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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Yom Kippur Year 5779

To my Jewish readers:  A Happy 5779, although I am told that the traditional greeting for Yom Kippur is "Have an easy fast".

The Jewish Year 5779 starts  at sunset September 18, 2018 

I took the following short excerpts about Yom Kippur from a longer and more explanatory article at   Judaism 101 

Significance: Day of Atonement
Observances: Fasting, Prayer and Repentance
Length: 25 Hours
Liturgy additions: Annulment of vows; lengthy confession of sins

Yom Kippur is probably the most important holiday of the Jewish year. Many Jews who do not observe any other Jewish custom will refrain from work, fast and/or attend synagogue services on this day. Yom Kippur occurs on the 10th day of Tishri. The holiday is instituted at Leviticus 16:29-30.

The name "Yom Kippur" means "Day of Atonement," and that pretty much explains what the holiday It is a day set aside to "afflict the soul," to atone for the sins of the past year.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

Can Islam Be Reformed?

Spoiler Alert: 

No ! 

My little dilemma: what kind of music could I possibly play after that ?!.......??????? 

And, once again, Dr. Ludwig's site to the rescue: 

Islam's followers, welcomed into Germany's unguarded gates by the millions via  a traitor (please no more female political "leaders" especially no clergy's daughters like Merkel & May !!!) will, hopefully sooner rather than later, meet the same fate the Romans, a far superior invader, did, when trying it on. 

Neo-Left Racism against white South African farmers

Fraser Anning is referring at one stage to "Minister Dutton":  Peter Dutton is a former Police Man from Queensland and now Minister for Home Affairs. He held the hyenas away from Australia's gates and secured the safety of this low hanging fruit for poachers for a few years now. 

Unfortunately there is a concerted effort to "get rid of" this strong and totally honourable Man by the Left assorted  Fake Conservatives, such as the immediate past PM, Malcolm Turnbull.

The smears are are getting greasier and  the innuendos are being pushed with great effort  towards a crescendo which, if it should be reached,  will see the Labor Party (Left/Unions/Greens/Get-Up/Sorros)  in power as soon as early next year.  And then:  - no more hope of a Sanctuary for "WHITE" African farmers, a  defining trait of the Neo-Left's self-hatred  being anti white racism........because the Left and assorted fake conservatives (*) are onside with savages like this: 


(*) One among many fake conservatives

Just watch Lauren Southern's Farmlands, it will tell you much of what you need to know.

I don't know when this video was recorded, but I took it from a site that published it on the 17 November 2017....not all that long ago. And it was even more recently (one as recently as a week ago)  that the comments in response to it were posted. See them after the video: 

Comments posted to this video as recently as one week ago: 

They saying kill bores not all whites

Benedict Luoga

Run run run b4 its too late

angoni group

We Africans pledge ourselves to kill them the Ama bhulu

Update (just in):

Antifa meets Alternative for Germany (AfD)

Real satire: 
Antifa meets AfD 

(An IQ of 150 is not bad, except when it has to be shared among a large group, as this one). 

This meeting of one mind with the great, unwashed empty space that counts as mind among the Antifa et al, happened on the day when the latter blocked, successfully, a peaceful march of 7 - 10,000 Germans organised by the AfD and joined by PEGIDA in memory of the slain young German family father of 3, murdered in Chemnitz a few days before by some "refugees". 

When the Antifa and their willing little helpers from the Greens-Left are not into bashing , throwing stones or hunting down folk with different opinions are addressed directly and asked politely to engage in dialogue, then - insofar as there is an "exchange of arguments" at all - there is nothing left apart from hollow gossip, insults and slogans, nothing at all.

Roger Beckamp, AfD deputy from NRW, who was on the road in Chemnitz as a "parliamentary observer", is likely to have the laughs on his side with his latest attempt at engage the Antifa et al in a meaningful dialogue. This one shows the whole absurdity of what counts as "world of ideas" among the left-to extremist left. Source


Hello, may I briefly talk to one or two people ? among you

And ask briefly, how do you experience what is happening here in Chemnitz today?

And who are you?

We are parliamentary observers

Ah! Where are you from ?

From North Rhine-Westphalia from the AfD.

Then I think you can f*ck off!

I don't think we want to talk to you.

May we ask why you are here?

I am a) here, because of the brown mob mass that has been moving through Saxony here for years.

Okay, so maybe someone else who is willing to talk to us ?

... to Nazi propaganda! There is no right to Nazi propaganda.

As young women you still feel just as safe in Chemnitz as you did 3 or 4 years ago?

Never mind, f*ck off, you dirty...!

Okay, we already are familiar with each other, all right, thank you very much.

Hello, good evening, may we ask you a few questions about what is happening here tonight?

