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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Trump's border control worries French patriots

I like the title of this little article in Résistance Républicaine by Christine Tasin (one of the most courageous French Women I know) and one of the comments because of the poignant and very french  gallows humour . (French patriots are fighting a very heavy and corrupt Socialist Power Machine and a  rather frightened population.) 

Trump interdit à nombre de musulmans d’entrer aux USA ? 

Ils vont venir chez nous, Marine, vite !

So Trump is banning a certain number of Muslims to enter the US ? 

They will come to us, Marine quick !

Il n’y va pas de main morte.
Détermination, efficacité, rapidité.
Hier Trump a signé le décret suspendant le programme américain d’admission des réfugiés qui avait été créé en 1980 et aurait permis d’accueillir, depuis, 2,5 millions de personnes, soit une moyenne de 675000 réfugiés par an. Une moyenne, par exemple, en 2016, il y avait eu 85000 réfugiés accueillis dont 10000 Syriens.
Trump a décidé que le maximum serait dorénavant de 50000 personnes accueillies chaque année.

Le décret signé hier, « Protéger la nation contre l’entrée de terroristes étrangers aux États-Unis »suspend pendant 4 mois ce programme et interdit pendant 3 mois l’entrée des « migrants » venant d’ Irak, Iran, Libye, Somalie, Soudan et Yémen.
Les Etats-Unis, jusqu’alors, étaient pourtant bien plus précautionneux que les Européens qui laissent entrer qui veut et ensuite, ensuite seulement se demandent si ces illégaux peuvent vraiment prétendre devenir des réfugiés. On sait les dérives, les Cologne et autres Jungle que cette politique amène. Les Etats-Unis n’accueillent pas de « clandestin musulmans », ils trient les demandes des futurs réfugiés, allant jusqu’à aller interroger les demandeurs au Moyen Orient…  Bref, tout cela est logique et on en hait encore plus Bruxelles et Schengen quand on voit ce qu’ils sont capables de faire aux Etats-Unis.
A présent ce sera encore plus difficile pour les musulmans du Moyen Orient de s’installer aux Etats-Unis, il y aura sans doute des filtres au niveau des qualifications dont le pays aurait besoin en sus des enquêtes de moralité.


He does not beat around the bush.

Determination, efficiency, speed.

Yesterday Trump signed the decree suspending the US program for the admission of refugees which had been established in 1980 and would have allowed 2.5 million people, ie an average of 675,000 refugees a year. For example, in 2016, an average of 85,000 refugees were welcomed including 10,000 Syrians.

Trump decided that the maximum intake per year from now on would be 50,000 people 

The decree signed yesterday, "Protecting the nation from the entry of foreign terrorists into the United States" suspended this program for 4 months and banned the entry of "migrants" coming from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

The United States, were already far more cautious than the Europeans who lets in anyone and only wonders afterwards if these illegals can really claim to become refugees. We know the drifts in Cologne and other Jungles that this policy brings. The United States do not welcome "Illegal Muslims" , they sort out the demands of future refugees, going as far as questioning the applicants in the Middle East ... In short, all this is logical and we hate Brussels and Schengen even more when We see what they are capable of doing in the United States.

Now it will be even harder for Muslims from the Middle East to settle in the United States, and there will probably be filters at the level of qualifications needed by the country in addition to morality surveys.

This comment puts the situation in France into a nutshell:

claude t.a.l 28 janvier 2017 at 13 h 05 min

Trump interdit l’arrivée personnes venant de certains pays musulmans. Mais alors, je ne peux plus aller aux Etats Unis ?
(Je suis Francais).

Trump bans the arrival of people coming from certain muslim countries. Well, does that mean that I can no longer go to the United States ? 

(I'm French).


Here is a song that now, with the departure of Obama, will become obsolete - at least  for a good long while: 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Ilan Halimi Day 5

Published on Feb 13, 2013

Paroles :

Marvin, David, Ilan, Yohann

On chante pour toi Ilan

Rerésente Israël, le peuple à l'Eternel.

Fofana c'est pour toi !

Ilan fréro, tu n'avais que 23 ans 

Tu n'as pas eu le temps d'avoir des enfants 

Tu n'as pas eu le temps d'être parent. 

