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Sunday, 17 September 2017

The French Resistance

To start with, I wanna brag and tell you  how proud I am to call these two people my friends, but - more darkly - I also have to confess that I'm extremely worried for their physical safety in the battered country that  France has become.  They are less a grain of sand in the shoes then a thorn right in the eyes of the unholy trinity that  is selling out France: Government-Media-Judiciary.

Earlier this month, they celebrated the 10th anniversary of Riposte Laïque and every speaker at this event in Rungis near Paris is worth listening to. For the moment I will just post the subtitled speeches of Riposte Laïque's founder, Pierre Cassens, and of Christine Tasin, director of Résistance Républicaine  But everyone of the speeches presented that day are worth translating, and - perhaps - I will get to it in time. 

Christine Tasin's petite frame and soft voice are in direct inverse proportion to the strength this true French heroine has shown for at least 10 years now.  In her former life she was a Professor of Classics:

Thanks for subtitlingg: VladTepes

Pierre Cassens, softly spoken and with a wild-and-wicked sense of Gallic humour is the target of judicial persecutions and prosecutions from people like Cazeneuve (former Minister of Interior and for a while Prime Minister), Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, former City of Lights she has turned into a garbage can and the recently deceased partner of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé, to mention but a few who seem to have recognised the a real Resistant who must be eliminated.  

Baron Bodissey from Gates of Vienna who edited the subtitles of this and of Christine Tasin's speech writes: 

"The following speech by Pierre Cassen was given on September 2 at the event held to honor the tenth anniversary of Riposte Laïque. It’s rousing and inspirational, but it’s also a somber reminder that France has already passed the tipping point. The same is true of Sweden, of course, with Britain and Germany close behind. And the rest of Western Europe, along with Canada, Australia, and the USA, are doing their best to catch up..."

Thanks for subtitling: VladTepes

And Baron Bodissey concludes his comments:

"...Mr. Cassen points out what most of us have already realised, even if only subliminally: A democratic political solution to the Islamization of France is no longer possible. The most recent presidential election — won so resoundingly by Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron — was the last chance for the French to resolve the situation electorally.

The immediate future is murky, but whatever lies ahead for France will be ugly, bloody, and protracted. Nevertheless, even if all hope is lost, there is an imperative to resist the inevitable by any means available. Mr. Cassen’s words are a summons to his fellow patriots —

Allons enfants de la Patrie!"

Hurt but not dead !

PS: On the way home from a Radio Interview this  Saturday, Christine Tasin and Pierre Cassens were in a car accident. On the motorway, no other traffic, a "mad lorry" run into the back of  their car at high speed.  The driver of the truck alleged that he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Pierre and Christine were reassured that he had not shouted "Allah-u-Akbar".  From his papers they saw that he was Bulgarian. He did not speak French.  The question I ask myself: what is "allah-u-akbar" in Bulgarian?

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