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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Likes and Dislikes for June 2018

Will be updated as I come across interesting titbits
during June 2018

These are the "unaccompanied children" among the Merkel Rapefugees. Look at the T-shirt the "Merkel-Child-Refugee" wears and the message on it ! "How's it going, bitches" !

Found this today  -  shortest day of the year in Australia - at Riposte Laïque:

Une évidence injustement oubliée. Et cela fait des siècles.

An unjustly forgotten evidence. Yet it has been centuries. 

Death wears a Burka 

Your protegés, Merkel and Pope Francis: are they Refugees or invaders ? 

This tweet needs no explanation, other than it came with a WARNING, that the "media in this tweet may offend" and I had to push an extra button to venture in to the big bad world of Riposte Laïque, one of the most informative and fearless Re-Information sites of France. To tell the truth, however, Riposte Laïque, unlike these brave sheep, do not cross within protected zones, nor do they walk within the herd. 

H/T yucki @ Vladtepes blog

The Poster's short Twitter bio of the following little video reads:
Darko Crncevic 🇵🇱

"Father. Immigrant. Swedish. Fighter. Specialist and former black hat. Recently fled Sweden for Poland."

He introduces the video below: 

"When Stina Dabrowski came with her "Swedish superiority" and was thoroughly lectured by Margaret Thatcher. Full crusher.

If you think about it properly, what comes up in this clip says a lot about why Sweden is as it is today.f you think about it properly, what comes up in this clip says a lot about why Sweden is as it is today."




  1. Appreciate the Thatcher interview, and figuring the Swedish agenda.
    Thank you Simpleton1

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  2. Thank you :) And my apologies for publishing your comment so late...I only just came across it.