Where are you from, from which press?

We are from the AfD in NRW. We're taking a few pictures here, that's exciting. You are the lying press, right?

And why does it always have to be about one thing?

The sh*t foreigners are to blame for everything. The Sh*t foreigners are to blame for these murders, the foreigners are to blame for these sh*t murders, and for the jobs they take away from us, if one would simply get a better grip on it.

And is there a solution? Do you have any solution, any idea how to solve it?

Yes, if we would all get together properly and not let ourselves be divided by the upper society.

So it would be an idea to talk to each other ?

Right. To talk really massively !

Have you ever been to the other demos, there with the people...?

Just now!

And did you talk to the people?

I have .



There is no right to Nazi propaganda .

There is no right to Nazi propaganda.

May we ask why you are here?

Because it's fun.

What exactly is fun for you here tonight?

That's all

OK, you don't want to talk to us?

Would you like to say something about what is happening here tonight?

Not to you.

Not to me? Why? Because...? Because...?

Because I don't want to.

Are we the wrong ones ?

Do you think you are the wrong ones ?

I'm just asking:

we are the wrong ones?

Answer the question first.

That is your answer whether we are the wrong ones, are we the wrong ones for you?

Are you allowed to talk to us or not at all ?

The bear? Does the bear want to talk to us?

Does the bear want to talk to us ?

Before filming: which medium?

We are parliamentary observers from NRW from the AfD.

No, seriously?!

Seriously, exactly, seriously, yes.

So do you want to talk to us, that we might get into conversation about certain topics?

Why are you here?

I would like to know where that will be broadcast.

On different channels. On You tube, on Face book and so on

Okay. You'd rather not, I guess. Okay.

I' m behind civil disobedience as well.

But now to block the demo here because the silent march in front doesn't get any further...because you block it?

I find civil disobedience right.

OK, one is allowed to do that then. Can you block demos?

One may. Okay.

"C'est dans le vide de la pensée 
que s'inscrit le mal !" 
(Hannah Arendt)

After this we all deserve a little light relief, brought to us by Dr. Ludwig, a favourite site of mine: 


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Likes and Dislikes for September 2018

Will be updated as pearls and their opposite fall under my table. 

Previous "likes and dislikes"

August 2018
July 2018
  June 2018                       
May 2018



Erika Steinbach a former Member of Merkel's  Party and a former Member of the German Bundestag says:

This is one of the reasons, why Jews join the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland). Other Parties remain silent about the imported Muslim Antisemitism. 

And she quotes Prof. Dr. Michael Wolffsohn, a respected German-Jewish Historian: 

When I listen around in my Jewish circle of acquaintances, 

they all say the same thing:
"Violence against Jews 
comes exclusively from Muslims".


The tweeter asks: 

Hello friends thank you for reporting this turd who must return to his natural habitat the gutter...And pass it on ; -)

And here  is the text from this virulent Jew Hater, which, at the time of posting this, has still not been deleted by Twitter. Eric Zemmour is a  conservative author, and one of the most brilliant intellects in France today.  He is Jewish. 

The not-so-noble savage writes (with some grammatical and spelling mistakes): 

"Eric Zemmour is nothing more nor less than the son of a whore, he is in the image of his community; put him on a train so that he can end up in a shower that stings."

I need your advice: I'm dating a lady 55 y.o. She has already 2 adult children, one boy aged 33 and a girl aged 30. My problem is that, when I ask them to make me some tea, they are mocking me. They do not respect me as their father.

Going for the Merkel-Guiness-Book of Records ?


We call upon your wolfes

The following poem/song seems so timely .. so contemporary...and proof of the truism that "plus ça change plus ça reste la même chose"...

The site of Dr. Ludwig is my go-to place for solid, well researched and beautifully explained authentic German Volksmusik. While Dr. Ludwig's commentary is usually very restraint and "sachlich", this one, he confesses, is one of his "all time favourite German songs".

I must say, on only just discovering the song, perhaps due in part to Dr. Ludwig's choice of imagery, it gave me the goose pimples and as I write this, it is still lingering under my skin.

Dr. Ludwig writes:

A poem from Friedrich Hielscher, which became famous within the neopagan scene later on. This is one of my all time favourite German songs, so I decided to make a video completely with video clips. In those scenes you see the fight of Arminius/ Hermann against the Romans. The song itself is sung by the band Werkraum.

The name of Friedrich Hielscher, being one of many empty spaces in my education , I looked him up via the often not very reliable, but in this case not too dangerous short cut of Wiki Leaks:

According to them, he was a :

"...German intellectual involved in the Conservative Revolutionary movement during the Weimar Republic and in the German resistance during the Nazi era. He was the founder of an esoteric or Neopagan movement, the Unabhängige Freikirche, which he headed from 1933 until his death..."

