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Friday, 11 August 2017

The Merkelling of Europe

Is Black Pigeon Speaks being too hard on Germany? I don't think so. 

Although I feel sorry  for the thinking patriots who refuse to march in step with  the herd and who are sneered at in their own country for it, I have done with "defending" the German folk as such. Why ? Because as I write, the "popularity" of Merkel is increasing and she will yet again win the elections in September and so be able to finish the destruction of the country that brought us Goethe, Heine and Beethoven.  

Yes the German media  either follows the dictates of the Goebbels' school of propaganda, or they are on the outer, but the "we did not know" - defence  will be even more suspicious this time around than the the excuses  from those who told us that they did not know and never got even a whiff of  the gas that killed 6 million +, because today, we have access to the Internet. 

Remember the poignant cris du coeur: "please Germany stop the islamic terrorism that I have fled  31 years ago" from that Persian Woman, former refugee from Iran? If not  please click here

I sent the video of this Persian Cassandra to a friend whose  son lives in Hamburg with his German wife, a teacher like him. Her mother is German, her father is Swedish born. My friend forwarded it and here is how his 30-something daughter-in-law responded to the video: 

"...It's an interesting clip and it's very moving. We both feel sorry for this poor woman, but we also think that other people seeking refuge have the same right to flee their home countries and go somewhere allegedly safe.

Unfortunately, on the continent the concept of borders is outdated, unless you built a wall and protect it with armed forces, which we all hopefully agree isn't a viable solution.

The problem described by the woman on You Tube is not one that Merkel created. It arose in the Middle East and was fuelled by the American and the Russians. Unfortunately, Europe has to pay the bill and bear the consequences. 

On Friday afternoon one person died and seven people were injured. The perpetrator was a 26 year old refugee who is mentally unstable. He wanted to leave Germany but couldn't because he doesn't have ID. He speaks English, Swedish and Norwegian fluently, but wasn't allowed to move to any of the countries whose languages he speaks. A friend reported him to the police recently because he had the suspicion that he got more radical in his belief. Due to slow-working bureaucracy the guy hadn't even had an appointment with the doctor yet. The attack sounds a bit like a home-made problem and a case of an overworked health system and failed integration in both directions.

It is too easy, and also quite dangerous, to simply blame this on "the Muslims" - or just on Merkel - this is a complicated social and political and public health issue which is saddening and frightening on many levels. 

As regards freedom of speech, everyone can say whatever they want to on the Internet these days and it doesn't bring any more truth to the world, nor does it make the world any more democratic. Compared to other supposedly free and democratic countries, free speech is still possible in Germany.”

This  woman will vote in Germany, in just over a month, and there are many more where she came from. So, no, I will not defend "the Germans"  any longer.  And declaring that "free speech" still exists in Germany, here is a short video which I would call, if I used clichés,  "the tip of the iceberg": 

H/T VladTepes

I hope Claudia  Zimmermann is watching her back: Udo Ulfkotte was another German journalist and author who broke with the ranks and stopped following orders. So, of course, he became persona non grata and then died suddenly in January this year.....of a heart attack. (just sayin')  He once lamented: 

"Aus dem einstigen Land der Dichter und Denker ist ein Volk von Feiglingen geworden."
(The former land of poets and thinkers has become a nation of  cowards.) 

There is one slim glimmer of hope yet that the Merkelling of Europe will be stopped 1 minute before midnight:


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