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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

"Refugees" Welcome Here

It is  reported that Angela Merkel contributed very generously, (raiding the piggy banks of the long-suffering German tax payers who were not asked nor told about it) to the so-called "Clinton Foundation". 

Australians would say:  
"This guy cracks me up"

!!! I just love him !!! 
!  and this one is one of his best ever, I think  !

This Poster was produced by the "Identitäre Bewegung", a pan-European Youth movement that started in France a decade ago. It's  THEIR future that is sold out cheaply here! And, of  course, they  get the labels starting at  "Extreeeeeeeme Right Wing" all the way to the boringly predictable "Nazi". They are neither!   The latest of their always non-violent actions was to go to the top of the "Brandenburger Gate" in Berlin. THEY are "ON the official Police  radar" while certain Jihadists who drive Trucks into folk celebrating the 14. July in France, or enjoying themselves with their children  on a Christmas Market in Berlin seem to have taken up residence UNDER the "official Police radar". 

A Summer 's Fairytale 2006         Germany 2016              Germany 2020 ? 

Victor Orbán is one of the very few real political Leaders today who, unlike most of the others, is not a mere shiver in search of a spine. I admire his often raw courage in the face of  the pack  and all his speeches are worth listening to. This is his latest with English sub-titles. 

Go East, young man, Go East !!!

And à propos "flash mob" : there is obviously more, much more talent in Moscow than in London these days -( Psssst, Theresa May, DO something about it, you have got it in you ! )

H/T for this goes to my friend Yucki from VladTepes

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