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Friday, 1 September 2017

Germany is being paved over with praying Merkel Muslims

One German Politician says "NO !" to this. She is Dr. Alice Weidel, leading candidate for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) and I very much hope, this brave little party will get into the Bundestag on the 24. September and will, as a real opposition, put at last some brakes to the galloping replacement of the German people planned (accidentally? I don't think so) by the not so sweet Sultana Merkel.

Caption reads: "The Cold Chancellor:
I am the State, The people is nothing"

Here is a  short extract from a speech by Dr. Alice Weidel, in which she explicitly states that she does not want to see the public space in Germany "paved over with praying Muslims". (note to self: don't misspell "praying" as in "prey-ing"). 

You can find her entire speech, presented on the 26. August in Ludwigshaven on  AFD TV offiziell.  

I thank the Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna for the editing. And thanks for that little compilation below go to VladTepes.


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