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Saturday, 30 September 2017

AfD vs BBC (Class vs Vulgarity)

The French have a slightly vulgar expression which, in my humble opinion, suits this pompous, hectoring, unknowledgeable "jouuuuuuurnaliste", who seems so typical of the Sharia-promoting BBC, the British branch of Al Jazeera:  

"He will never ever be able to piddle as high as he is aiming". 

Message for Frau von Storch: Bravo !  

Message for pompous BBC "journalist": Go and find yourself a Jacob's Ladder and then you may be able to reach the ankles of Frau von Storch. And here is a little song for you: 

"New Germans?" We'll make them ourselves.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Who is AfD's Dr. Alice Weidel ?

They called Alice Weidel  "the Nazi Slut" ("die Nazi Schlampe") on German State Television and, when she took the Public Broadcaster  to Court, she lost. That is the kind of "Justice" which decent, intelligent, courageous BUT "conservative" people can expect in Merkel's Germany. 

I admire Alice Weidel. She is brave and yet,  in this video she shows a vulnerability which really touched me just as I was touched by these seemingly straight laced German Burghers giving her a standing ovation. 

In some Islamic countries, they throw Homosexuals from the roofs, in  Germany Merkel's Muslims chase them through the streets already.....

Thanks to Baron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna for the editing. 

This was the middle part of her last election campaign speech. In the first part she spoke about what Merkel and her gang are doing to the economy and in the 3rd part she spoke about what used to be "the 4th Estate" but what has long since become "the 5th Column" i.e. the Media. I will translate both parts yet when I get around to it, because they too are well worth hearing.

To see the 3rd Part of her speech, on the Fake Media (Lügenpresse), click here

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes "Palestine"

Published on Sep 27, 2017 by unwatch

EPIC MOMENT: U.N. stunned, Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef—to expose PLO lies. Watch heads turn & eyes bulge! Sign up: www.unwatch.org

September 25. at the UN. 

Listen first to the nasty lies, repeated for the 1000th time by those dishonourable hate spreaders that count as "honourable" at the UN...

the representative of the PLOQatar, the most important financier of global islamist terrorism, North Korea, the country of "Rocket Man", Pakistan, Venezuela, Iran,

...and then listen to the son of one of the HAMAS founders, a real hero,  Mosab Hassan Yousef and enjoy one of the moments of truth, as rare at the UN as hens' teeth: 

In his 2009  "Coming Out" autobiography, "Son of Hamas", Mosab Hassa Yousef writes: 

"...To the outside world, the Middle Eastern conflict is simply a tug-of-war over a small stretch of land. But the real problem is that no one yet has understood the real problem. And, as a result, negotiators from Camp David to Oslo confidently continue to splint the arms and legs of the cardiac patient..."

One group, the delightful "Latma", does understand the "problem" alright. 


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The AfD (*) and the Jews

"What happens when I enter an AfD victory party at a Munich beer hall?..."

So asks Orit Arfa and goes promptly Nazi Hunting at an AfD beer hall in Munich. Here is what she wrote about it on 26. September 2017:

People know me as a fearless fighter for the Jewish people and Israel. I entered Gaza in August 2005 when it was a restricted military zone to write about and fight with the Jewish residents of Gush Katif who eventually lost their homes to the IDF. I’ve organized countless pro-Israel events in Los Angeles. I even challenged the Jewish establishment when it wanted to prevent anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller from speaking at the Jewish Federation building in Los Angeles. I recently moved to Berlin where I’m writing about German-Israel relations, often confronting Germans about anti-Israel sentiment and their Nazi past.

So, it was not out of character for me to enter an AfD victory party on the eve of elections, at a Munich beer hall no less, and find Nazis to expose and challenge. After all, the AfD is widely considered the neo-Nazi party. Take a walk inside with me into the lion’s den…

.... .. 

And here is another member of the AfD, Michael Stürzenberger, with a friend, at either the Marienplatz or the Stachus in Munich. (One of my favourite photos). 

