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Thursday, 24 August 2017

An Alternative for Merkel: Dr. Alice Weidel AfD

After Julia Gillard, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel, I have had just about enough of women in  political leadership, but - to my great relief - I have not quite turned into a fullblown misogynist yet because there are some female politicians I would like to see at the helm of a nation - in Germany all 3 of them happen to be in the relatively new Conservative Party (hence very much maligned as are all Conservatives  by those who rule the present Zeitgeist) , the AfD, Alternative für Deutschland. 

They are Beatrix von Storch, Frauke Petri and Alice Weidel, the lead candidate of the AfD. In this little video, she is reporting from Italy who, she says, "has woken up" to the illegal mass migration and is acting on it, while the German media is indulging in pursed-lips-virtue-signalling and is primarily concerned with helping the re-election of, what Dr. Alice Weidel calls "the Chancellor for Extremism". 

Left: End of election campaign 2013        /        Right: Start of election campaign 2017

Recently in Australia I met a young couple and for a short time we shared our space in a departure lounge and filled it with reciprocally friendly small talk. The 30 something man told me he was originally from Cyprus, his wife came from the Ukraine and their little boy (7 or 8) said his grandpa was Russian.  A lovely and seemingly well educated Aussie  family.  The friendly young dad told me that  "Mrs. Merkel is a very good woman, with a big heart, who cared very much for refugees and saved many lives".   Or words to that effect. The wife said nothing.  In the very brief space I had before "the last call" for my flight came I quickly jumped on my soap box and said: "No, Mrs. Merkel is not a good woman with a big heart who cares to save many lives !!!"

What kind of music can I possibly insert here....either something that compliments the theme perfectly like the German National Anthem (without the first verse, of course,) or something totally unconnected.....

........well I have chosen to show you a sexy side of my old country, enjoy ! 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Who is Angela Merkel (Part 2)

There are 3 parts of this rather good  report, this is part 2. You will find part 1 here.  

I could have put them all together, but I did not want to merkel you out completely and 22 minutes of  this woman in one serve is enough I think. 

Angela Merkel: The Rise to Power

Original Video with references at Red Pill Germany

Merkel, a Wagner fan,  apparently never fails to visit the Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, so I'm going to try and find a more digestible piece of this German composer to fit into our little space. Let me lighten the moment with a few quotes about Wagner: 

Is Wagner a human being at all? Is he not rather a disease? He contaminates everything he touches — he has made music sick. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Der Fall Wagner (1888))

I have been told that Wagner's music is better than it sounds.(Edgar Wilson Nye, as quoted in Twain's Autobiography (published in 1924).)

Monsieur Wagner a de beaux moments, mais de mauvais quart d'heures.Monsieur Wagner has good moments, but awful quarters of an hour! Gioachino Rossini, Letter to Emile Naumann, April 1867

After the last notes of Götterdämmerung I felt as though I had been let out of prison. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, quoted in Hans Gal, The Musician's World (1965))

I like Wagner’s music better than any other music. It is so loud that one can talk the whole time, without people hearing what one says. Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

And here are a few unsourced quotes:

In one of his films (I don't remember which one), Woody Allen says: "Every time I listen to Wagner, I get the urge to invade Poland " 

"I love Wagner, but the music I prefer is that of a cat hung up by its tail outside a window, trying to stick to the panes of glass with its claws" - Charles Baudelaire

"One simply can not judge Wagner's 'Lohengrin' after a first hearing. Pity I don't intend hearing it a second time. " - Gioacchino Antonio Rossini

Now, speaking of  Merkel who, I am told, had ambitions to be seen as a second "Mother Theresa" but who is sometimes referred to as "Mother Terrorista" instead, here is a small part of "the ride of the  Valkyries" (*) 

(*) When I mention Angela Merkel and The Valkyries in a comparative sense, I'm thinking of their characters in Norse Mythology as the "Choosers of the Slain". 

J'Accuse: the new Censors of France

Emmanuelle Ménard is the wife of Robert Ménard, the Islam-critical mayor of Béziers in the South of France who was  co-founder of Reporters without Borders. I have known about the extraordinary courage of Robert Ménard who used to be the darling of the Left, while they mistook him for one of "theirs", but when he turned out to be ethical, courageous and unwilling to run with the pack, the pack turned on him.

I had not known about his wife, Emmanuelle Ménard, but am not surprised to find that she too is highly intelligent, courageous and, I think,  "the find" of these recent elections, where she has been elected to the National Legislature with the backing of the Front National and other conservative parties.

Below is a speech given recently by Mme. Ménard on yet a further crackdown on free expression in France. In her address she  points out the  hypocrisy around Article 1. according to which a judge could decide the eligibility of a deputy who would speak out against the prevailing ideology. It is a well known fact that, in the  France of today, it is easy to denounce without any basis. This law will, in short, open the door  to a "muzzling" as a rule! 

