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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Obama sheds his sheep skins

During  the last few days, this caricature has become obsolete, the "jacket" has been well and truly dropped. 

"...Before leaving office, US President Barack Obama prepares to release terrorists referred to as "Nuclear weapons of the jihad", some of al -Qaeda's most notorious hate preachers and "top explosive experts", to Saudi Arabia."

Orders from Obama's "King" ? 

(a picture = a thousand words)

Another  "Thousand Words" about the race-baiting fortunately-soon-to-be-EX-POTUS: 

+ another 1000 words

I think that Obama's actions were  due neither  to incompetence nor do I think that he is a windbag.  I fear  it's much darker than that and I hope that we will get to know the true motivations behind Obama's actions and attitudes  rather sooner than later. Meanwhile,  as the man said: "When the consequences of incompetence are the same as the consequences of malice, it is wiser to assume malice...."

+ another thousand words

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