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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Election Day in Germany (will be updated during the day).

Germany, where it is Sunday, 24. 9. 2017, 6 am now, awakes. Hopefully not only physically, but also politically. Germans  left it too late to make the bad dream that is Merkel go away, but they can put at least a spanner into the works of those who are driving Germany straight towards the precipice. They can vote for the "Alternative for Germany" (Alternative für Deutschland, the AfD) who will at least be a loud opposition but also an opposition that can DO something, should they get 25 % of the vote, and, also the polls give them 8 - 13 %, (according which one you read)  25%  are  DO-ABLE :

And, while Angela Merkel and her Gang seem to have more than one horse running in the  race to  islamise Germany and Europe, the AfD are the only political party who are using straight talk when it comes to name the beast by its name. 

Here is an extract of a speech given earlier this year  by the Co-Founder and spokesman for the AfD (ex-member of the CDU, Merkel's party) Dr. Alexander Gauland. He is not afraid to speak of the creeping Islamisation that is infecting Germany, (although meanwhile I think the "creeping" has accelerated to "galloping").


I only just found this message which was posted by Dr. Alice Weidel yesterday.

Subtitling was done in a hurry, since the message should reach voters before they go to the ballot boxes, and the little slip-up at the beginning of the video obscures the following: 

"Dear Citizens, Friends and Supporters, during Elections it should be your right to decide about the future of your country...". 

Also obscured is the invitation by Alice Weidel to vote for "Germany First". Source of original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEjko...

H/t Vlad.

A few small omissions in this video of some interest are that the first blonde speaker is from the Fraction of the Greens, and the "battle cry"  of the Green Youth protest at Minute 2.32 is:  "Nie, nie wieder Deutschland", (Never, never again Germany).

And, while I am totally for a very early departure of Angela Merkel, when I see the women (some included in the video above) I wonder if Merkel is the lesser evil. Here are some alarming constellations of a future Government which make me nearly hope that Merkel stays for a little while longer, if for nothing else but that she is not yet completely "out" as the extreme green/leftist, that she really is, while the other Hyenas from the Left have thrown away any little fig leaf.

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