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Friday, 29 September 2017

Who is AfD's Dr. Alice Weidel ?

They called Alice Weidel  "the Nazi Slut" ("die Nazi Schlampe") on German State Television and, when she took the Public Broadcaster  to Court, she lost. That is the kind of "Justice" which decent, intelligent, courageous BUT "conservative" people can expect in Merkel's Germany. 

I admire Alice Weidel. She is brave and yet,  in this video she shows a vulnerability which really touched me just as I was touched by these seemingly straight laced German Burghers giving her a standing ovation. 

In some Islamic countries, they throw Homosexuals from the roofs, in  Germany Merkel's Muslims chase them through the streets already.....

Thanks to Baron Bodissey from the Gates of Vienna for the editing. 

This was the middle part of her last election campaign speech. In the first part she spoke about what Merkel and her gang are doing to the economy and in the 3rd part she spoke about what used to be "the 4th Estate" but what has long since become "the 5th Column" i.e. the Media. I will translate both parts yet when I get around to it, because they too are well worth hearing.

To see the 3rd Part of her speech, on the Fake Media (Lügenpresse), click here


  1. Alice Weidel is a brilliant and moving speaker!! I look forward to seeing the first and third portions of her speech. I hope it gets posted at GoV, as well.

    1. @ Neighborhood Bully (Steven): You will find the 3rd portion, about the Media, here: