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Sunday, 3 April 2016

UN = Human Rights Violators Central ?

Ten Years Later: 

Is the UN Human Rights CouncilLiving Up to Its Promise?

I just love this little but loud David fighting against a truly nasty and powerful Goliath. Hillel Neuer from Unwatch has, once again, lifted the skirts of that wolf-dressed-in-sheep's-clothing (*), the most deceptively named "Human Rights Council", and caused some serious stench to escape. 

(*) I have just realised that,  by mixing my metaphors as I do, I have created a cross-dressing wolf. 

Testimony before the UN Human Rights Council plenary, 
delivered by
UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, on March 11,  2016

You can find the transcript of the speech by this modern day hero and the attempts to silence him here.

PS: Personally I would cut Russia (and China) some slack because Putin has achieved more in  fighting Islamic terrorism (and mean it) in a few months than Obama and his ilk have done in 8 years, even if he had to take the unsavoury Iran as a temporary ally. In my eyes Putin is actually one of the very few political leaders with a spine and I am glad to see that with Netanyahu's visit to Russia, we could see a rather interesting and even welcome  shift in the balance of power e.g.: China/Russia/India/Israel.  At least the people from  these countries seem to believe in work rather than hand-outs.


  1. I will cut both slack for their stand on Islam, however their moves to seize territory have to be watched closely.

    Contrary to the old saw the enemy of my enemy is rarely my friend.

    The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy, nothing more.

    1. Sorry, Richard, for the belated posting of your comment - it nearly got lost "in the mail' :)