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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Judeophobie is alive and well in France

“As it is now widely known, on March 19 at eight a.m., a man (Mohamed Merah) entered the Jewish school Hatora Ozar, in Toulouse, France. He killed a rabbi and his two children, then an eight year old little girl, by shooting her three times in the head after dragging her by the hair to place her in front of the camera he was carrying. These were the worst anti-Semitic acts committed on French soil for decades….”
writes  Guy Milliere, from the French site Dreuz.info in an  article which  I post here because it's in English and because the writer tells it as I see it. He concludes:

"The question is not whether there will be another anti-Semitic murder in France, but rather: when will it happen again."

Meanwhile in Algeria, the beatification of a monster continues ...

Incidentally, Mohamed Merah's remains were buried during a muslim ceremony in France, because Algeria refused to accept them "for security reasons".

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