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Saturday, 30 September 2017

AfD vs BBC (Class vs Vulgarity)

The French have a slightly vulgar expression which, in my humble opinion, suits this pompous, hectoring, unknowledgeable "jouuuuuuurnaliste", who seems so typical of the Sharia-promoting BBC, the British branch of Al Jazeera:  

"He will never ever be able to piddle as high as he is aiming". 

Message for Frau von Storch: Bravo !  

Message for pompous BBC "journalist": Go and find yourself a Jacob's Ladder and then you may be able to reach the ankles of Frau von Storch. And here is a little song for you: 

"New Germans?" We'll make them ourselves.

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  1. Excellent! That pitiable knight; Sir Beeb of Smug, has a very short lance, indeed.