German lyrics: 

Wir rufen deine Wölfe 
und rufen deinen Speer, 
wir rufen alle Zwölfe 
vom Himmel zu uns her. 
Wir rufen Dich vor Allen. 
Nun kommt die wilde Jagd, 
nun lasst das Horn erschallen, 
um keinen Toten klagt. 
Der Feind ist schon verfallen, 
eh dass der Morgen tagt. 

Wir rufen Deine Wölfe ... 

Das Wild hat keinen Namen, 
der Feind hat kein Gesicht, 
das Aas hat keinen Samen, 
gerecht ist das Gericht. 
Die Ernte ist vergangen, 
die Spreu ist täglich feil, 
die Raben jetzt verlangen 
ihr angemessnes Teil, 
die Jagd hat angefangen: 
nun hält uns, Herr, dein Heil. 
Wir rufen Deine Wölfe ...

Friday, 7 September 2018

The end of Pussy Hats ?

Pussy Hat’ Design Withdrawn 
After Activists Insist 
Some Women Have Penises

So screams the headline of  the latest Breitbart Article by James Delingpole who informs us that: 

"An Irish woman has withdrawn the “pussy hat” knitting pattern which she had posted on line as a service to fellow female protesters preparing for President Trump’s visit to Ireland in November: woke activists had pointed out to her that some women have penises, not vaginas..."

Dare I say that these days, some men have vaginas:

And a rather lewd tweet on this subject suggested that a penis should be added to the pussy hat in the interest of "inclusion". However, the good Irish lady pussy hat pattern maker saw the error of her ways and will now make hats with yellow roses instead. SERIOUSLY !

I won't be making pussy hats. I'm deleting the pattern I posted. I am really sorry for upsetting people, I've read, listened and learned and while it was not intentional it was thoughtless. I will make some hats with yellow roses instead.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


I have been missing a little in action lately, a new computer will improve matters soon(ish).  


A German friend told me:  

HOPE is our Duty now!  

I found this a very beautiful phrase, although lately I was not feeling very "dutiful" in that sense.

I realised when Merkel and her Stasi Mafia unleashed her cold fury and her brown-shirt army (Media &Antifa) on Chemnitz, how much my heart was still beating for my old "Heimat"( a word and concept shunned either as "ausländerfeindlich" (xenophobic) these days, or used cynically by the ones who have realised that the wind is changing ( e.g. by Bavarian politicians who are facing a State election in a few months). 

You have all heard about yet another Merkel-Migrant-stabbing murder (different accounts speak of up to 25 knife wounds) of a 35 y.o. German father of 3, and 2 other German victims over whose fate silence has descended, and   the spontaneously ensuing demonstration by thousands of  Chemnitz Volk coming out onto the streets, young, old, middle aged and even children. 

The "Lügen Presse" immediately named this an attack by the "Extreeeeme Right/ Populist Politicians / Neo-Nazis / Raaaacists  against the poor poor poor  "Refugee" victims. 

The scene that shocked me personally the most was one where these Merkel-Guests (or their immediate brood) stood and shouted at the citizens of their host country to "GET OUT !"..."NAZIS RAUS" they shouted at the German tax-payers who are keeping them in clover. 

The Merkel Goebbels-like Press Corps reported  that ALL   (if not more) Germans were Nazis, that  they hunted those poor poor poor refugees "in packs" and that "many" of the  7000 - 10,000 good burgers of Chemnitz who went into the streets had been  lifting their right arm in that cinematographic, but (in Germany) criminally indictable Hitler salute etc. etc.

It was immediately clear to those who have sight, that the few lifting their arms in a Hitler salute were actually agents provocateurs sent by WhoKnows. (See the article by Robert Spencer below). 

And here is Dr. Nicolaus Fest, Spokesman for the AfD  (Alternative für Deutschland) Berlin, speaking about a Silent March the AfD had organised in memory of the many victims of  the Merkel Migration Charade. He gives a factual  insider's perspective of the Stasi Methods employed against decent, peaceful German People who demonstrate against ongoing violent, often deadly attacks by Merkel "Refugees" and the increasing insecurity within Germany.


Good day. Yesterday I was in Chemnitz, took part in the silent march of the AfD. It was a quiet, very peaceful event: about 8 - 10,000 participants, no banners, no speeches, all dressed appropriately.

30 posters reminded of some of the murder victims that the continuing loss of border control caused by Mrs Merkel has so far cost. Many participants held white roses. 

The silent march was to begin at 5 pm.They wouldn't let it.

Even though they had registered days before, it took the police about 45 minutes to ascertain the personal details of the organisers.

