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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Who Put the BS in BDS?

Thank you Vlad for this new Andrew Klavan. It's just the right  time to highlight yet another aspect of the empty "WeDontHateJewsBut" rhetoric:

The few  BDS 'activists'  I had the unappetising displeasure to see in action had that slightly threatening  side-show alley demeanour, and quite a few of them were unloved looking post-menopausal or fat  females whose only other pleasure besides  Jew-hating is probably poisoning pigeons in the park....


Update June 2015:

"Who is really behind this nasty Boycott?"

Here is a little extract from the article which you can read in toto here

"...Most recently, official representatives of the Palestinian Authority, the PA, engaged in an international effort that almost booted Israel out of FIFA, the most prestigious international sporting association, a step which could have denied any Israel sports team from competing in any sports competition, anywhere in the world.
The direct involvement of the PA in this massive BDS activity revealed what had been known for years, which is that the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah organized the BDS “movement” in 2005. The BDS web site speaks for itself. http://www.bdsmovement.net/, It is no more than a front for the PA.
BDS has indeed fostered an image that makes it seem as if it is a spontaneous grass roots movement.
Yet it does not take much research to discern that BDS is not listed anywhere as an independent organization, nor does BDS even hold or own a bank account, anywhere in the world. That is meant to foster the grass roots image, but the money involved has to come from somewhere..."

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