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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Passover

Passover 2016  begins at sunset of Friday, April 22, and ends at nightfall of Saturday, April 30. 

It celebrates the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt, as told in this delightful little video. And with this I wish not only my past, present and future Jewish friends a happy Celebration, but all the Jewish people who might  pass by my little blog:    

Happy Pesach to you all !

Moses Goes Down from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

If you would like to learn about the Passover and more, I think the  The Jewish Virtual Library is a  much  better place to look for information about Israel and the Jewish people than "The Hamas Charter", the list of UN resolutions and/or assorted spreaders of Jew-Hatred, including unfortunately the main stream media and large parts of the Internet.  


  1. Thank you for your Passover Chag Sameach. It was very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the song. Eddie Cantor is one of my favourites from that bygone era.

  3. thank u! appreciate your stand very much.

    1. @mony: and I appreciate your comment very much:)