Many thanks to Gates of Vienna, where you can find the transcript to this video, for the editing  and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

If you speak/read French, you might find these links to alternative news-sites interesting, they have, so far, withstood the sustained triple onslaught from the political/media/judicial power machine that rules France today. 

And the best TV service in  today's France, financed by community support is: 

As France practically closes down during August for holidays, their daily news-bulletin will resume in September, however there are enough programs running through the European summer, to keep you informed, amused and enriched. 


The Islamist Song

The Germans have a saying:  

Humor ist wenn man trotzdem lacht 
Humour is when you laugh anyway 

And who said, that Germans have no humour ? Even if it is a sort of Gallows Humour, at least for those who do not have their eyes wide shut, as does the  herd who will, yet again, vote for Angela Merkel on the 24. 9. 2017. 

The tune to the "two little Lebanese" comes from the  German entry to the 1962 Eurovision Song Contest: "Zwei kleine Italiener" - "Two little Italians". It is telling the story of two young (invited!!!) Italian migrants to Germany, who are homesick for their sunny Italy and are missing their girlfriends....a different world then, and a different kind of immigration...

The tune for the singer's last ditty "Sharia, Sharia.." comes from the same era: "Marina, Marina, Marina..."

. .

Monday, 14 August 2017

Who is Angela Merkel ? Part 1

In just over a month, the Germans will vote and, according to worrying but believable predictions, Merkel will yet get yet another 4 years to finish the job of destroying Germany, the country that also brought us Goethe, Heine and Beethoven. So who is she? I found a German site called "Red Pill Germany" which seems to have done some excellent research and, as a bonus,  the commentary is in English. I don't know the site owner, but his work looks very credible to me. He introduces this first video (19 minutes) of a trilogy that he published on March 29, 2017 like so: 

Hey guys, I wanted to make this series for a long time. I always get questions about Angela Merkel and why we elected her and when we will finally get rid of her. These are actually complex questions and I want to try to explain the phenomenon to foreigners in a mini series.

Between now and the German elections on 24. September 2017, I will post part 2 and 3 of this really informative series. 

Here is the short video of the Flag incident, Red Pill Germany refers to in the video around minute 7: 

And here are the sources for the video, as given by Red Pill Germany:


















The creator of the following music video writes:

"What better way to awaken liberals to the dangers of pathological altruism than through the magic of gay song? Go easy on my voice, gang - I'm no singer and I'm still getting over being sick (excuses). Anyway, if someone out there thinks they can sing it better, they are welcome to take this video and dub it, just as long as they give credit and directly provide a link back here

Instrumental version by this Timur Sabirov: https://youtu.be/p8LheWgMRlE 

Also, I guess this is a Swedish song about Germany's cuckdom - there's a joke in there somewhere, but I am too sleepy to make it."


Friday, 11 August 2017

The Merkelling of Europe

Is Black Pigeon Speaks being too hard on Germany? I don't think so. 

Although I feel sorry  for the thinking patriots who refuse to march in step with  the herd and who are sneered at in their own country for it, I have done with "defending" the German folk as such. Why ? Because as I write, the "popularity" of Merkel is increasing and she will yet again win the elections in September and so be able to finish the destruction of the country that brought us Goethe, Heine and Beethoven.  

Yes the German media  either follows the dictates of the Goebbels' school of propaganda, or they are on the outer, but the "we did not know" - defence  will be even more suspicious this time around than the the excuses  from those who told us that they did not know and never got even a whiff of  the gas that killed 6 million +, because today, we have access to the Internet. 

Remember the poignant cris du coeur: "please Germany stop the islamic terrorism that I have fled  31 years ago" from that Persian Woman, former refugee from Iran? If not  please click here

I sent the video of this Persian Cassandra to a friend whose  son lives in Hamburg with his German wife, a teacher like him. Her mother is German, her father is Swedish born. My friend forwarded it and here is how his 30-something daughter-in-law responded to the video: 

"...It's an interesting clip and it's very moving. We both feel sorry for this poor woman, but we also think that other people seeking refuge have the same right to flee their home countries and go somewhere allegedly safe.

Unfortunately, on the continent the concept of borders is outdated, unless you built a wall and protect it with armed forces, which we all hopefully agree isn't a viable solution.

The problem described by the woman on You Tube is not one that Merkel created. It arose in the Middle East and was fuelled by the American and the Russians. Unfortunately, Europe has to pay the bill and bear the consequences. 

