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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Ich bin Deutschland (I am Germany)

I found this video on the German Re-Information site:  Policitally Incorrect

This collage - "I am Germany" - was produced by Martin Renner MP of the AfD Faction in the German Parliament. He writes:

"...We made a collage about us: About Germany.
This collage wants to show you what is being destroyed more and more. Destroyed by the internationalist, socialist and globalist policies of all established parties - here in our home country, but also in the EU.
This collage "Ich bin Deutschland" wants to make clear to you what needs to be preserved. What must not be destroyed - by the pseudo-elites of politics and their predatory community comrades in business, culture, the media, churches, trade unions and NGOs..."

PS:  For those among you who wonder why I give so much exposure  to  the AfD (Alternative for Germany):  I am neither paid for it,  nor am I a member of this young party, but I am an unashamed fan because I seriously believe that they are the only, if not the last hope for Germany and I do think that Germany (my country of origin) is worth, well worth,  saving. 

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