A cause de qui à cause de quoi? De cette putain de Fofana. 

On pense tous à toi ici 

Depuis qu'ils t'ont enlevé la vie 

On sait que t'es déjà au paradis 

Et quand j'y repense, 

Chui triste à cause de ces putains de racistes 

Chui écoeuré, attristé de voir ce qu'ils t'ont fait, 

Ils t'ont mis à pieds dans cette putain de cité. 

Même si t'es déjà au Gan Eden à côté de Hashem 

C'est à cause de ce sale fasciste qui a pris un gros risque 

En touchant à notre frère, moi j'te dis si t'as rien à faire 


Ouais, Fofana sale bâtard. 


Ilan fréro, on va te venger 

Parce que ces putains d'enculés ils t'ont fait souffrir 

Parce que ces putains d'enculés ils t'ont fait mourir. 


Tu fais zarma t'es le cerveau des barbares mais en scrète 

T'es rien qu'un p'tit bâtard tu vas jusqu'en Côte d'Ivoire. 

Espèce de salaud, 

Parce que tu sais qu'un jour 

Les juifs auront ta peau. 

Alors maintenant j'te préviens 

Si un jour t'es devant moi 

J'te dis d'avance mec, 

C'est mort pour toi ! 

Pourquoi autant de violence 

Pourquoi cette maltraitance 

On vous a jamais rien demandé 

A part d'arrêter d'nous les casser 

Tu va aller mourir en enfer 

Parce que t'as fais souffrir mon frère 

Israël c'est notre terre, 

Et Ilan c'est notre frère ! 

Casher ou pas, 

Fofana on te bouffera, 

Fofana y'a ben zona 

Ani zaen otkha. 

(refrain x2) 


Dédicace Street Mady: 

Marvin, David, Ilan, Yohann 

Pour la vie gros !! 

Spécial, Kévin, Jarja, Henri 

Ilan, Idan, 

Toute la clique quoi ! 

Dedié à Jennifer et Nono. 

On chante pour toi Ilan, 


Ilan Hilami Day 4

Ilan Hilami has by now been tortured 4 days ....... 96 hours  ...... 5760 Minutes. 

4 days and nights of cigarettes being stumped out on his skin to mention but one of the known tortures. 

Last year was the 10th anniversary of this terror, and a lot got written and remembrance ceremonies were many. This year there seems  less public remembering, perhaps pushed out by terrorism having  jumped from the Saturday People to the Sunday people, as it inevitably will or perhaps an 11th anniversary just doesn't seem so significant. 

But still, the material I'm coming across since having decided to put up one post for each of the 24 days Ilan's Calvary lasted, is nearly overwhelming in its richness to a point where I have given into my disorganised nature and abandoned the ambition to produce a coherent, organised and even chronological body of posts. So I will just pick out things as they come to hand: Today I sub-titled a short video for you, made after a film came out on this tragedy with the title: "24 Jours".

"En France, il y a un avant et un après Ilan" ( in France there is a before and an after Ilan) said the Grand Rabbin de France, Joseph Sitruk, but only a few years later, another Muslim created yet another "before and after", his name was Mohamed Merah.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Ilan Halimi Day 3

How much have you packed into the last 3 days and nights? 

Here is a little background of Ilan Halimi: 

Some Background Information about Ilan Halimi,  taken and translated from the book by Alexandre Lévy, published in 2009: "Le Gang des Barbares". pp 17 - 20. 

Ilan Halimi, born in 1982, is the youngest of the family; He has two sisters, born like himself, in Paris. His mother, Ruth, comes from a family of Sephardic Jews from Morocco; His father, Didier, comes from a mixed marriage: a mother of Armenian origin, a Jewish father. Ilan's two parents separated when he was only two years old.

Like all children of divorced parents, Ilan lives in both of these two worlds, with a clear preference nevertheless for that of its mother, to whom he is very close.

His friends remember Ilan as someone very kind, uncomplicated  and generous: "he was crunching life to the fullest," said one of them. Handsome guy, seducer, it was  easy to get along with, loved girls and to party...[...]...

