Update: 

This article in French from "L'orient LeJour" announces that: 

« À Mossoul, 700 femmes yazidies ont été vendues sur la place publique à 150 dollars pièce...(in Mossoul, 700 yazidie women have been sold on the public market place for 150 Dollars a piece) »

 3rd update 1. November 2014

Someone said that Islam  had great difficulties to justify its existence on moral grounds. The more I look the more I am convinced that it has even greater difficulties aesthetically. See this confirmed in the following video which I found on  vladtepesblog:


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