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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Lets hear it for white males !

Lately I seem to have posted quite a few "unkind" things against "fundamentalist feminists", perhaps it's because of the memories I have of my childhood and early youth. 

I never had "problems" with men, the bullies in my early life were mostly women: the rosary-swinging, church-going,  hypocritical, pursed-lips, judgemental, unlusty, barren, envious, frustrated, premenstrual-if-not-perimenopausal power freaks who so often made my early life a misery. 

Their excuse may well have been the truism that "the oppressed become the oppressors". Not an excuse their reincarnations can hide behind, I think, these strident, self-declared "feminists". And, don't even talk to me about those anaemic emasculated males who find it necessary to declare themselves "feminists" !!! pfffft !!!

I must declare that "some of my best friends" are female, because I chose them very carefully. 

So, lets hear it for the big bad (not necessarily handsome) men !

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