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Friday, 29 April 2016

One brave French Policeman

This is Sébastien Jallamion, a French policeman just after he had dared posting on his face book that he did not think Islam was a good idea for France.  He was "dobbed in " by a female  Arab-Muslim colleague, and, predictably  in today's France,    he was IMMEDIATELY suspended from "duty", without pay, of course. 

Title in the "miscellaneous" Section of the paper reads:
"A police officer from Lyon suspended for provocations on Face book"

I will post more on this story, but for now I just want to let you know, what happens to a honourable, courageous, real French Patriot, a French Police Man, who  tries to protect his own people and country:  Here is how he looks right now,  after having refused  to meekly curl up in his corner and say nothing except, perhaps a timid little "allah-u-akbar". Have a look at this  same brave, unbendable French Police man, have a look at what they did to him, in France, the country of "Human Rights".... here he is, 3 days ago, in hospital where he will have to remain for some time yet: 

He is alive right now, only because of the intervention of a French motorist who was just passing by as Arab-accented thugs, who had attacked him from behind (of course), were about to give him  the coup de grace by orders of....  ???

For those of you who read French: the story so far  is HERE, I will translate it later. Watch this space.

Incidentally, the privacy of Pierre Cassens, the founder of Riposte Laique was recently violated too on orders from (Joseph?) Cazeneuve. Jack-booted executioners, abandoning every remnant of democratic decency took away the mobile phone, the laptop and his privacy from the courageous founder of  Riposte Laique whom the totalitarian State Machine of Hollande's socialist (Qatar/Emirates-financed?) government wants to destroy by the looks of it. They and the Mayor of Paris (former girlfriend (*) of  Pres. Hollande) have started at least a dozen processes against him and Riposte Laique - a concerted effort to destroy this  voice for French Patriots at least financially.  This in the light of a fully politicised Judiciary  (google "Mur des Cons").  

Will their Nuremberg Defence cut it, when the tide will finally turn? 

...Not if I have any say in it ! 

(*) Hollande introduced Anne Hidalgo to politics, but I do not know if she was a girlfriend with our without "benefits".  The gossip press at the time reported that Ségolène Royal (the mother of François Hollande's  4 children and his defacto wife at the time) was very unhappy about that affair. (yes "miouuu" I dont like at all what this "mayor of Paris" does to Paris and to French patriots). 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lets hear it for Donald Trump

These two delightful ex-Democrat-voters would have to be the best advertisements for Donald Trump and this Stefan Molyneux Video  is one of the most exhiliaratingly satisfying clips I have seen in a while. Diamond and Silk indeed ! Enjoy :)

I do feel, however, that I should warn these two delightful bundles of intelligent feistyness, that Donald Trump will not be able to "walk on water" and clean up the mess in his first term,  without some stepping stones just under the watery surface. 

Back when.....

just came across this:


I found this on  vladtepesblog, a rich source always worth mining:)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Musical Interlude by the IDF

Jews and Israel are not the problem: 

Jews and Israel ARE  part of the solution !


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Passover

Passover 2016  begins at sunset of Friday, April 22, and ends at nightfall of Saturday, April 30. 

It celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, as told in this delightful little video. And with this I wish not only my past, present and future Jewish friends a happy Celebration, but all the Jewish people who might  pass by my little blog:    

Happy Pesach to you all !

Moses Goes Down from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn about the Passover and more, I think the  The Jewish Virtual Library is a  much  better place to look for information about Israel and the Jewish people than "The Hamas Charter", the list of UN resolutions and/or assorted spreaders of Jew-Hatred, including unfortunately the main stream media and large parts of the Internet.  

Allah's Allergies: he doesn't like Susies

Confession: I mainly post this little video because I want to have an excuse for bringing you the cute song that follows it.

At first I actually thought (correctly) that this video was a send-up,    but was mistaken in taking the pontificator for a comedian ; the clip  is taken from a seeeeerious video by a seeeeeerious  islamic preacher. If you have time to kill and the stomach for it, you can find the original, full catastrophe, here:

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Muslim rapists: majority or minority? Gavin Boby

During a conversation with an Australian  friend I casually asked him if he had heard of the "Child Grooming scandal in Britain". 