Barbara: "The blond childen of Göttingen"

enaliah Published on Nov 4, 2014

Bien sûr, ce n'est pas la Seine, 
Ce n'est pas le bois de Vincennes, 
Mais c'est bien joli tout de même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
 Pas de quai et pas de rengaines, 
Qui se lamentent et qui se trainent, 
Mais l'amour y fleurit quand même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 

Ils savent mieux que nous, je pense, 
L'histoire de nos rois de France, 
Hermann, Peter, Helga et Hans, 
A Göttingen,
 Et que personne ne s'offense, 
Mais les contes de notre enfance, 
"Il était une fois" commencent, 
A Göttingen, 

Bien sûr, nous avons la Seine, 
Et puis notre bois de Vincennes, 
Mais, Dieu, que les roses sont belles, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
Nous, nous avons nos matins blêmes, 
Et l'âme grise de Verlaine, 
Eux, c'est la mélancolie même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 

Quand ils ne savent rien nous dire, 
Ils restent là à, nous sourire, 
Mais nous les comprenons quand même, 
Les enfants blonds de Göttingen, 
Et tant pis pour ceux qui s'étonnent, 
Et que les autres me pardonnent, 
Mais les enfants se sont les mêmes, 
A Paris ou à Göttingen, 

Ô faites que jamais ne revienne, 
Le temps du sang et de la haine, 
Car il y a des gens que j'aime, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
Et lorsque sonnerait l'alarme, 
S'il fallait reprendre les armes, 
Mon coeur verserait une larme, 
Pour Göttingen, Pour Göttingen ...

The last resting place of BARBARA in Paris 

(*) AfD 
= Alternative für Deutschland (the Alternative for Germany)

After the German Election 2017

This little item deserves a post for itself. It would be Comedy Gold, if it was not so serious. 

The woman you see in this video, Michaela Engelmeier, was actually a Member of the German Parliament until this election. Of course, she is of the Left,  a member of the SPD - Socialist Party of Germany,  partner in  Merkel's Government. 

Apart from being quite hysterical about the entrance into the Parliament  of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) with nearly 13 % of the vote  (more about that later, but already, bravo AfD !!!), she actually "informs" the public, with all the  ahem ... honesty and authority of a Socialist Member of Parliament,  that she has "just received intelligence from Berlin"  the big bad AfD was -  at that very moment  -   planning a "Fackelzug zum Reichstag".

Here is one for those who might not be familiar with what a "Fackelzug zum Reichstag" means -

This ^^^ is  what a  Member of German's Parliament tells the Herd, the AfD is up to.  The mind of those who have one, boggles ! 

For my taste this  intellectually and ethically challenged woman sounds just a little too nostalgic for the time when they held those "Fackelzüge zum Reichstag".......these marchers  were - after all - Socialists too.

As to the level of socialist rhetoric: this does not seem very high, judging by the descriptive powers of  Herr Potty-Mouth Johannes Kahrs, a party colleague of the funny Mrs. Engelmaier above. 

The quote of the week comes from the Gates of Vienna, it was penned by "The Thought Offender" on September 24, 2017: 

Clearly, a two party system, One party is AfD, the other isn’t

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Election Day in Germany (will be updated during the day).

Germany, where it is Sunday, 24. 9. 2017, 6 am now, awakes. Hopefully not only physically, but also politically. Germans  left it too late to make the bad dream that is Merkel go away, but they can put at least a spanner into the works of those who are driving Germany straight towards the precipice. They can vote for the "Alternative for Germany" (Alternative für Deutschland, the AfD) who will at least be a loud opposition but also an opposition that can DO something, should they get 25 % of the vote, and, also the polls give them 8 - 13 %, (according which one you read)  25%  are  DO-ABLE :

And, while Angela Merkel and her Gang seem to have more than one horse running in the  race to  islamise Germany and Europe, the AfD are the only political party who are using straight talk when it comes to name the beast by its name. 

Here is an extract of a speech given earlier this year  by the Co-Founder and spokesman for the AfD (ex-member of the CDU, Merkel's party) Dr. Alexander Gauland. He is not afraid to speak of the creeping Islamisation that is infecting Germany, (although meanwhile I think the "creeping" has accelerated to "galloping").


I only just found this message which was posted by Dr. Alice Weidel yesterday.