On Friday afternoon one person died and seven people were injured. The perpetrator was a 26 year old refugee who is mentally unstable. He wanted to leave Germany but couldn't because he doesn't have ID. He speaks English, Swedish and Norwegian fluently, but wasn't allowed to move to any of the countries whose languages he speaks. A friend reported him to the police recently because he had the suspicion that he got more radical in his belief. Due to slow-working bureaucracy the guy hadn't even had an appointment with the doctor yet. The attack sounds a bit like a home-made problem and a case of an overworked health system and failed integration in both directions.

It is too easy, and also quite dangerous, to simply blame this on "the Muslims" - or just on Merkel - this is a complicated social and political and public health issue which is saddening and frightening on many levels. 

As regards freedom of speech, everyone can say whatever they want to on the Internet these days and it doesn't bring any more truth to the world, nor does it make the world any more democratic. Compared to other supposedly free and democratic countries, free speech is still possible in Germany.”

This  woman will vote in Germany, in just over a month, and there are many more where she came from. So, no, I will not defend "the Germans"  any longer.  And declaring that "free speech" still exists in Germany, here is a short video which I would call, if I used clichés,  "the tip of the iceberg": 

H/T VladTepes

I hope Claudia  Zimmermann is watching her back: Udo Ulfkotte was another German journalist and author who broke with the ranks and stopped following orders. So, of course, he became persona non grata and then died suddenly in January this year.....of a heart attack. (just sayin')  He once lamented: 

"Aus dem einstigen Land der Dichter und Denker ist ein Volk von Feiglingen geworden."
(The former land of poets and thinkers has become a nation of  cowards.) 

There is one slim glimmer of hope yet that the Merkelling of Europe will be stopped 1 minute before midnight:


Thursday, 10 August 2017

HAMAS has friends in low places, incl. Australia

Hamas has ruled Gaza for 10 years, but has failed to call elections even once since coming to power in a bloody civil war.

Hamas, founded in 1987 during the First Intifada as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, is known for its rejection of all forms of normalization with what it calls “the Israeli occupation.”

After Israel granted all of Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005, without even requesting a promise of peace in return, one would expect Hamas to be relieved that there’s no occupation to fight and turn its focus to bettering the lives of Gazans.

This is not the case. Since taking control of the strip in the 2007 Battle of Gaza, in which Hamas and Fatah killed and wounded hundreds of fellow Palestinians, Hamas leaders have not had local residents’ needs in mind.

Watch this informative video from the IDF and you will see why Hamas hasn’t called elections the past ten years.  

Some of the money, and I dare say not a small part since these amounts were posted a few years ago,  found its way to:

And, believe it or not, this terrorist organisation has friends in Australia, in high low places, on the Left, of course. Here is one woman, the former chief of staff of the former prime minister, Tony Abbott, who "stopped the boats" ie, stopped the people smugglers at the gates of Australia. Her name is Peta Credlin and I think Australia would be lucky to have this woman as Prime Minister one day not too far away..........

From the sublime to the ridiculous:


Hypocrisy? Hamas seems unable to carry through with a simple boycott on Israeli drinks.

A week after the Hamas Palestinian Terrorist Group endorsed the boycott campaign against Israel, its officials convened for a meeting where Israeli-made refreshments were served.

A picture of their meeting was tweeted by Israel’s coordinator of government activities in the territories (COGAT) with the caption, “A week after endorsing BDS, Hamas officials were photographed drinking Israeli products at a recent meeting. Stay thirsty Hamas.”

COGAT, which oversees the implementation of civil and humanitarian policies in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, also tweeted that there were five ambulance crossings between Gaza and Israel on Monday, while nearly 4,000 travel permits were issued for residents of Gaza and 19,902 tons of goods entered Gaza in 646 trucks.

Like Hamas, leaders of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel have stated that their goal is: the elimination of the Jewish state.

IDF to Hamas:
!!!  Don't test us  !!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Postcard from the dark side of Australia

A friend from America wrote to me today: 

"...It's a hot and humid summer here with VERY occasional thundershowers for relief. But there's no relief from the news, which keeps getting worse. I know I'm repeating myself when I say things are getting crazier, but they are. Recent jihad events in Sweden and Hamburg -- all while the media is obsessed with Donald Trump. Egad!

Well, anyway, I hope you're doing all right down there on the beach. May the craziness stay far, far away from you!"

Unfortunately, what my friend calls "craziness" has not stayed far away from this great land down under. And in this editorial, Andrew Bolt, one of my very favourite journalists in OZ asks some very pertinent questions.

One thing I do not agree with is when Andrew Bolt says: "It's been another very bad week-end for Islam in Australia...". The "for" should, in my humble opinion, be replaced with "because of"

Here is a short extract from an Australian TV program of some years ago of one of the muslim terrorists arrested over the last few days that Andrew Bolt mentions: 

Here is the link to a longer (20 minutes)  extract of this TV "debate":