His adult  university educated daughter has been living in London for several years, his son, having married a German lives in Germany and my friend travels frequently to these shores.  He is also more intelligent than to limit his information gathering solely to the taxpayer funded ABC or SBS, both channels who get their orders main information and "perspectives" from Al Jazeera (as does the BBC and their ilk). But, to my surprise, he'd never heard of the Rotherham Grooming Scandal. He and millions of others. 

From Vlad Tepes comes the Gavin Boby  video below.  I will send my friend a link to it and also buy him the book "Cheap Meat" for his upcoming birthday. I have just started reading it.

The book’s title comes from former UK Home Secretary, Jack Straw, who saw Muslim perpetrators viewing non-Muslim British victims as “easy meat.” Indeed, some Muslim sex-gang groomers actually blame the girls, some as young as 11 years old, for being purposely alluring and sexually advanced to corrupt Muslims.

So, the short answer to Gavin Boby's question: "Are Muslim child rapists the majority or the minority?" is unequivocal and supported by real statistics. 

In an interesting article on the subject, the American Thinker in an excellent critique of the book writes this:

"...The backdrop for sexual grooming and enslavement of children lies in Islamic doctrines outlined by McLoughlin.

He reviews the pervasive slave-taking history of Islam from the 7th century, as well as Islamic doctrine from the Koran citing Islam's view of non-Muslims, its treatment of women and sexual slaves, and the permissibility of sex with children by Mohammed’s example with his nine-year-old third wife, Aisha.

McLoughlin explains how sex as rape has historically been used as a weapon of war to assert Islamic supremacy. Islamic doctrine encourages the rape and enslavement of non-Muslims, even with married infidel women as a legal and moral enterprise..."

Do I hear "Cologne", "Hamburg", "Stuttgart"  anywhere Ladies and Gentlemen?.....Because  that, my dear compatriots in Germany is a glimpse of what Merkel, Adolf Erdogan et al  have prepared  for you. 


Monday, 18 April 2016

The Rape of Germany

Translating this one got under my skin, deep deep under my skin. 

Many thanks to Vladtepes and Gates of Vienna for the subtitling. 

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Ode to Adolf Erdogan

Thank you to GoV and Vladtepes for the sub-titling.

Caption reads: "The Long Arm of Erdogan"


Tommy Robinson: the End ?

We wrote about the latest episode in this shameful saga (shameful for the the "authorities" whoever they are, of that once "Great" Britain) here.  This time, thanks to an emerging solidarity among decent folk, Tommy escaped what surely would have resulted - without being too melodramatic - in  serious injury if not death.  Lets stay awake to what is/was nothing less than a concerted and sustained attempt to commit "murder by muslim" on Tommy Robinson. 

I just love the beginning of this video below, where he blows a little kiss to his wife and children. :) That is followed by a radio interview. H/T to  Shirlee from Jews-Downunder

And now I went, once again, shopping at Gates of Vienna who who did much to bring this story out into the open. Baron Bodissey writes: 

"...Yesterday evening, after the court case against him was dismissed, Tommy Robinson was interviewed at length by Trinity Channel, an American Christian broadcaster. The topic was “The Islamization of the United Kingdom”.

Now that Tommy’s legal entanglements are over (for the moment), he is able to speak out freely about the persecution he has suffered at the hands of the British state. In this excerpt there are details about what happened to him that I hadn’t heard before...."

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Still borrowing from Gates of Vienna: 

"...The full video is recommended viewing. In addition to Tommy’s segments, Nonie Darwish is interviewed about sharia and the Islamization of the West."

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lets hear it for white males !

Lately I seem to have posted quite a few "unkind" things against "fundamentalist feminists", perhaps it's because of the memories I have of my childhood and early youth. 

