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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The AfD (*) and the Jews

"What happens when I enter an AfD victory party at a Munich beer hall?..."

So asks Orit Arfa and goes promptly Nazi Hunting at an AfD beer hall in Munich. Here is what she wrote about it on 26. September 2017:

People know me as a fearless fighter for the Jewish people and Israel. I entered Gaza in August 2005 when it was a restricted military zone to write about and fight with the Jewish residents of Gush Katif who eventually lost their homes to the IDF. I’ve organized countless pro-Israel events in Los Angeles. I even challenged the Jewish establishment when it wanted to prevent anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller from speaking at the Jewish Federation building in Los Angeles. I recently moved to Berlin where I’m writing about German-Israel relations, often confronting Germans about anti-Israel sentiment and their Nazi past.

So, it was not out of character for me to enter an AfD victory party on the eve of elections, at a Munich beer hall no less, and find Nazis to expose and challenge. After all, the AfD is widely considered the neo-Nazi party. Take a walk inside with me into the lion’s den…

.... .. 

And here is another member of the AfD, Michael Stürzenberger, with a friend, at either the Marienplatz or the Stachus in Munich. (One of my favourite photos). 

Barbara: "The blond childen of Göttingen"

enaliah Published on Nov 4, 2014

Bien sûr, ce n'est pas la Seine, 
Ce n'est pas le bois de Vincennes, 
Mais c'est bien joli tout de même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
 Pas de quai et pas de rengaines, 
Qui se lamentent et qui se trainent, 
Mais l'amour y fleurit quand même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 

Ils savent mieux que nous, je pense, 
L'histoire de nos rois de France, 
Hermann, Peter, Helga et Hans, 
A Göttingen,
 Et que personne ne s'offense, 
Mais les contes de notre enfance, 
"Il était une fois" commencent, 
A Göttingen, 

Bien sûr, nous avons la Seine, 
Et puis notre bois de Vincennes, 
Mais, Dieu, que les roses sont belles, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
Nous, nous avons nos matins blêmes, 
Et l'âme grise de Verlaine, 
Eux, c'est la mélancolie même, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 

Quand ils ne savent rien nous dire, 
Ils restent là à, nous sourire, 
Mais nous les comprenons quand même, 
Les enfants blonds de Göttingen, 
Et tant pis pour ceux qui s'étonnent, 
Et que les autres me pardonnent, 
Mais les enfants se sont les mêmes, 
A Paris ou à Göttingen, 

Ô faites que jamais ne revienne, 
Le temps du sang et de la haine, 
Car il y a des gens que j'aime, 
A Göttingen, à Göttingen, 
Et lorsque sonnerait l'alarme, 
S'il fallait reprendre les armes, 
Mon coeur verserait une larme, 
Pour Göttingen, Pour Göttingen ...

The last resting place of BARBARA in Paris 

(*) AfD 
= Alternative für Deutschland (the Alternative for Germany)


  1. Barbara's chanson "Goettingen" is absolutely sublime! I listened to it twice and had tears in my eyes! Merci. Danke. Toda.

    Allow me to share another magnificent French song--contemporary, and obviously not of the same postbellum significance--but, still...sublime.

    Francis Cabrel's "Hors-Saison":

    1. @Neighborhood Bully (Steven). (Now I understand your nom de plume). Thank you! AND you have made me discover a singer I had not known - just listened to his "Octobre" - lovely.

      I think Barbara got it ! It's a number of years I have not visited her family grave - I hope it was not among the ones that got vandalised recently.

  2. Allow me one more, then. The albums Hors-Saison (1999) and Samedi Soir Sur la Terre (1994) are both MASTERPIECES--the best French popular music since Brel and Brassens in their prime. Now you have heard the title tracks from both records:


    Gmar Chatimah Tova, Steven