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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Politics, Propaganda, Anti-Semitism & Muslims in Germany

I just only just discovered this site and I am rather impressed by so much objectivity from a German who, as he says in one of his   other videos, is  from the Left. Personally, I am rather impulsive, emotional and read instructions only if everything else fails, nor is "objectivity" among my many vices. This doesn't mean, however, that  I don't like to see a sober, well documented take on things, and this "Thoughtful Contrarian" offers you all this. Worth listening to:

Here is a little glimpse of Merkel's Muslims, chanting: "Death to the Jews" (Tod den Juden), channelling "Adolf Hitler" and of course signing with the non negotiable Allah-u-Akbar.

thanks for the video to Vladtepes

Speaking of "nasty": Here is  a warning for people in Belgium: Do not go to crowded places this Monday, 11. 4. 2016. The warning may be a hoax, but the police seem to take it serious. 


I have not made my mind up yet about what music to play after this little glimpse from  Merkel's nasty new Germany.   I shall sleep on it...

...watch this space...

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