I never had "problems" with men, the bullies in my early life were mostly women: the rosary-swinging, church-going,  hypocritical, pursed-lips, judgemental, unlusty, barren, envious, frustrated, premenstrual-if-not-perimenopausal power freaks who so often made my early life a misery. 

Their excuse may well have been the truism that "the oppressed become the oppressors". Not an excuse their reincarnations can hide behind, I think, these strident, self-declared "feminists". And, don't even talk to me about those anaemic emasculated males who find it necessary to declare themselves "feminists" !!! pfffft !!!

I must declare that "some of my best friends" are female, because I chose them very carefully. 

So, lets hear it for the big bad (not necessarily handsome) men !

Monday, 11 April 2016

Feminists hate women

Watching this video made me giggle - in that nervous "I-don't-think-I-should-laugh-about-this" way, it's Paul Joseph Watson's  delivery which tickled my funny bone. HOWEVER the content made me shake the head to a point where I had to stop, lest I develop a debilitating chronic migraine. "Should I really post this"? I wondered, or will that make the blog look like a side show alley of  bearded women and other freaks Dickensian Times?  

You can see my decision here but watch it before you let under 18  year olds see it: 

Hmmmmmm I'm in danger of turning  into a misogynist, if it's not already done. 

Hugo Egon Balder - Ich bin verliebt in eine Brockenhexe 1977

Ich bin verliebt in eine Brockenhexe
in eine wilde Dame aus dem Harz
Die Hexe ist von von exquisitem Sexe
und ihre Seele ist kohlrabenschwarz.

Ich bin verliebt in eine Brockenhexe
in einen heißen Flieger aus dem Harz
bei Tag nehm ich die Hexe und versteck sie
denn ihre Seele ist kohlrabenschwarz.

Beim Rodeln traf ich sie im dunklen Wald,
auf einer Lichtung sind wir kollidiert.
Ich rief vergeblich: Fremdes Fräulein halt,
denn ihre Flugbahn war falsch programmiert.

Von links ist sie mir in's Gesicht geflogen,
kühl hat durch's Geäst der Mond geschimmert,
ihr Besen war total verbogen
und mein Schlitten war zertrümmert.

Ich bin verliebt in eine Brockenhexe
in eine wilde Dame aus dem Harz
Die Hexe ist von von exquisitem Sexe
und ihre Seele ist kohlrabenschwarz.

Dann flog sie flugs mit mir zum Brocken rauf
und legte sanft mich in ihr Gitterbett.
Sie knüpfte mir geschwind die Schuhe auf,
nahm mir das Hemd weg, war auch sonst sehr nett.

Ja ich genoß der Hexe Zaubereien,
nahm sie in den Arm und wollte sie küssen,
sie mit jugendlichem Charme erfreun,
da hat ihr Rabe mich gebissen.

Ja ich bin verliebt in eine Brockenhexe
in einen heißen Flieger aus dem Harz
Die Hexe ist von von exquisitem Sexe
und ihre Seele ist kohlraben

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Politics, Propaganda, Anti-Semitism & Muslims in Germany

I just only just discovered this site and I am rather impressed by so much objectivity from a German who, as he says in one of his   other videos, is  from the Left. Personally, I am rather impulsive, emotional and read instructions only if everything else fails, nor is "objectivity" among my many vices. This doesn't mean, however, that  I don't like to see a sober, well documented take on things, and this "Thoughtful Contrarian" offers you all this. Worth listening to:

Here is a little glimpse of Merkel's Muslims, chanting: "Death to the Jews" (Tod den Juden), channelling "Adolf Hitler" and of course signing with the non negotiable Allah-u-Akbar.

thanks for the video to Vladtepes

Speaking of "nasty": Here is  a warning for people in Belgium: Do not go to crowded places this Monday, 11. 4. 2016. The warning may be a hoax, but the police seem to take it serious. 


I have not made my mind up yet about what music to play after this little glimpse from  Merkel's nasty new Germany.   I shall sleep on it...

...watch this space...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Will Merkel's Muslims integrate?

