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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Mr. President, you are welcome in Germany

Extract from a speech by Björn Höcke MP of the AFD (Alternative für Deutschland) presented on the 12. 11. 2016, a few days after the election victory of Donald Trump (8.11.2016).

Mr. Höcke, on behalf of the AFD, invites Donald Trump spontaneously to Germany, while Angela Merkel, whose government shamelessly contributed to the Election campaign (in words and dollars) of Hillary Clinton, barely managed a thin-lipped "congratulation" in the direction of the President Elect, while hectoring him about how he should conduct himself as the POTUS.

Original Video at "Rohdaten Halde"

And here is what the new President of the United States thinks of the media: 

Watching the Australian tax-payer funded Al Jazeera Branches, the ABC and the SBS, and even their poorer commercial counterparts,  I am not one to disagree with President Donald Trump. 

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