From the beginning of 2006 Ilan works in a mobile phone shop, the "5 Com" Boulevard Voltaire, near (Place de la) République. There are about twenty of this type on this artery, each  just a few square meters big, mainly managed by young people from the Jewish community ...[...]... "It was a bit like the Jewish Street" remembers Jeremy, who also worked there and knew Ilan since the earliest  school days at the École Ozar-Hathorah. "We felt at home there. We could make between 2000 and 2500 euros a month. But we were working like crazy ...[...]... among our customers, many Africans ... "

It is in this environment that Ilan evolves, while increasingly interested in Israel to where he made at least one trip the year before his death. According to his mother, he was saving up to make his aliyah, like some of his French coreligionists. 

...[...]... He was an ordinary young man, a little macho too, but with a "heart big  like that", say  those who knew him." 

Ilan has now been held and tortured for 3 days, 72 hours, 4320 minutes.....like this: 

by the gang of this Barbarian, as he looks now: 

Monday, 23 January 2017

Ilan Halimi Day 2

24 hours have passed since I posted about the kidnapping, torture and ultimate murder of Ilan Halimi and told you that I would post something about him every day until the 13 February, the date in 2006 on which  he died after 3 weeks of torture. I try this to see if it can give us a sense of the long long long days and weeks Ilan was held and tortured by the muslim gang "Le Gang de Barbares".

Gang leader Youssouf Fofana

The bait they used to catch Ilan was described  later  by a colleague of Ilan like so: "Look north-african, around 20, clear skin, a pleasant face, long brown hair with a few highlights...". 

She was actually only 16 at the time of the crime, her name was Yalda and she had tried to seduce some colleagues of Ilan before settling on him.

Today I bring you some excerpts fom an article by Deborah Freund in Aish.com who interviewed the mother of Ilan:

"January 20, 2006

It’s a regular Friday, and I’m on my way home from work. Passing by a store I see a pair of shoes in a style that I know Ilan would like, with a buckle. I stop to purchase them. They are final sale, neither exchangeable nor refundable. I then do some shopping for our Shabbat meal. Even though I am not Orthodox, the Shabbat meal is something I will not give up for any price. It’s the only time of the week we get to all sit peacefully around a beautifully set table. When I reach our building I glance up to see if Ilan is at the window. He usually he looks out for me and runs down the stairs to help me bring up the packages. Ilan sings the Kiddush. My children were bought up in the Jewish tradition and know all the Jewish prayers. After we wash, Ilan cuts the challah and distributes it. We wish each other Shabbat Shalom. Dinner is over by 9:00 p.m.

A while later I hear Ilan answering the telephone in his room. I will later learn that that was the fateful call from his new acquaintance inviting him out. I see him putting on his windbreaker. I don’t like it when he goes out on Shabbat and he knows it. “Don’t be angry, Maman,” he says, an apologetic smile playing on his lips. As if having a premonition that this would be the last time I would ever see him, I try to keep him from leaving. “You didn’t try on your new shoes,” I remind him. He gives me a hug. “Tomorrow,” he says, and clatters down the stairs.

The shoes are still lying untouched in their box.

January 21

The nightmare starts the following day when we realize that Ilan hasn’t come home. None of his friends have heard from him either. I’m reading a story to Noa, my granddaughter, when I hear my daughters’ piercing screams in the next room. They’re looking at a photo of Ilan on the computer screen that has just been sent by email. My son’s face is covered with black tape, and there’s a pistol pointed at his temple. “We are holding Ilan,” the email reads. “We are demanding 450,000 euros for his release.”

A phone call ensues. A young man speaking French with a heavy African accent says, “You have 20 minutes to bring the money. If you contact the police, we will kill him.” My two daughters, each holding one of my hands, drag me down the stairs to the police station. Didier, Ilan’s father, is already there, having received the same phone call.

The police try to figure out why Ilan was targeted. None of us can pay the sum of 450,000 euros. I’m a secretary. Ilan earns 1,200 euro a month. His father doesn’t have any money either. Our profile certainly doesn’t mark us as a target for kidnappers....."

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Ilan Halimi Day 1

11 years ago today, Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old  French Jew was abducted by a Parisian Muslim gang who called themselves "Le Gang des Barbares". During the next 24 days, the handsome and charismatic young man  was slowly tortured to death. 