The excerpt below comes from Freedomain Radio which, so the site states, is "the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web, with over 100 million downloads and is 100% funded by viewers... 

With host Stefan Molyneux, topics range from philosophy to economics to art to how to achieve real freedom in the modern world. Passionate, articulate, funny and irreverent, Freedomain Radio shines a bold light on old topics - and invents a few new ones to boot!"

In this video, published on April 3, 2016, speaking about the "European Migrant Crisis",  Sefan Molyneux asks:

Does Angela Merkel Want To Destrouy Germany? 

According to my own observations, I would answer this with an unequivocal "Yes"!

In this excerpt Stefan Molyneux answers a young American mother of 3, who loved living in Germany but has just left the country of Goethe, Schiller, Heine, to return home to the US because of the invasion, largely caused, and certainly promoted by Merkel, on the orders of whom, I do not know. 

She tells him that she feels no threat from  other groups of  "migrants" eg Chinese, Poles, Italians etc.  but finds   veiled muslim women  confronting and asks: Will Merkel's Muslim integrate? 

 Hear his answer:

Unconfirmed (but rather plausible) rumour has it that Angela Merkel is coveting the seat Ban Ki-moon the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations will soon vacate. That could partly explain, why she has facilitated and continues to do so,  the largely islamic invasion of Germany and Europe. Obama is rumoured to be also interested to lead these snouts at the through. Words like  "nest of -expletive deleted-"...."birds of a feather" ..."George Soros"... come to mind.


Friday, 8 April 2016

Dont let them kill Tommy Robinson

The following article appeared on Gates of Vienna yesterday: 

Tommy Robinson Legal Defense Fund: 

An Appeal

I never thought I would be using these “Free Tommy” graphics again, but here we are, five years after his first court case, appealing once again to our readers to help Tommy Robinson’s legal defense.

Tommy’s next court appearance is on April 14. Based on what happened to him the last time he was imprisoned, if he has to do another stretch inside he may not come out alive.

I’m told it will cost more than £10,000 for him to engage competent legal counsel. He does not have that kind of money, so please help by clicking this link.

We can’t possibly raise that amount through this site alone, so I ask you spread the word by email, on forums, or on your own website.

A few details on his case…

The last time Tommy was in prison, he was locked up with hardened Muslim criminals who wanted to kill him. He was repeatedly attacked and beaten up, and ended up in the prison hospital more than once.

On one occasion he was locked in a cell with several Muslim prisoners, one of whom (a Somali, if I remember correctly) was about throw boiling water in his face. Tommy acted pre-emptively, knocked the boiling water away, and beat up the man who tried to throw it on him.

It is this incident for which he is being charged.   (My bolds)

The real issue behind all these arrests is that Tommy speaks the truth about the danger to the British people posed by Islam. But he is no longer being prosecuted for “hate speech” offenses — the state does not want the substance of what he says to aired in an open courtroom and discussed in the national media. Thus other types of infractions must be found and other charges brought. The current case against him is simply the latest example of the repressive tactics being employed by the totalitarian British state.

The Powers That Be were successful in “decapitating” the English Defence League — with the help of the Quilliam Foundation — and are now attempting to do the same thing to the recently established UK chapter of PEGIDA.

So here’s the plan: Lock up the most charismatic leader the British Counterjihad has. Put him in with his most dangerous enemies — Muslim criminals who have promised to kill him. Make sure that the guards are absent or looking the other way when the trouble starts. Then, as far as the shariah-compliant British state is concerned, the problem has been solved.

The UK, like all the other enlightened governments of Western Europe, has abolished the death penalty. But there’s more than one way to kill a political nuisance — you don’t have to march him up the steps to the gibbet, put the noose around his neck, and open the trapdoor under him.

What is happening to Tommy Robinson is capital punishment by alternative means. (*)

Dymphna has this to say about what is being done to Tommy:

My biggest concern about a possible return to prison for Tommy — beyond the monstrous injustice of his having ever been charged at all — is the likelihood he will be deeply harmed or even killed while there. I believe that is the reason the powers that be want him back in prison.

