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Monday, 30 April 2012

Postcards from Australia

Now begin the lovely winterdays at my beach:

the ratio birds/people is reversing

I just LOVE it!

unknown girl dressed in Australian Flag  at Cronulla beach

Birds, Beach and a little girl that reminded me sooooo much of   this other little girl...

Communication looks a tad feisty....

Was it about food?

Yes, it might have been about food

unknown man Elouera beach

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Happy 64th, Israel

"Will you still love me....when I'm 64?"...

...Of course we will ! 

Happy 64th Birthday Israel
 and may the best of the past be the worst that you can expect in the future!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Where are the Women?

Good question!

"I'm lucky I am in Australia" says the cute fellow at the end. I agree with him!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lest We Forget

Today is Anzac Day  :

Poppies from a German Daughter

On Remembrance Day
I buy three red poppies:
One for the blood of my German father 
that reddened the ruins of Monte Cassino
One for the drops of sweat and youth 
left trailing on the Kokoda 
by my Australian husband
One for the Unknown Soldier.

And then, lets not forget the present either....

A little postcard from Piaf's Paris

Okay, I give in: everyone seems to equate Paris with  Edith Piaf.  And although I feel  that, like Mozart's kleine Nachtmusik, her Vie en rose is overplayed  and I'm quite over it, who am I to not bring you a little piece of this parisian  blanc mange. ;)

Yes, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack in  Dorothea Mackellar's...... 

                                                              ...sunburnt country,
                                                              that land of sweeping plains, 
                                                              of ragged mountain ranges, 
                                                              of droughts and flooding rains.....

Testing testing testing

Testing testing testing...

Messrs Google,

I am aware that one never steps into the same river twice and that change is the prerequisite for survival, but I hate having it imposed upon me.  Why have you forced me into that confusing maze which you call your "new and improved" interface-I-dont-know-what. I am very irritated. It's not luddite-friendly whatsoever, and I have no idea what I am doing. 

As the man said, 'progress is okay except that it never bloody stops'! Hmmmpffff. 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easters (plural)



And, should you be in Paris during orthodox Easter time, there is a lovely little Russian church near the mairie du 15e arrondissement  (council chambers of the 15th district). In its centre is a  living tree, around which the wooden church was built. But go to any of the russian orthodox church services here, if for nothing else but the the warmth,  the incense and, surtout THE MUSIC!.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Judeophobie is alive and well in France

“As it is now widely known, on March 19 at eight a.m., a man (Mohamed Merah) entered the Jewish school Hatora Ozar, in Toulouse, France. He killed a rabbi and his two children, then an eight year old little girl, by shooting her three times in the head after dragging her by the hair to place her in front of the camera he was carrying. These were the worst anti-Semitic acts committed on French soil for decades….”
writes  Guy Milliere, from the French site Dreuz.info in an  article which  I post here because it's in English and because the writer tells it as I see it. He concludes:

"The question is not whether there will be another anti-Semitic murder in France, but rather: when will it happen again."

Meanwhile in Algeria, the beatification of a monster continues ...

Incidentally, Mohamed Merah's remains were buried during a muslim ceremony in France, because Algeria refused to accept them "for security reasons".

Sunday, 1 April 2012

I approve...

Samedi 31 Mars sur le parvis du Trocadéro à Paris. Arrivées vêtues de burqa, les millitantes de FEMEN  se sont dénudées pour soutenir les droits des femmes sous  l‘islam.