Subtitling was done in a hurry, since the message should reach voters before they go to the ballot boxes, and the little slip-up at the beginning of the video obscures the following: 

"Dear Citizens, Friends and Supporters, during Elections it should be your right to decide about the future of your country...". 

Also obscured is the invitation by Alice Weidel to vote for "Germany First". Source of original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEjko...

H/t Vlad.

A few small omissions in this video of some interest are that the first blonde speaker is from the Fraction of the Greens, and the "battle cry"  of the Green Youth protest at Minute 2.32 is:  "Nie, nie wieder Deutschland", (Never, never again Germany).

And, while I am totally for a very early departure of Angela Merkel, when I see the women (some included in the video above) I wonder if Merkel is the lesser evil. Here are some alarming constellations of a future Government which make me nearly hope that Merkel stays for a little while longer, if for nothing else but that she is not yet completely "out" as the extreme green/leftist, that she really is, while the other Hyenas from the Left have thrown away any little fig leaf.

Merkel must go !


Friday, 22 September 2017

Count-Down to German Elections

An apolitical Australian friend who watches mainly State TV, which in Australia means ABC and SBS, asked me the rhetorical question:  "Millions and Millions of Germans who vote for Angela Merkel  cannot all be stupid?" He was doubly shocked by my answer: firstly because rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered, and secundo he did not expect my oh-so teutonically delivered riposte:

"Yes, they can ! Remember the 12 years that the 1000-year Reich lasted?"

I'm surprised at myself, how emotionally I'm involved in these elections, since I have left the country of my birth so long ago, but - as they say in a variety of versions:  "you can take the girl out of Germany, but you cannot take Germany out of the girl".

But I should have told my friend that not ALL Germans are Merkel-Voters, there are some left who have the intelligence to think and some who have the courage to speak up, the latter ones, however,  being silenced by Merkel's Stasi Mafia pretty quickly.

Here is one example:

The comments to this video were interesting: here is a rather angry one: 

Del Evans14 hours ago
Personally I would nuke Germany. I would see every German killed. This is not baseball you spawn of Nazis. How many chances do the Krauts get to destroy Europe? Kill the sons and daughters of the Nazis who now invade with muslims instead of tanks. Death to the Germans and muzzies.

This one asks the same question I have asked myself:

Ox AO 1 day ago

Did anything happen to him legally? Or did they track him down as a teacher and fire him? Thanks

Breaking News from the Express:  (h/t Vlad)

Angela Merkel embroiled in refugee scandal
 in huge blow days before German election

A LEAKED internal German government report appears to condemn Chancellor Angel Merkel for opening the country's borders to 'refugees' without first gaining parliamentary approval....

This does not come as "news" to those who have followed Merkel's politics, and those who vehemently opposed them, like the Alternative for Germany, the AfD. Should they enter the Bundestag (Parliament) after the Sunday elections, they will try to establish a Commission to look closer at Merkel's border policies in the next parliament.  However, they will have all the other parties go against them, unless they win 25% of the vote, in which case they can go at it alone: 

German friends gave me these  predictions:  Merkel will become chancellor for a 4th time, and will probably form a Jamaica Coalition, pressed by the FdP who are trying to buy a place in the next Government with the promise of not proceeding with the demand for an enquiry into Merkel's  potentially illegal actions.

These friends tell me that she will "resign" before the end of the mandate and that she has already looked at Real Estate outside of Germany. 

Stay tuned....

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

German Elections 24. 9. 2017

In a few days, on the 24. September, Germans will go to the polls and decide their government for the next four years. Here is a quick guide to understanding the German election, from this Source

Germans don’t directly vote for their leader like in the US, but they can vote for a party. In Merkel’s case that would be the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which right now is a beefy 14 percentage points ahead of nearest rival the Social Democrats (SPD), according to the latest Emnid poll (link in German).

While we can expect Merkel to stay at the helm, her choice of coalition partner will influence Germany’s domestic and foreign policy over the next four years.

The rest of the race

As well as the CDU and SPD, there are four other political parties who are more or less neck-and-neck at the moment. Each party is represented by colors: The CDU and its sister party the Christian Social Union are black, while the SPD is red. Coalitions are sometimes referred in Germany by colors, eg, a “Jamaica coalition” would be one between the Christian Democrats (black), Greens (green), and Free Democrats (yellow).

The other key parties are:

The liberal Free Democrats (yellow)

The left-leaning (*) Green Party (green)

The Left/Die Linke (dark red or purple)

The right-wing (**) Alternative for Germany, AfD (blue)

Why third is the new first

Watch for whichever party comes in third place after the CDU and SPD, because it could mean the Christian Democrats have a chance to team up with a new coalition partner.

The FDP is the one to watch here. It looks set to re-enter parliament this year after failing to clear the 5% hurdle in 2013, and some polls predict it could win enough votes to allow it to form a coalition with the CDU/CSU (they were historically coalition partners).

This could mean some changes, as the pro-business FDP favor slashing government debt and taxes, and taking take a stricter line with other EU countries—it’s dead against any more bailouts for Greece. Its leader Christian Lindner told Bloomberg that other EU countries needed to be responsible for their own fiscal policies, and that he was against a Franco-German alliance that would entail “pots of money” for Emmanuel Macron.

On the other side, if the Greens were to be part of the next coalition, they could pull Merkel more to the left. (***)

Although the Left and the AFD are both polling at around 10%, Merkel’s party has ruled out forming a government with either of them. (****)

Here’s how the voting works

Everyone gets two votes on their ballot paper. The first one is to choose a local representative for their district. The second is to choose a party for parliament. 

Germany has 299 districts, and each one has a representative in the Bundestag. The Bundestag actually has a minimum of 598 seats, and the remainder of them are portioned out based on what percentage of the national vote each party wins—and that’s the key result we’ll all be watching for on the night of Sept. 24. The threshold to get into parliament is 5%.

What happens once the results are in?

Negotiations then begin on forming a coalition government—a coalition needs at least 45% of the vote to form a government—and the process can take weeks. Only once that’s completed can the chancellor be elected.

(*) "Left-Leaning" in the case of the Greens globally, but even more so in the case of the German Greens is a euphemism for "Extreeeeeeeeeme Left"

(**) This report is actually in a minority to call the AfD merely "right wing". The Merkel-obedient Fake Media label the "Alternive für Deutschland" from "extreeeeeme Right" to "Nazi" via "Raaaaacist" and got actually away before the courts calling Dr. Alice Weidel, one of the AfD lead candidates a "Nazi Schlampe" (Nazi Slut). The AfD is the only genuinely conservative and truly patriotic Party among the lot. 

(***) WOT? One small step more to the Left by this fake "conservative" Merkel and she would fall of the cliff.

(****) It is actually the AfD who have ruled out joining Merkel's Mob. At this stage, they say, they are not seeking "power", but intend to form a strong opposition who finally will hold Merkel et al to account for her destructive actions. 

I have not hidden the deep contempt I have for Angela Merkel and for what she is doing to Germany and Europe, but - unfortunately - the system will see her Chancellor for another 4 years. 

The only small hope Germany and her people have is that Merkel and her pack get at last an authentic opposition. They will if the AfD enters the Bundestag after the elections. 

End of Election Campaign 2013                        Start of Election Campaign 2017


Sunday, 17 September 2017

The French Resistance

To start with, I wanna brag and tell you  how proud I am to call these two people my friends, but - more darkly - I also have to confess that I'm extremely worried for their physical safety in the battered country that  France has become.  They are less a grain of sand in the shoes then a thorn right in the eyes of the unholy trinity that  is selling out France: Government-Media-Judiciary.

Earlier this month, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Riposte Laïque and every speaker at this event in Rungis near Paris is worth listening to. For the moment I will just post the subtitled speeches of Riposte Laïque's founder, Pierre Cassens, and of Christine Tasin, director of Résistance Républicaine  But everyone of the speeches presented that day are worth translating, and - perhaps - I will get to it in time. 

Christine Tasin's petite frame and soft voice are in direct inverse proportion to the strength this true French heroine has shown for at least 10 years now.  In her former life she was a Professor of Classics:

Thanks for subtitlingg: VladTepes

Pierre Cassens, softly spoken and with a wild-and-wicked sense of Gallic humour is the target of judicial persecutions and prosecutions from people like Cazeneuve (former Minister of Interior and for a while Prime Minister), Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, former City of Lights she has turned into a garbage can and the recently deceased partner of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé, to mention but a few who seem to have recognised the a real Resistant who must be eliminated.  

Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna who edited the subtitles of this and of Christine Tasin's speech writes: 

"The following speech by Pierre Cassen was given on September 2 at the event held to honor the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque. It’s rousing and inspirational, but it’s also a somber reminder that France has already passed the tipping point. The same is true of Sweden, of course, with Britain and Germany close behind. And the rest of Western Europe, along with Canada, Australia, and the USA, are doing their best to catch up..."

Thanks for subtitling: VladTepes

And Baron Bodissey concludes his comments:

"...Mr. Cassen points out what most of us have already realised, even if only subliminally: A democratic political solution to the Islamization of France is no longer possible. The most recent presidential election — won so resoundingly by Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron — was the last chance for the French to resolve the situation electorally.

The immediate future is murky, but whatever lies ahead for France will be ugly, bloody, and protracted. Nevertheless, even if all hope is lost, there is an imperative to resist the inevitable by any means available. Mr. Cassen’s words are a summons to his fellow patriots —

Allons enfants de la Patrie!"

Hurt but not dead !

PS: On the way home from a Radio Interview this  Saturday, Christine Tasin and Pierre Cassens were in a car accident. On the motorway, no other traffic, a "mad lorry" run into the back of  their car at high speed.  The driver of the truck alleged that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Pierre and Christine were reassured that he had not shouted "Allah-u-Akbar".  From his papers they saw that he was Bulgarian. He did not speak French.  The question I ask myself: what is "allah-u-akbar" in Bulgarian?

The Soldier, the Child and the British Dhimmy

This one pulled at my heart strings, I picked it up from twitter where, I think, it was posted by Tommy Robinson.  

And then there is this: 

Message for Theresa May, British PM:


My jury was out for quite a while, where you were concerned, but I have now decided that I don't like you very much nor do I trust you. Perhaps this is because you don't look after your own soldiers, perhaps it is because  you, in embarrassingly islamic submission, cover your hair when visiting Muslims in YOUR OWN country, or perhaps it is  because you are, like Angela Merkel, the  daughter of a protestant clergy man.....

Why is Angela Merkel destroying Germany?

This is one of the questions I have been asking myself and others for a while yet. 

Why is she trying to destroy my country of birth? Why does she seem to have such contempt for the German people?  Why does she want to replace the Germans with millions (nearly 2  million so far) of undocumented, violent, young males from mainly islamic countries and cultures, incompatible with Western laws of equality between men and women etc. Why does she seem to hate Germany so ? 

No-one could give me a plausible answer until I finally found an explanation in this video below which made absolute sense to me. 

I share quite a few characteristics with Goethe's Faust, the main one being that "zwei Seelen wohnen, ach in meiner Brust" (two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast), that is that I can be as gullible as I can be cynical. I truly believed this video was genuine. Until,  on researching further, I found out that it was genuine , only that it was  genuine satire

But then, as someone commented: Satire is just another way of telling the truth. 

Although, to my knowledge, no-one has yet proven conclusively  that Angela Merkel was a member of the Stasi, the rumour persists and,  according to this rumour, her Stasi code name was "Erika": 

PS: Unfinished business: 

I have not forgotten the promise I made in this post to Ilan Halimi and to you, and I will keep it. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Italian Busdriver beaten up by the Pope's favourites

I dare say that this following "news item" would not be reported in the heavily compliant, strictly pro-"refugees" Merkel-controlled German Main Media, but, as Dr. Alice Weidel from the "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD) reported recently, Italy's media do inform their public and that country has woken up, notwithstanding the despicable suggestion that "the rights of illegal refugees are more important than national security concerns" by this fashionable leftist Pope, with a fetish for sucking Muslim toes.