What is equally troubling, should They decide merely to put him in solitary confinement “for his own safety”, is what that would do to his mental, emotional, and spiritual integrity.

In his book Tommy wrote movingly of the deleterious effects those extraordinarily lengthy (and illegal) stretches in solitary had on his well-being. So now They know, and will no doubt use that knowledge of his fears. With impunity they can keep him in solitary as a further extra-judicial pressure in their ongoing attempt to break him by whatever means. If he commits suicide? So much the better as far as this brutal, criminal soviet is concerned.

If there is a way to have an organization like Amnesty International (**) involved it would be at least some protection for him. The UK needs far more oversight regarding its treatment of political prisoners than it currently receives.

The prospect of additional prison time for Tommy is more dreadful than I can possibly explain.

The goal of this appeal is to keep that iron door from clanging shut behind Tommy Robinson again. Please give what you can afford to his defense fund and spread the word among your friends and colleagues.

Baron: It wasn’t just boiling water they’d set up to pour over him. It was boiling water with sugar in it which would have made his burns that much more serious. That mixture is called “napalm” by prisoners...

Here again is  the link to donate. They do have pay pal.

(*) I think what is happening to Tommy Robinson is even more insidious than capital punishment by alternative means. It is a concerted and repeated murder attempt  by true nasties. 

(**)    Amnesty International has lost my trust since they turned "activist", and I mean "party-political activist".  The cause and the side for which  our brave Tommy Robinson fights, at his peril, is no longer  the cause nor the side defended by  that once very fine organisation.


A progress-report via Gates of Vienna

2nd Update:  

A thank you from Tommy Robinson

The fight-back for Tommy's survival has just begun. It seems that in England (who is not alone in that) the go is:  "no money no Justice". This, in my not so humble opinion makes Madame Justice a whore, and not one with a "golden heart" either.  

So, here again is  the link to donate. They do have pay pal.

3rd Update: 

"My case has been dismissed . Even the judge made comments about the police's motive of prosecution . Thank you all"  pic.twitter.com/BQv5TVGFNX

— Tommy Robinson (@TRobinsonNewEra) April 14, 2016

Thursday, 7 April 2016


Angela Merkel explaining statistics to a prominent German TV anchor: 

Captions in English go something like this:

Mrs. Maischberger...err...Mrs. Illner
Let me explain it to you.
According to the statistics before me, of  the 101 Islamists who arrived during the first quarter of 2016 ,  there is  only 1 (one)  person with  proven terrorist intentions.
That makes it minus 1%. 
These figures  demonstrate clearly  that with an increased influx of immigrants from these cultures, the terrorist threat will not increase but will  even decrease.

TV hostess:
I will immediately transmit that to our viewers. 

Eins und eins, das macht zwei

Der Liedtext und Musik : Charly Niessen 
Sängerin : Hildegard Knef 

Eins und eins, das macht zwei,
Drum küss und denk nicht dabei
Denn denken schadet der Illusion.
Alles dreht sich, dreht sich im Kreis
Und kommst du mal aus dem Gleis,
War's eben Erfahrung anstatt Offenbarung,
Was macht das schon?....


...Eins und eins, das macht zwei,
Ein Herz ist immer dabei,
Und wenn du Glück hast,
Dann sind es zwei.
Das Rezept wird keiner erfinden,
Das wird keiner ergründen.
Mal bleibt's für's Leben
Und mal bleibt es eben nur Liebelei.

Der Mensch an sich ist feige
Und schämt sich für sein Gefühl.
Das es nur keiner zeige,
Weil die Moral es so will.
Doch wenn im Fall des Falles
Er sich im Dunkeln versteckt.
Der liebe Gott sieht alles
Und hat dich längst entdeckt.

Eins und eins, das macht zwei,
Drum küss und lächle dabei,
Wenn dir auch manchmal zum Heulen ist.
Glücklich, wer das Heute geniesst,
Und was vorbei ist, vergisst.
Es kommt, wie es kommen muss,
Erst kommt der erste Kuss,
Dann kommt der letzte Kuss,
Dann der Schluss.

Monday, 4 April 2016

From the US Euphemism Policy Department

While I'm in a wicked mood, here comes another pearl from the  Mideast Beast

U.S. State Department officials are feeling the heat over a new policy to increase the use of euphemisms. “I’m tapped out,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. “I can’t keep trying to come up with new ways to refer to Jews, Muslims, Christians, and those crazies who actually pay for porn on the Internet.”

In addition to the current policy, State Department officials are being asked to revamp their program so terms like ‘radical Islamic terrorists’ are changed to ‘quirky, passionate extremists’; “beheadings” are changed to ‘heart-mind separation’, and ‘innocent gunshot victims murdered at a kosher supermarket buying groceries for the Jewish Sabbath’ are referred to as ‘asking for it’.

Update: The term ‘quirky’ has been just changed to ‘adventurously-thinking’. 

“It makes it really hard to explain what’s happening in Heaven’s Lobby,” complained State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki, using the updated phrase for the Middle East. “After Obama started calling the kosher supermarket a ‘deli’, all of us had the same reaction. There’s no way we can do that.”

Ironically, White House euphemism use dates back to the 2008 election, when the standard term for referring to President Obama became ‘Covert Muslim extremist. “Priceless, just priceless. Couldn’t let that go to waste!” exclaimed the President.

The President is currently trying to update terms like ‘decapitating knife’ to ‘melon slicer’ and ‘Israel’ to ‘America’s ex-girlfriend’.

And for those of us who like to look at the spelling, 
here is the lyrics version of the same ditty: 

Saudi Survey: No Woman No Drive ;)

From the Mideast Beast, a favourite site I go to for a giggle or two, comes this report:

Saudi Survey Questions Women’s Rights to Drive

Focus groups were conducted in Saudi Arabia to explore the social, political and economic ramifications of allowing women to drive in the kingdom. The conservative monarchy, not known for its support of women’s rights, did not allow women to be part of the research sessions and is reluctant to make known any of its findings.

The Mideast Beast however, was able to obtain a copy of the misogynistic report:

Positive impact:

Empowers women and sends a strong message to the international community that the kingdom acknowledges women do exist

Driving schools would cover entire vehicle with burqa and begin with a prayer before every session

Allows women to get out and enjoy the 55°C /131°F weather

Husbands control gas money allowance, dash cam, car keys and GPS tracking

Car insurance agencies catering to new women drivers would be a cash cow

A boon to local repair and body shops

Negative impact:

Sharing the road with a 4,000-pound lethal weapon in the hands of a person with a sheet over their head is not a good idea

No doubt other western evils, transgressions and transgenders will follow

Gives women too much freedom of movement for midnight beer runs and quick trips to buy cigarettes

May lead to hanky panky in backseat of vehicle

Inflatable male sex dolls could be placed in passenger seat to give the illusion of chaperon on board

World has enough PMS-fueled drivers on the roads (Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a compelling magical force that creates dual personalities in women every month

Note: Don’t shoot the messenger.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

UN = Human Rights Violators Central ?

Ten Years Later: 

Is the UN Human Rights CouncilLiving Up to Its Promise?

I just love this little but loud David fighting against a truly nasty and powerful Goliath. Hillel Neuer from Unwatch has, once again, lifted the skirts of that wolf-dressed-in-sheep's-clothing (*), the most deceptively named "Human Rights Council", and caused some serious stench to escape. 

(*) I have just realised that,  by mixing my metaphors as I do, I have created a cross-dressing wolf. 

Testimony before the UN Human Rights Council plenary, 
delivered by
UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, on March 11,  2016

You can find the transcript of the speech by this modern day hero and the attempts to silence him here.

