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Friday, 23 August 2013

France needs help !

Even after watching this video a second time, I still feel like crying at about minute 8.30. 

Blondie from U-Tube is addressing this cry for help to the French Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls who, at the start of Hollande's mandate held so much promise; for many he was the only hope in this far left government. But, in less than a year his wings had been clipped, and he had paid for his political survival by near complete submission to what I consider the dark side. 

Video published on Riposte Laique with an article by Mireille Greschter.

Al Gore where is thy shame?



Sunday, 18 August 2013

Australia Votes: Labor

With apologies to the Gospel of Matthew:  "You live by the knife-in-the-back, you die by the knife-in-the-back". This is what happened recently to Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Not to  put too fine a point on it: Gillard knifed the sitting Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd who, three years later returned the favour by challenging her for the Leadership, a challenge he won he won just a few weeks ago.

I actually like Kevin Rudd, and I certainly  understand the desire for revenge, I just don't want him as my Prime Minister, nothing personal...it's party-political ;)

Gillard was surrounded by a militantly feminist support group (also known as her "handbag hit squat") and together they not only played the sexism victim card, but maxed it out. Some people, a little less cynical than I am,  were surprised that not ONE of her strident  political sisters showed any solidarity with the first female Australian prime minister during her demise, hanging onto power rather than showing loyalty to the sisterhood.

In the euphoria of regaining his place in the sun, Kevin Rudd asked  everyone to "be a little kinder". No trace left of this 'kindness' now, as there are just 3 weeks to go  before election day on the 7. September 2013:

Friday, 9 August 2013

Israel: Give War a Chance

"In one of the most famous events in the Bible, G-d commanded Abraham to sacrifice his only son. So Abraham took his son Isaac, bound him on an altar and prepared to bring him up as a burnt offering. And then the voice of the angel called to him and told him not to harm his son.

G-d did not want human sacrifices. The peace process does."

So begins one of the most insightful, poetic, poignant, brilliant articles written about this charade, imposed upon Israel by Obama and his mates, euphemistically called "the peace process".  Daniel Greenfield titles his article  "Sacrifices of Peace". I think, Greenfield is one of the most brilliant writers alive today and I urge you to read this piece.

"In the spring, America's prince of peace, the man who had thrown thousands of American soldiers with their hands tied behind their backs into the arms of the Taliban...[...]...came to Jerusalem to demand that the altars once again be raised up and the blood of peace flow over the negotiating tables..." 

"...The ceremonial release of terrorists with blood on their hands commenced this festival of negotiations" is how Greenfield describes the demand  on Israel to release more than 100 killers who deliberately murdered babies, children, mothers, elders. At least, to his credit "Netanyahu did it reluctantly", he writes. Netanyahu, more than anyone else knows that these murdering terrorists will be feted as "heroes" before returning to kill again - they always do.

Do read it all here  where you will also find the responses, one of which impressed me so much that I dont want you to miss it:

"...what is Netanyahu's defence? As he faces the likes of Obama, Hilary Clinton, John Kerry and Tony Blair, why does he kneel to their agenda? He knows they are all sellouts, Saudi and Qatari funded whores. They can do nothing to the Jewish people beyond causing some minor inconvenience.
 The problem I see is that the Jewish leadership is at the moment incapable of overcoming their rationality, they find it almost impossible to believe and truly understand that they are the subject of totally irrational religious hatred. No concessions can ever overcome this. The only answer for Israel is to "give war a chance". Victory in war depends on two things: 1. You must control the ground over which the war was fought, and 2. You must change the enemy's mind about attacking you. 
Israel has had no problem achieving the first condition but has never achieved the second. This has to change and it has to change by causing so much pain to the Arabs that they concede victory to Israel. The problem is that in order to achieve this, Israelis must embrace insanity, because total war is by definition insane. 
Can the Jewish people do this?
If they cannot, then they are finished. "

Being anti-Israel does not have to mean one is antisemetic.
 It just always does. (Eeyore)

Update: 14.8.2013 
List published on J-Wire of some terrorists, released by Israel today, to murder some more.


When I dream...

Tony, my Dutch friend of sooo long ago, 
whereever you are now, 
I lift my glass of  red to you 
and to what could have been ;)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our blonde French patriot: CENSURED!

But, they  will not silence our patriotic French Blondie! You go girl!

See also earlier videos: 


Voltaire said; 
"If you want to know who rules over you, 
simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."
He said it in French, bien sur!

Thursday, 1 August 2013


This is more like the Benjamin Netanyahu, I like - the one of whom the following little story was told, when the West, mistakenly gave Obama the keys to the White house (mind you, the way his competitors - Clinton and  McCain have since behaved, perhaps history will judge him as the "lesser evil"):

Obama: "yes we can" 
Netanyahu: "no, you won't".

you might have to turn on your "English captions" to see the subtitles

Read the circumstances of this brilliant response by Israel's Prime Minister here: