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Friday, 1 April 2016

Palestinians hack women to death: a survivor tells

Just a few days ago I discovered what must be one of the bravest women alive and I posted the  speech she gave to one of  the most anti-Jewish organisations of them all, the UN, here. I have since heard and read much more about Kay Wilson and find this interview with Dennis Prager one of the most harrowing tales yet. 

In our time-pressed period, a 25 minutes video might seem long, but do watch it, you will be the richer for it. 

A little technical detail: After the first 7 minutes which are acoustically  not the best (better sound here, without picture) but which contain the details of the actual terror attack, the still picture will be replaced by the film and a better sound quality for the rest of the tape. 

Kay Wilson is a British-born Israeli tour guide, jazz musician and cartoonist. She is the survivor of a brutal Palestinian terror attack that occurred in the hills of Jerusalem while she was guiding in December 2010 that killed her American Christian friend Kristine Luken. Since the attack, she is in demand as a motivational speaker and also addresses audiences on human rights issues and justice for victims of terrorism. She is a lecturer for StandWithUs, an international Israel education organisation.

Video published by StandWithUs on 2.3.2016

While watching the video I have just randomly  jutted down some  words and sentences from Kay Wilson that especially touched me: 

"I did intense trauma therapy in Israel obviously, sadly we have to have the best trauma therapies in the world...............they had a Malboro in one hand and a machete in the other......... it was so banal.........it was just like "ummm  what are we going to do next........" it was shocking in its everydayness........it was the same deadness that I saw with them in Court.........I sat 15 feet away from them........they were bored, they yawned  and then they started smirking and I thought:

"how on earth  could two men that were once little boys  grow up and hack innocent women without blinking an eye and smoking a cigarette afterwards...?"

Here is part of the answer:

...the moment I am on my knees and see that knife  and understand I'm going to be beheaded....my only prayer is "please God let him hack off my head quickly and not saw it..."

How old were they?  34 years old ....they were just bored.....They slept in the forest the night before because they came to kill "the Jews"... and this is what's going on in Israel every single day!...

The same anti-semitism that took the life of an American Christian (in Israel) is brewing on American campuses......"

I admire how she refuses to call herself  a victim....she "was"  a victim of an (arab/palestinian) terror attack  but she is a survivor, and I just love how she ends the interview: 

"The Palestinian Authority's Pornography of Victimhood"

How am I now???  I have learnt to chose life,.... I (am) grateful for every moment, although I live with pain  every moment is a miracle, every moment is a pain, and this gratitude helped me  to reach out to  Palestinian friends  who also don't want to buy into this pornography of victimhood that the Palestinian Authority puts upon them .....there is nothing noble, moral, kind or true to hold any person or any group of people in perpetual victimhood.

Another thing I did not know is that  Over the Rainbow was written by a Jew: 


I think this organisation deserves support
9 - 11. April 2016 Los Angeles,  CA

Update: 6. 4. 2016

I just had the pleasure of finding  Kay Wilson's "Over the rainbow", published in October 2013: 

"...played in memory of the life of Kristine Luken and Netta Blatt-Sorek. Played in thanksgiving for all they have imparted to us. Played in hope for a better world. "



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    1. Thank you, June, for your generous comments and the same to you and yours.