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Friday, 22 September 2017

Count-Down to German Elections

An apolitical Australian friend who watches mainly State TV, which in Australia means ABC and SBS, asked me the rhetorical question:  "Millions and Millions of Germans who vote for Angela Merkel  cannot all be stupid?" He was doubly shocked by my answer: firstly because rhetorical questions are not meant to be answered, and secundo he did not expect my oh-so teutonically delivered riposte:

"Yes, they can ! Remember the 12 years that the 1000-year Reich lasted?"

I'm surprised at myself, how emotionally I'm involved in these elections, since I have left the country of my birth so long ago, but - as they say in a variety of versions:  "you can take the girl out of Germany, but you cannot take Germany out of the girl".

But I should have told my friend that not ALL Germans are Merkel-Voters, there are some left who have the intelligence to think and some who have the courage to speak up, the latter ones, however,  being silenced by Merkel's Stasi Mafia pretty quickly.

Here is one example:

The comments to this video were interesting: here is a rather angry one: 

Del Evans14 hours ago
Personally I would nuke Germany. I would see every German killed. This is not baseball you spawn of Nazis. How many chances do the Krauts get to destroy Europe? Kill the sons and daughters of the Nazis who now invade with muslims instead of tanks. Death to the Germans and muzzies.

This one asks the same question I have asked myself:

Ox AO 1 day ago

Did anything happen to him legally? Or did they track him down as a teacher and fire him? Thanks

Breaking News from the Express:  (h/t Vlad)

Angela Merkel embroiled in refugee scandal
 in huge blow days before German election

A LEAKED internal German government report appears to condemn Chancellor Angel Merkel for opening the country's borders to 'refugees' without first gaining parliamentary approval....

This does not come as "news" to those who have followed Merkel's politics, and those who vehemently opposed them, like the Alternative for Germany, the AfD. Should they enter the Bundestag (Parliament) after the Sunday elections, they will try to establish a Commission to look closer at Merkel's border policies in the next parliament.  However, they will have all the other parties go against them, unless they win 25% of the vote, in which case they can go at it alone: 

German friends gave me these  predictions:  Merkel will become chancellor for a 4th time, and will probably form a Jamaica Coalition, pressed by the FdP who are trying to buy a place in the next Government with the promise of not proceeding with the demand for an enquiry into Merkel's  potentially illegal actions.

These friends tell me that she will "resign" before the end of the mandate and that she has already looked at Real Estate outside of Germany. 

Stay tuned....

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