PS: Personally I would cut Russia (and China) some slack because Putin has achieved more in  fighting Islamic terrorism (and mean it) in a few months than Obama and his ilk have done in 8 years, even if he had to take the unsavoury Iran as a temporary ally. In my eyes Putin is actually one of the very few political leaders with a spine and I am glad to see that with Netanyahu's visit to Russia, we could see a rather interesting and even welcome  shift in the balance of power e.g.: China/Russia/India/Israel.  At least the people from  these countries seem to believe in work rather than hand-outs.

So, Israel doesn't exist ? Huh?

The following article by Ari Soffer was published on the 31.3.2016 on ARUZ SHEVA 7. 

Belgian crisis center tells Jewish victims:
 Israel doesn't exist

A Crisis hot line for Brussels attack victims shocks Jewish volunteer trying to repatriate injured Israelis; 'No Israel, only Palestine.

The Brussels terror attacks which killed 35 people earlier this month also injured hundreds more - among them many foreign citizens, including several Israelis.

But when a Jewish volunteer called up the Belgian government's Crisis Center to arrange flying the Israeli victims home, the operator - who identified himself only by the Arabic first name Zakaria - chose to inform him that Israel doesn't exist, and insisted the victims should be sent to "Palestine."

The shocking incident, along with an audio recording of the conversation, was published in the Belgian Jewish monthly "Joods Actueel".

An English transcript of the conversation can be read below, courtesy of the New Anti Semite anti-hate blog.

English transcript of the telephone conversation:

XXX: Good afternoon, my name is XXX, I am a volunteer in the Jewish coordination committee of Antwerp. We are contacted by persons… we have 2 persons of the Jewish community that were hurt in the attacks in the airport

Crisis Centre: Yes sir

XXX: They are prepared to be transported back to Israel. Our volunteers are busy with it and take care of everything but we received information from the hospital that we need special papers from the police that they can be released. Is this correct and to who should we ask that? Can you tell me more about that?

CC: That is effectively.. I will take a look. So … they go back to Palestine.

XXX: Not Palestine, Israel.

CC: Yes, but that was before Palestine, of course. OK

XXX: Could you repeat that again, please? What is the name?

CC: That … Palestine.

XXX: Can I get your name, please?

Cc: Of course, Zakaria.

XXX: And you know only Palestine?

CC: Sorry?

XXX: You don’t know Israel, only Palestine?

CC: I know the Jews went to there, that Palestine received (opvangen) them and that there is a war between Israel and Palestine, of course. And the occupation… that’s what’s on the news of course.

XXX: Can you help me with the question I have, or not?

CC: Naturally, of course. Thus they go back to Palestine and ask that they could get an attestation. Voila, it is noted.

XXX: Can I have you name again, I didn’t understand it well.

CC: Zakaria

XXX: Zakaria?

CC: That is correct.

XXX: Zakaria what? What is your last name?

CC: I am not obliged to give it.


XXX; Thank you very much.

CC: You’re welcome. Bye

The Arutz Sheeva  article  ends with this comment:

"...Belgium, like neighbouring France, has seen a rapid rise in anti-Semitism over the past decade, emanating largely from the country's growing Muslim population..."

This  made me reach for my "quotes folder" to pull out this warning: "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people", an islamo-arab warning whose truism  France and now Belgium have  already started to  experience. I wonder how long it will take our so-called "Western Leaders" to realise  that "Sunday" is galloping towards us and that Israel has been and still is fighting OUR war!

Meanwhile what followed this disgraceful episode was covered by this news item:

Belgium’s federal hotline – set up by the Belgian Interior Ministry to take calls after these attacks – has fired an operator who told a caller that Israel does not exist and should be called Palestine instead.

Jac Vermeer – CEO of IPG – the company which had the contract to run the hotline for the Belgian Interior Ministry – issued this rather pathetic apology: 

“We wish to apologise to all members of the Jewish community and to the victims and their families in Israel ”

No expression of outrage has been issued by the Belgian Interior Ministry or the Belgian Government. And not a peep from the European Union or European Commission, who - I fear - have made up their tiny minds to chose the cowards' side in the looming clash between Europe vs Islam.