Bus drivers in the Italian city of Parma are now being subjected to regular attacks by gangs of African migrants. The attacks follow a similar pattern every time, yet the police are apparently unwilling or unable to protect the bus drivers from harm.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translating this article from Il Giornale. The embedded video has no need for translation:

Parma, the fury of immigrants. Bus driver “lynched”
Shocking aggression in Parma. The driver absorbs the insults of the migrant group. Then the break-in of the bus and the stomping with kicks and punches

by Giuseppe De Lorenzo

August 30, 2017

“What are you doing, what are you doing? Call the police.” The driver’s voice is broken because of the pain, slammed to the ground by an immigrant who strikes him with fists in the face. Two more migrants go up to him. They beat him repeatedly: one, two, three blows in the face.

Aggression with kicks and punches

Unheard-of violence. The driver remains on the ground, covered with bruises: seven days to recover from what should have been a normal shift of work.

We are in Parma bus station. Yesterday at 6:32pm on board a (bus) of the Tep, the local transport company. The driver, GP, 51, must begin the turn at that instant. The journey is always the same: from Parma to Mezzani, on an extra-urban road that starts right from the bus station. “When I arrived,” he told Il Giornale, “that group of migrants was sitting in the middle of the square camping out. I honked (the horn) to move them but they did not move, so I started to make zigzags to convince them to let me pass. They became enraged.”

GP parks the vehicle in the square. He had to allow some passengers on, but avoided opening the doors so as not to end up in the hands of the furious migrants. Then a cellphone picks up what happens in those minutes of madness. In the video, seven or eight individuals, including two women, are seen slamming their fists on the vehicle’s glass and screaming at the driver, who was barricaded in the bus. “Piece of shit,” screams one of the guys outside. “You’re a jerk,” echoes a comrade. Another strikes the windshield repeatedly, threatening the driver (with violence). A warning that in a few minutes will become reality (watch the shocking video).

“We’ll beat your face.” So the migrants attacked the bus driver.

“They said everything to me.” GP said. “They were throwing stones against the windows. I was scared.” Pictures are like a stomach hit for those who have been asking for more security on public transport for years. The migrants seem uncontrollable, they wanted to reach the driver to punish him. A controller left outside the bus tries to bring everyone back to calm. To no avail. “Shut up or I’ll break your face,” one of the boys, well-dressed in a white shirt, threatens him. A few moments later the foreigners are able to break through the door. A young man who seems to be little more than twenty years old comes on board. He hits the driver and strikes him with a burst of punches in his face. GP tries to defend himself with two kicks in the aggressor’s direction. Everything is useless. The immigrant pushes him to the floor and continues to beat him without respite. “I was thinking of dying”, said GP, licking his wounds.

Only the intervention of the carabinieri, called by some passers-by, ends the brutal beating . The hospital’s response is tough: seven days of tests and treatment for the injuries reported. But it could be worse. “I’m strong,” says the driver, “but if in my place it had been he had been a fellow less strong, he would be dead now.”

GP has been working for Tep for 30 years. “Since I took the job I have never had any problems with anyone, only with foreigners. In the bus station they move from one spot to the other. It’s always the same story: they look mean at you, try to jump under the bus, they pretend that you have touched them and they pick a quarrel with you.”

The day before the aggression (two days ago) migrants had threatened the driver. Same dynamics: “They were in the middle of the road. I honked and they started to kick and throw stones. Luckily I did not have people to load and got away. Then I informed the company, asking for them to send police officers the next day for my security. But yesterday there were only two controllers, and the situation degenerated, leading to the beating.” I did not see much help from the company,” commented the driver bitterly. The Tep, for its part, tells us that “only the presence of these people seated at the stop was reported, not situations of insecurity such as to require the intervention of law enforcement.” That is why an internal investigation has been initiated to check the driver’s responsibility.

Parma, a driver attacked by a migrant

GP has an eight-year-old son. Migrants have threatened to go to his home to (beat) him. “They yelled, ‘We know where you live.’ In a week’s time, he will have to go back and drive the bus on the same route. The fear is great. “We are indignant,” cries Paolo Leporati, the regional secretary of the Orsa Transport Union. “It is not possible for workers to always have to risk their own safety.” The videos of the aggression are already in the hands of the Carabinieri, who will proceed with the investigations. Will they arrest them? “They have nothing to lose and they know that,” concludes the victim. “They said to each other: ‘They will not do anything to us’.”