Ilan Halimi 

He was held for 24 days in an apartment on the 11th floor of a residential building, bound, with his head covered entirely in duct tape except for a small gap for his mouth. 

He was subjected to three weeks of beatings and torture, while gang members attempted to extract a 450,000 Euro ransom from his family. Ilan's uncle, Rafi Halimi, reported that "the gang phoned the family on several occasions and made them listen to the recitation of verses from the Koran, while Ilan's tortured screams could be heard in the background."

Halimi was found naked, handcuffed and tied to a tree three weeks after his capture, but died from his wounds on the way to hospital.

Twenty-three people participated in torturing Ilan. Another twenty were involved indirectly. The custodian of the building gave them the key to an apartment where they said they wanted to "keep someone." French journalist Guy Millière reported that the thugs cut bits off his flesh, cut his fingers and ears, and burned him with acid.

The autopsy reportedly revealed an incision of between six and seven inches on Ilan’s left cheek.

On the final day, Youssef Fofana, the leader of the Barbarians, slit Ilan's throat, twice, and poured a flammable liquid on him to try to set him on fire. But this reportedly did not burn him to death, because Ilan walked for perhaps one hour trying still to find a way to live.  Source

I will post something on Ilan Halimi every day until the 13. February, day of his death, to get a tiny inkling of how long his torture lasted.

Here is an interview with his mother.

Mr. President, you are welcome in Germany

Extract from a speech by Björn Höcke MP of the AFD (Alternative für Deutschland) presented on the 12. 11. 2016, a few days after the election victory of Donald Trump (8.11.2016).

Mr. Höcke, on behalf of the AFD, invites Donald Trump spontaneously to Germany, while Angela Merkel, whose government shamelessly contributed to the Election campaign (in words and dollars) of Hillary Clinton, barely managed a thin-lipped "congratulation" in the direction of the President Elect, while hectoring him about how he should conduct himself as the POTUS.

Original Video at "Rohdaten Halde"

And here is what the new President of the United States thinks of the media: 

Watching the Australian tax-payer funded Al Jazeera Branches, the ABC and the SBS, and even their poorer commercial counterparts,  I am not one to disagree with President Donald Trump. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Obama sheds his sheep skins

During  the last few days, this caricature has become obsolete, the "jacket" has been well and truly dropped. 

"...Before leaving office, US President Barack Obama prepares to release terrorists referred to as "Nuclear weapons of the jihad", some of al -Qaeda's most notorious hate preachers and "top explosive experts", to Saudi Arabia."

Orders from Obama's "King" ? 

(a picture = a thousand words)

Another  "Thousand Words" about the race-baiting fortunately-soon-to-be-EX-POTUS: 

+ another 1000 words

I think that Obama's actions were  due neither  to incompetence nor do I think that he is a windbag.  I fear  it's much darker than that and I hope that we will get to know the true motivations behind Obama's actions and attitudes  rather sooner than later. Meanwhile,  as the man said: "When the consequences of incompetence are the same as the consequences of malice, it is wiser to assume malice...."

+ another thousand words

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

"Refugees" Welcome Here

It is  reported that Angela Merkel contributed very generously, (raiding the piggy banks of the long-suffering German tax payers who were not asked nor told about it) to the so-called "Clinton Foundation". 

Australians would say:  
"This guy cracks me up"

!!! I just love him !!! 
!  and this one is one of his best ever, I think  !

This Poster was produced by the "Identitäre Bewegung", a pan-European Youth movement that started in France a decade ago. It's  THEIR future that is sold out cheaply here! And, of  course, they  get the labels starting at  "Extreeeeeeeme Right Wing" all the way to the boringly predictable "Nazi". They are neither!   The latest of their always non-violent actions was to go to the top of the "Brandenburger Gate" in Berlin. THEY are "ON the official Police  radar" while certain Jihadists who drive Trucks into folk celebrating the 14. July in France, or enjoying themselves with their children  on a Christmas Market in Berlin seem to have taken up residence UNDER the "official Police radar". 

A Summer 's Fairytale 2006         Germany 2016              Germany 2020 ? 

Victor Orbán is one of the very few real political Leaders today who, unlike most of the others, is not a mere shiver in search of a spine. I admire his often raw courage in the face of  the pack  and all his speeches are worth listening to. This is his latest with English sub-titles. 

