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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

After the German Election 2017

This little item deserves a post for itself. It would be Comedy Gold, if it was not so serious. 

The woman you see in this video, Michaela Engelmeier, was actually a Member of the German Parliament until this election. Of course, she is of the Left,  a member of the SPD - Socialist Party of Germany,  partner in  Merkel's Government. 

Apart from being quite hysterical about the entrance into the Parliament  of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) with nearly 13 % of the vote  (more about that later, but already, bravo AfD !!!), she actually "informs" the public, with all the  ahem ... honesty and authority of a Socialist Member of Parliament,  that she has "just received intelligence from Berlin"  the big bad AfD was -  at that very moment  -   planning a "Fackelzug zum Reichstag".

Here is one for those who might not be familiar with what a "Fackelzug zum Reichstag" means -

This ^^^ is  what a  Member of German's Parliament tells the Herd, the AfD is up to.  The mind of those who have one, boggles ! 

For my taste this  intellectually and ethically challenged woman sounds just a little too nostalgic for the time when they held those "Fackelzüge zum Reichstag".......these marchers  were - after all - Socialists too.

As to the level of socialist rhetoric: this does not seem very high, judging by the descriptive powers of  Herr Potty-Mouth Johannes Kahrs, a party colleague of the funny Mrs. Engelmaier above. 

The quote of the week comes from the Gates of Vienna, it was penned by "The Thought Offender" on September 24, 2017: 

Clearly, a two party system, One party is AfD, the other isn’t

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