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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Likes & Dislikes for July 2018

I will update this thread as I come across little pearls or their opposite during July 2018. 

31. July 2018

PhD in feminism says dog parks are a microcosm of heater-normative wuzza wuzza

1. This title penned by Vlad gets the prize for “best of the month”.

2.  If this  PhD-in-Feminism watched dogs and THEIR OWNERS for 1000 hours in a dog park, then:

 2.1. that Lady is voyeuristic

2.2. that Lady needs to get laid

2.3. if she cannot achieve 2.2, then go to 3.

3. That lady needs a dog:

30. July 2018

2 men I admire: 
The Imam of Peace and Tommy Robinson

and I really really liked this one: 

The comments read: 

"A few decades ago, "Heil Hitlers"
resounded under the Brandenburg Gate.
Today, it is "Allah ouakbar"..."

29. July 2018

28. July 2018

For those who wonder about the comments by Black Pigeon Speaks in this tweet: Before opening the borders, Merkel and her political/media/judiciary accomplices said that the reason for "importing migrants"  was that Germany was in need of more engineers, doctors and astronauts and that the "refugees" were mainly women and children. 

27. July 2018

The Invasion of Europe continues via the communist homologues of Merkel, the "socialist" (aka communist)  Government of Spain. 

Angela Merkel, Mother Terrorista. These savages  may be your choice for reasons you hopefully have to explain soon before a Nürnberg Style Tribunal, but they would not be my choice, nor the choice of all those girls, soon to be pack-raped (as the many before them) and surviving only, if they are "lucky" otherwise knife-butchered as the many were in your Germany since 2015. 

26. July 2018

Merkel's Government is blatantly racist when it comes to White Folk. 

Don't expect any sympathy, let alone help,  from the  Merkel Government if you are tortured and murdered en masse because you are white, Christian, Jewish  or otherwise neither muslim nor dark-skinned. Here is the translation of an article by Andreas Lilge, published on July 25, 2018:

Asylum for white South Africans ?- 

The Federal German Government sees no reason for protection despite discrimination and violence

The German government sees no reason to protect white South Africans. This is the answer of the federal government to a request of the AfD. 

Dr. Anton Friesen of the AfD asked the German government in writing what protection status white South Africans would receive in Germany if they applied for asylum here.

The German government sees no reason at present to grant them protection status, although the situation in South Africa is getting worse and worse.

Dr. Friesen said:

"In South Africa, a targeted persecution of an ethnic minority is taking place almost unnoticed by the German public. The white South Africans are discriminated against, driven out and murdered there. Over 70,000 white South Africans have been killed in the last two and a half decades. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes.

The serious human rights violations in South Africa are appalling. It is therefore cynical that the Federal Government cannot see any group persecution in this context. Other countries such as Australia have already begun to facilitate the granting of visas to white South Africans. 

Germany can no longer stand idly by and watch the events in South Africa. Members of the white minority in South Africa must be granted a protective title if they apply for asylum here in Germany. 

Furthermore, development aid to South Africa must be cancelled as long as the situation for the white South Africans does not improve".

See my previous posts about the plight of White South African farmers:  

26. 7. 2018

"Their march through the institutions..." Are there no child protection services in Canada? (This is the link to the whole article at Rebel)


Kaufbeuren, (South Germany). When the majority in this town  rejects the building of yet another #DITIB Mosque , the Representative town counsellor of the SPD (Socialist party and part of Merkel's Government) reacts like this, unable to accept that the long arm of Adolf #Erdogan is rejected. 

This ^^^ goes as a Leftist/Feminist in Australia and is welcome to demonstrate her incontinence at Australia's National Broadcaster, the ABC. And just have a look at the number of "likes". 

I was told that the present crop of "feminists" is finding it difficult to get laid, so I suppose this little number is a confirmation of the truism, that "desperate times call for desperate measures". ;)

And this story is told by an Imam !!!

To all Turks in Austria
who voted for Erdogan,
I recommend the Return
to Turkey!

Heinz-Christian Strache
Vice Chancellor
Federal Party Chairman
of the FPÖ
(Freedom Party of Austria)

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