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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

JEWISH Help in that Thai Cave Rescue ?

Australians honoured for Thai cave rescue

Nine Australians were  honoured today for their efforts in rescuing 12 boys and their soccer coach from deep inside a flooded Thai cave. Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove presented the group with bravery medals and Australia's highest civilian honour during a ceremony in Canberra today. 

Fair enough, these men are heroes and the Australian PM got a chance to wax lyrical. And yes,  many Nations  sent help to that  happy-end story. 

I too, like the rest of the world,  watched it developing, yet I saw nothing in the wall-to-wall media coverage about Israel helping, let alone about that help from Israel being vital to the happy outcome. 

Then, a couple of days ago, a Jewish friend gave me a link to the Jewish News, here is their article from 12 July 2018: 

Israeli tech aids Thai cave rescue

"Technology powering the Thai cave rescue was provided for free, because the Israeli man who developed it wanted to act “Jewish.”

Uzi Hanuni, who made “magic” radios that allow rescuers to communicate despite all the rocks between them, told The AJN that he was offered big money for his system but insisted on providing it for free.

“This is the Jewish way,” he said. “When there is a life at stake you don’t bargain, you just do your best to save those lives.”

Thai rescuers trying to free a football team trapped in a flooded cave were struggling to communicate with each other, so they turned to the Israeli company Maxtech. Its system has boosted the power of rescuers’ radios by almost 20 times.

“Two days after the disaster, our agent in Thailand heard about it and was approached by the navy seals of Thailand and was asked for a solution that could manage communication in caves,” said Maxtech’s CEO Uzi Hanuni.

“The agent approached us and said they are prepared to pay a lot of money to bring this solution . We decided we wouldn’t do it for money, we’d do it to save kids lives.”

The AJN talked to Hanuni on Monday, hours after the first four boys emerged from the cave, and he was confident that his technology contributed to the success. “Navy seals and all the rescue forces are managing the whole rescue effort with these radios, they wouldn’t be able to manage it without them.”

Normal radios used by rescuers have a range of a few kilometres in open areas, but in difficult environments like caves, the range can be tiny. Hanuni has provided special radios that “hop” voice, video and data from one to another.

Now, rescuers who are nowhere near each other can communicate with each other, so long as there are people with radios at regular intervals in-between them. Each radio picks up the signals they receive, and transmits them onwards, solving the problem of the difficult environment.

Hanuni talks about the system as a kind of “daisy chain,” explaining: “We can chain all the radios to establish communication from the edge of the tunnel to one kilometre away.”

The father-of-three came up with the idea after 9/11, and took it to the market 13 years later.

He said: “Just after September 11 I decided that rescue forces shouldn’t die in attempting rescue. Then, the tower of first responders collapsed and they couldn’t communicate with each other. So I decided to build a resilient network that doesn’t require infrastructure.”

In related news, Israel’s ambassador to Thailand Meir Shlomo visited the site of the cave. He said that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent him to “see what kind of aid Israel can offer to its friend Thailand.” 


In this interview, published on July 1, one week into the rescue efforts,   Uzi Hanuni, Founder and GEO of Maxtech networks Ltd. is speaking to ILTV  about the Israeli company that was helping Thai rescuers searching for the missing boys in the underwater cave: 

And here I have copied a couple of comments in response to this ^^^ video that speak to me:

DJ Cohen wrote:

"Uzi, I'm not sure if any other private business from any other country gave a life saving technology (at no cost to the Thai people) to help rescue those boys, but what you did, is an example of how this screwed up world should operate...people coming together to help people in trouble. To my knowledge, what you did was never mentioned on any major news network/paper in Europe or USA. I find that to be tragic. I care greatly about children as they are the only hope the world has to survive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great service you did to save the Thai children and their coach."

And I think this cri de coeur from "Beverley Price" should be heard loud and clear not only in Israel, but around a world, that - once again - is "accommodating" that old and nasty virus I call Jew-Hatred, that may lay dormant for 75 years, but then rise its ugly head(s) again, differently and yet the same:

Beverley Price wrote:

"Tell the world. Please don't be shy about showing off how amazing you are. The BBC reported about finding the boys and not a word about your Israeli technology. Don' t underestimate how important these interventions are in countering bds (*) negativity and their 'thought police' "

(*)  What is BDS ? Click Here to know

Well, what music should accompany this article? Lets make it about "saving children"

So, here is the little song that Jewish children in Israel sing, when HAMAS aims their rockets at their Kindergartens. This song was composed by a local teacher and has been taught to hundreds of schoolchildren within firing range of Gaza's rockets to help them deal with the fear and trauma of having 15 seconds to run for cover when the Color Red siren sounds.

Click here for  a more elaborate explanation, how this song ^^^ came to be.

PS: afterthought: So, Australia helped, Israel helped, I'm sure even France and Germany - and perhaps - even Sweden helped. But: which one of the more than 50 Islamic nations helped ?  Really ?

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