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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tweets from an Israeli Soldier Part 4


"Tweeting your experiences of a war, is a strategy for attracting new twitter followers ...."

This tongue-in-cheek tweet by our "Israeli Soldier" as I called him here and here and here, made me suddenly realise that my trying to protect his "privacy" was actually quite silly since I too had discovered him in this very public twitter sphere. @Gidon Shaviv obviously never meant to "hide" and probably even likes being tweeted at...;)

I'm running late again; squirrelling away his pearls meaning to post them as they come but then letting my innate tendency to procrastination take over. And so now, the chronology I meant to respect is shot to pieces like the illusion that HAMAS love their children more than they hate Israel.

To Gidon Shaviv these must feel like a little life time away:

C'mon guys I'm in the middle of a war. Stop inviting me to play Candy Crush.

Speaking of downtime, thank you to a certain kibbutz that opened its pool to a few hundred miluimnickim.

Just to point out, my wife at home with three kids, sirens, cancelled kindergartens etc, is working much harder than I am...

I've been sleeping in a tent in the desert for the last 5 days...

The trick in using the mobile toilets the ISF kindly provided, is to never, ever look down or breathe...

Those cardboard targets never saw it coming

I've never been this long without. Seeing my kids. My five year old in her love of drama, asked my wife what her father's (me) name was...

I've said it before. Stop firing rockets at civilians would seem a fairly low bar for peace...

Retweet: The notion that Israel would be more justified in striking Hamas terrorists trying to kill Israelis if Hamas were better at murder is vile.

Can't the world spare just a little moral outrage for those intentionally firing rockets at civilians?

It's been a week since we've been called up. I don't mind staying much longer, so long as we put an end to the reality of rocket fire.

Hamas uses BBC brand for fauxtography propaganda ‪http://wp.me/p2tuZQ-2SL

Weirdly enough you CAN spell cease fire without the word Rocket.

Heart shaped cookies The note is "a big loving hug, lizi, Mili and Nava"

Yay!!! Package from my wife arrives!!

I really don't deserve my wife...

judging by drawings my kids sent on the package from home I just got, my daughters "kitty" phase is not yet over.

There must be a cease fire, because only two rockets have landed near me today.

From Lior the Israeli dairy farmer, now soldier "Israel have no fear, us dairy farmers will protect you" it's 5 am...

Lior- normally a dairy farmer, currently an Israeli reservist

Thank you Adam Roth from Florida! Your package arrived and is much appreciated by the soldiers of my unit. Pls RT.

Retweet: Rather sick fake feed claiming to be that of Oron Shaul, the IDF soldier Hamas claims it's holding.

25. july 2014

I'm afraid I will have to decline celebrating the day of rage with you. My son and I have already booked a day of tickles.

On the way home for Shabbat!!!

Finally on a bus headed to Jerusalem

So I took some of the candy people donated from the base to give my kids as a gift when I got home...


Shavua Tov. Had a great Shabbat at home. Getting organized and will soon head back.

Amount of love I received over the weekend was overwhelming. Thank you everyone.

Will state that the conversation with my five year old daughter about war was somewhat of an eye opener.

How so?

.@shootersix bc she clearly does understand that her father might die...

I got to see one of the exposed terror tunnels today. All I can say is that these things are deadly, and we must MUST deal with this threat.

I have started to read a few of the nasty tweets Gidon Shaviv gets; one particularly vile comment came from a female whose twitter profile I looked up. Her description of self contained all the prerequisite clichés like Peace, Free-Palestine, working for "charities", love, children and the usual must have fashion accessories for a compassionista. Yet the her attack on our soldier and her twitter ID picture (hooked-nose Jew as octopus with swastika on Israeli flag)violently contradicted her masturbatory auto-biography. She seems to spread her poison from London and appears to be a stale left over from the Flotilla Boats of "We con the world" infamy.

Gidon's response:

@gazaboatconvoy I apologize that Jews have become competent at preventing their own murder

it is clearly Israel's actions, that are causing the masses to search for any Jew, and show their outrage.

I don't think nasty compassionistas do irony, no wonder she hates the Jews.

Hey where are the pics of me in a terror tunnel?? Oh I wasted all my phone battery arguing with haters on twitter... Sorry :)

As one of my favourite writers, Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish said:

"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?"

How many layers of irony to fact that anti-war rally in Tel Aviv dispersed by police due to incoming rocket sirens?

Why is nobody commenting on the fact that these rallies happen only in Tel Aviv, not Sderot, Ashdod, etc.?

Gidon: @Marc_Leibowitz forget Ashdod. Name one, just one, peace rally in Palestinian city. @NTarnopolsky

Silly Hamas. A ceasefire doesn't normally mean that you continue firing rockets at civilians... #hamasarenotfiveyearolds

"Poor Yaseen Al Kilani. Hamas says he was killed three times." good read http://feedly.com/e/W7uh4tFx

Sleeping in APC

keeping your boots on as a courtesy to your fellow sleepers ;) ?

I think I can guess the age of each reservist by the style of his combat boots. ;-)

The question is, why aren't you sleeping?

On the radio they announce the names of the soldiers killed today. The hitchhiker behind me bursts into tears. Just found out a friend died.

Pointed out that when we were called up there was full moon. I suspect I will see the next full moon still in uniform.

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