Go East, young man, Go East !!!

And à propos "flash mob" : there is obviously more, much more talent in Moscow than in London these days -( Psssst, Theresa May, DO something about it, you have got it in you ! )

H/T for this goes to my friend Yucki from VladTepes

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Israel is fighting your war !

"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?" 
Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish)

The truth is, we are all living in Israel

It is just some of us have not realized it yet
(Author not unknown, but I cannot find his name right now)

En Israel, ne pas croire aux miracles n 'est pas réaliste.

In Israel, not to believe in miracles, is not realistic.

In Israel, nicht an Wunder zu glauben, ist nicht realistisch.  

David Ben Gourion

Friday, 13 January 2017

Is the Two-State Solution dead?

Here is a direct message to the sad clowns that are sitting around,  as we speak, in an onanist circle they call in total absence of  self-awareness the "Paris Peace Summit". It is  an outstanding article from the brilliant  Sultan Knish Blog  by one of my very favorite writers, Daniel Greenfield. I am reproducing it here in full, only the bolds are mine. 

“Is the two-state solution dead?”

The two-state solution, a perverse euphemism for carving an Islamic terror state out of the land of Israel and the living flesh of her people, is in trouble. The solution, which has solved nothing except the shortage of graves in Israel and Muslim terrorists in the Middle East, is the object of grave concern by the professionally concerned from Foggy Bottom to Fifth Avenue.

Obama set up his betrayal of Israel at the UN to “save” the two-state solution from Trump. The media warns that David Friedman, Trump’s pick for ambassador, is so pro-Israel that he’ll kill the “solution.”

But you can’t kill something that was never alive.

The two-state solution is a zombie. It can’t be dead because it never lived. It was a rotting shambling corpse of a diplomatic process. If you stood downwind of the proceedings, it looked alive.

Up close there was only blood and death.

Like the Holy Roman Empire, the two-state solution didn’t solve anything and it wasn’t in the business of creating two states. Not unless you count a Hamas state in Gaza and a Fatah state in the West Bank.

What problem was the two-state solution solving?

It wasn’t the problem of terrorism. Turning over land, weapons and power to a bunch of terrorists made for more terrorism. It’s no coincidence that Islamic terrorism worldwide shot up around the same time.

The consequences of giving terrorists their own country to play with were as predictable as taking a power drill to the bottom of a boat or running a toaster in a bubble bath. The least likely outcome of handing guns to homicidal sociopaths was peace. The most likely was murder. And that was as intended.

The problem that the two-state solution was solving was the existence of Israel; the Jewish Problem.

Spray the two-state solution over an irritating country full of Jews who managed to survive multiple Muslim genocides. Apply and wait for as long as it takes until the Jewish Problem is solved again.

The two-state solution didn’t end the violence. It turned it up to eleven. It didn’t even create a Palestinian state. But it did a moderately decent job of solving the Jewish Problem by killing Jews.

It killed thousands of them. It filled cemeteries, ethnically cleansed towns and villages, and brought war to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the first time in a generation. It turned terror from an aberration into a routine. It made death into a way of life for the Muslim population controlled by the terrorists and the Jewish population targeted by them. It endangered the existence of Israel for the first time since 1973.

The two-state solution isn’t dead. It is death.

The “solution” has turned children into orphans and left parents weeping at the graves of their daughters. It has sown hilltops with dragon’s teeth of rockets and sent cities fleeing to bomb shelters. It has ushered in an endless age of wars against terrorists who can’t be utterly defeated because that would destroy the two-state solution.

And it can’t get any better. Only worse.

Death is the only thing that the two-state solution has ever accomplished. That’s the only thing that it was meant to accomplish. It’s all that it will ever accomplish.

The two-state solution is a zombie. Its existence has no purpose except death. As long as it goes on moving, it will go on destroying. But, like a zombie, the two-state solution is weak. It’s a slow and shambling thing. It’s absurdly easy to escape it. The only way it can catch you is if you let it.

In the nineties, the two-state solution looked like a living thing. There were negotiations and big plans. There were ceremonies and Nobel prizes being handed out like party favors. There were equally big bombings and mangled body parts smeared along sidewalks and storefronts. But it was easier to listen to another round of peace songs and pay no attention to the ghastly carnage.

