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Friday, 6 January 2017

Poisoning & raping German Children

As a child I was told never to accept sweets from a stranger, because "they are poisoned and you will die if you do"

When I got to the age where my faith in the absolute truth of my parents' word started to wobble  a little I thought, "why would a stranger want to poison me?" I did not see what could possibly  be in it for the stranger. And so I started to rebel a little. Our mountain village attracted some  tourists who often would distribute lollies to us village kids and I  joined the eager queue of the little gourmands. None of us ever died. (well, not of the sweets in any case).  But that was many many years before the story told  in Gates of Vienna today. If this reliable and respected site was not  of the high calibre it is, I might  have dismissed the story as a horror tale told to frighten the gullible.

The author is Zsolt Bayer, a popular Hungarian journalist and opinion writer whose translated material has featured several times already on the   Gates of Vienna where the story (below) was published today.  CrossWare is the translator of  this op-ed from Napi Migráns (Daily Migrants):

"Will We Get Used to This Slowly?

by Zsolt Bayer

December 14, 2016

“Mohammed wanted to rape little girls from kindergarten then poison them”

Essen — 17-year-old Mohammed and Yusuf, who was the same age, decided to express their gratitude toward the German people for their hospitality in a very special way. Not only did they try to blow up a Sikh temple in Essen, but they planned to sell poisoned ice cream to children in kindergarten, whom — if Allah willed it — they would also rape.

The staggering plan of the extremist teenagers — organised into the ranks of the Islamic State — was brought to light by the German authorities after a bomb exploded in a Sikh temple in Essen. Fortunately, the explosion resulted in injuries to only four people. However, it probably gave Mohammed and Yusuf the idea that in order to increase the destruction they should sell poisoned ice cream to young children in preschool, then subsequently rape them, and finally carry out suicide attacks in a kindergarten.

Given the fact that after the bombing of the temple the two teenagers were caught by the authorities, the plan did not ultimately become a tragic reality. However, from the correspondence between the two boys, the authorities found out that Mohammed worked as an ice cream vendor, and had special insight to how to dose the dessert efficiently with deadly poison to kill small children. He wrote a letter to Yusuf asking for permission and theological guidance, wanting to know whether, based on Sharia law, it would be OK to give arsenic-laced ice cream to the kids, and maybe even rape some little girls?

Mohammed Yusuf and are currently awaiting judgement by the German government while they are still maintained on taxpayers’ money. The charges of course include religiously-motivated attacks. According to press reports, Yusuf has very much regretted his actions and would like to work together with the German authorities.

Are we slowly getting used to this, or are we finally going to do something about it? Are we going clear out all these animals  once and for all?"

I have stopped believing that this or that event, big and dramatic though it may be - Paris, Nice, Cologne, Berlin etc -  will bring the big awakening of the herd, or a change of direction – let alone revolution; physical comfort has softened us too much…..but there are images, pictures and moments that get to me and mark me, personally, for ever – this one will be one of them.


(Sleeping Beauty)

Dornröschen war ein schönes Kind 
Schönes Kind, schönes Kind,
Dornröschen war ein schönes Kind,
Schönes Kind.

Dornröschen, nimm dich ja in acht,
Ja in acht, ja in acht,
Dornröschen, nimm dich ja in acht,
Ja in acht.

Da kam die böse Fee herein,
Fee herein, Fee herein,
Da kam die böse Fee herein,
Fee herein.

Dornröschen, schlafe hundert Jahr,
Hundert Jahr, hundert Jahr,
Dornröschen, schlafe hundert Jahr,
Hundert Jahr.

Da wuchs die Hecke riesengroß,
Riesengroß, riesengroß, 
Da wuchs die Hecke riesengroß,

Da kam ein junger Königssohn,
Königssohn, Königssohn,
Da kam ein junger Königssohn,

Dornröschen, wache wieder auf,
Wieder auf, wieder auf, 
Dornröschen, wache wieder auf,
Wieder auf.

Da feiern sie das Hochzeitsfest,
Hochzeitsfest, Hochzeitsfest,
Da feiern sie das Hochzeitsfest,

Da jubelte das ganze Volk,
Ganze Volk, ganze Volk, 
Da jubelte das ganze Volk,
Ganze Volk.

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