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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Ilan Hilami Day 4

Ilan Hilami has by now been tortured 4 days ....... 96 hours  ...... 5760 Minutes. 

4 days and nights of cigarettes being stumped out on his skin to mention but one of the known tortures. 

Last year was the 10th anniversary of this terror, and a lot got written and remembrance ceremonies were many. This year there seems  less public remembering, perhaps pushed out by terrorism having  jumped from the Saturday People to the Sunday people, as it inevitably will or perhaps an 11th anniversary just doesn't seem so significant. 

But still, the material I'm coming across since having decided to put up one post for each of the 24 days Ilan's Calvary lasted, is nearly overwhelming in its richness to a point where I have given into my disorganised nature and abandoned the ambition to produce a coherent, organised and even chronological body of posts. So I will just pick out things as they come to hand: Today I sub-titled a short video for you, made after a film came out on this tragedy with the title: "24 Jours".

"En France, il y a un avant et un après Ilan" ( in France there is a before and an after Ilan) said the Grand Rabbin de France, Joseph Sitruk, but only a few years later, another Muslim created yet another "before and after", his name was Mohamed Merah.

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