What a patrol can do in three minutes at a traffic checkpoint took hundreds of police officers with computers and emergency vehicles three quarters of an hour.

My impression: There was a deliberate blockage and an attempt was made to nerve the participants in such a way that the mood would turn.

But the demonstrators remained calm. And then it finally started, with a measured pace.

But no sooner had 20 or 30 meters been covered than there was a short tumult - quite by coincidence where all the camera teams were standing. Some leftists pushed some of our people.

The stewards quickly prevented this, but here too the impression was that the attack was staged.

They wanted photos of scuffles and fights, they wanted an excuse to dissolve the demo. But that didn't work. Everyone in the demonstration remained calm.

It went on for about 600 meters. Peaceful, quiet. Then the march stopped. Left groups blocked the road. People stood around for half an hour. The police, equipped with eight heavy water cannons, did nothing.

One policeman told me: "We could clear the way in 3 minutes, but we are not allowed".

Once again the impression that the peaceful demonstrators were being nerved, in order to incited them to an escalation. But they remained calm.

Only spectators, hundreds of whom lined the street to the left and right, suddenly came out with slogans: " evacuate, evacuate " and " resistance ". This, too, seemed staged as in GDR times.

As if the police operations management had been waiting for this, the order for disbanding came with the justification that the time limit had been exceeded.  As if the fundamental right of freedom of assembly were linked to any time limits. As if the Basic Law said "demos only from 2 pm to 6 pm, and not Sundays and holidays".

That's not what it says. Instead it says: "Every German has the right to assemble peacefully and without weapons. "That's exactly what the AfD people did. But the state did not protect this fundamental right. On the contrary, they trampled it underfoot.

And, not as often reported, have they capitulated to the left.  You can only capitulate to an adversary. In Chemnitz, the state has joined forces with the opponent.

It used the left-wing attack on freedom of assembly as an excuse to attack and undermine freedom of assembly itself.

They are assisted by the media. FAZ and WELT, SPIEGEL and others write today about the "aggressive mood" that prevailed in Chemnitz. This is to insinuate that the demonstration was lawfully dissolved. That's crap.

There was no "aggressive mood", at least not on the part of the AfD. And "moods" are also no reason for restricting the right to demonstrate.

"Aggressive Mood" is pure GDR speech: For the Stasi, too, this was always reason enough to take action against peaceful demonstrators.

In Chemnitz, the CDU state under state premier Kretschmer showed its face. This state is not concerned with defending democratic, constitutional freedoms. This is about repression. The citizen has to be muzzled.

The fact that Federal President Steinmeier is advertising a concert by left-extremist enemies of the constitution fits this picture:

Hand in hand with the enemy against the citizens.

This is the message from Chemnitz

And then, to trample the true fear, concern and sadness of decent folk underfoot and to "counter-act" those "right-wingers", the Merkel Mafia organised a "concert" with a title, as moronic as it was self-explanatory:  


No less than a  dance on the graves of the victims of Merkel's Open-Borers-Policy, financed by tax payers, promoted by the German President, Steinmeier, where bands, known for anti-German and truly "hate-speech" lyrics like "bomb/kill the cops" ... "F*ck Germany*... and mocking wheelchair bound patriots with  "songs" like this posted by Vlad-Tepes who introduces this freak show like so: 

Government sponsored communists call all handicapped people NAZIS!

The title is only partly in jest. I am using their methods on them of course. But these ARE government sponsored communists. A musical performance set up by government and related agencies to counter the protests of rational normal Germans concerned about their safety by calling them all Nazis.

Of course I doubt they really MEAN that someone in a wheelchair who cannot jump is a NAZI. But for once I thought it would be fun to use their own brand and style of brutal controlled and targeted dishonesty on them. They deserve it in exponents.

The tendency of liking (ahem) little girls in this "Lolita or Aisha age group manifest, as always, where the Greens/Left strut their wares. 

This song comes from the Site of Dr. Ludwig who does some excellent work in bringing old (and not so old) German (mainly Folk) songs back to life with English subtitles. 

German media admits: Man who made Hitler salute at Chemnitz rally is actually a Leftist infiltrator

It has long been charged that Antifa operatives enter the crowds of pro-freedom rallies and say and do things in order to discredit those rallies. In the protests in Chemnitz against mass Muslim migration, this man made a Hitler salute, which was picked up by the international media as proof that the rallies were full of neo-Nazis. But this man has now been unmasked as a supporter of the Red Army Faction, a Communist terrorist group. Even the German media is admitting it. But it is unlikely there will follow any retractions from the media outside the country, which is too invested in the mass migration imperative to take notice of inconvenient facts.  Read the full article here.