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Monday, 20 August 2018

Likes & Dislikes for August 2018 (updated often)

Will be updated as pearls and their opposite come along.

Previous Likes and Dislikes:

June 2018                           


WARNING:  the following picture may will do violence to your aesthetic senses

Chemnitz (formerly East Germany)  

After deadly knife attacks by Merkel Guests on Germans (2 dead, several seriously hurt) their brothers are calling Germans "Nazis" and tell them to get out of their homeland Germany....and so it starts:  "Nazis Raus" = "Germans Out"

"...I think what he did in this country was the most necessary thing: killing political correctness...He stood up on a platform and he started telling the truth..."

How "Merkel-Guests" treat the German Police: 


This is what Blacks do to White Farmers, in South Africa, with the approval of their savage political "leaders". Yet, when Australian Minister for Immigration, Peter Dutton, dared calling these actions "uncivilised" and suggested that Australia should accept white South African Farmers as refugees here, he was strongly criticised by the local Left/Greens and the Get-Up-Antifa-Sorros financed mob and called "Raaaacist".  (see more on this here). 

A series of tweets from President Trump 
which distill his thoughts on free speech: 

Ever since Zuckerberg has been caught on hot-mike taking orders from Mother Terrorista Merkel and has been seen meanwhile to "follow these orders" I have dismissed him simply as being the personal Kapo of the 2nd worst chancellor of Germany but - like the man said "progress never bloody stops" so I now think that "regress never bloody stops" either and going back to the worst chancellor of Germany it seems that all the major Silicon Despots are to Merkel what the Goebbels outfit was to Hitler. 

Unfortunately the article is behind a pay wall, but the twitter message and the headline give you the essential information. 

The 2 strong men of the Italian government, Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio, were warmly welcomed by the crowd during their arrival at the ceremony of homage to the victims of Genoa. A grieving woman called out to Salvini, who tries to console her. - 
Source: France 2, 18 August 2018, 8 pm

Have a look at the hand of Matteo Salvini: a gesture which seems to me to be both, intuitive and consoling, yet I bet that those hypocritical virtue signallers would have something negative to say about it. 

Commentary by Dr. Nicolaus Fest reads: 

Family reunification: 22,116 requests from Lebanon, 3,748 from Turkey, 1,269 from Kenya, 874 from Egypt. There is no war in any of these countries, but the "family reunificaton" must of course take place in Germany-and at the expense of the Germans..

The delightful Matteo Salvini seems to have discovered Twitter :)

I think, he would be the perfect Coastguard at the moment, for the European side of the Mediterranean, to slow Merkel, Macron, the Greens, the Sorros-NGOs and the rest of the virtue-signalling, civilisation-destroying, law-breaking people smugglers down a little....

Do I "like" or "dislike" these two videos? Guess !!! ;)  

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new shining starlet of the American Left, perhaps even a potential leader of the Democrats....yes please  ! 

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