But by the oughts, the Muslim settler population in ’67 Israel, for whose benefit the two-state solution had been crafted, made the same “democratic” decision that the Egyptians and other Arab Spring countries would later make. They chose the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic law that demands that non-Muslims must surrender and be ruled by Muslims as before. Or be massacred and subjugated.

And then the zombie solution began to rot from the head.

The two-state solution was kept alive by pretending that Hamas had never won. An illegal takeover by Fatah, the “good” Islamic terrorists who were willing to pretend to negotiate in exchange for enough foreign aid from the United States, led to two Islamic terror states, one in Gaza and one in the West Bank. These states occasionally tried to form a united government, but couldn’t even get along with each other. Never mind getting along with Israel.

The two-state solution had become a ghoulish joke.

Some two-state solutionists urged embracing Hamas. A crazed collection of leftist activist “Rabbis” even signed a petition calling for outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood terror state despite a charter which called for exterminating all the Jews. Kerry aided a Code Pink mission to Hamas.

Most two-state solutionists decided to pretend that nothing had gone wrong. The zombie solution was in the best of health. Pay no attention to the stench of decay and the way it keeps trying to eat you.

They wanted to strengthen the “good” Islamic terror state in the West Bank to discredit the “bad” Islamic terror state in Gaza. Anyone who opposed the “good” terror state was accused of trying to kill the “two-state solution” which had already killed more people than the average natural disaster.

But then the “good” terror state stopped even pretending to negotiate.

Since the terrorists wouldn’t negotiate, Obama and Kerry just propped up the corpse of the two-state solution on their shoulders, Weekend at Bernie’s style, and tried to pretend it was still alive by negotiating with Israel on behalf of the terrorists without telling either Israel or the terrorists.

But the “good” terrorists rejected the unsolicited deal that Obama and Kerry got for them.

Obama and Kerry solved that problem the way that the solutionists had been solving it for decades. They blamed Israel. The insane logic of the two-state solution demanded it.

An Islamic terror state is the “solution” offered by the two-state solution. If you blame the terrorists, you undermine the credibility of the solution. If you admit the terrorists don’t even want to negotiate, you kill the two-state solution. And then how will you justify destroying Israel?

The great two-state solution began incrementally with an autonomous territory of disarmed terrorists. This fantasy led to a two-state solution of heavily armed terrorists inside Israel. The next stage is a one-state solution in which Israel will be forced to take in every single Muslim claiming to be a refugee.

And you can’t get from one stage to the next without blaming Israel when the previous stage fails. As it was always intended to. Each planned failure advances a more extreme incarnation of the “solution”.

All the way up to the final solution.

Each failure has to be blamed on Israel to justify an even more extreme solution. Each attack on Israel, like Obama’s UN treachery, is justified as a defense of the two-state solution. As long as the lie that the two-state solution is a pro-Israel policy lives, it can be weaponized as a pro-Israel attack on Israel.

In its terminal stage, the solution zombie will kill Israel and then die. Unless we kill it first.

The two-state solution hasn’t solved anything. It is the problem. And now it’s time to solve the problem of the two-state solution. Like the rest of the Jihad, the two-state solution is not a potent threat. It is a lie that we have become too weak to resist.

Lies die when we see them for what they are.

Like the old Monty Python bit, the two-state solution is a dead parrot. The shopkeepers of the press who keep trying to sell us its stiff unmoving body insist that the peace process is just pining for the Norwegian fjords of the Oslo peace accords. Feed it some more of Israel and it’ll fly back to life. 

It’s never worked before, but there’s always an Nth time.

Lies are zombies. They are mimicries of the truth that feed off what we wish to be true.

The two-state solution is a parasite that thrives by feeding off our hopes and fears, our optimism on the one hand and our inability to imagine an alternative on the other. When we see the lie for what it is, when we turn our hopes and fears to sustaining what we truly care about, then it will fall.

Real solutions, such as Caroline Glick’s Israeli Solution, already exist.

The two-state solution however never existed. There will only be one state in Israel. The question is whether it will be a Jewish State or an Islamic terror state.