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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Postcards from HAMAS-occupied Gaza

On Vlad's Blog I found (among the many fascinating news they bring) a link to  the following article with videos which I reproduce here  in toto and unedited: 

Israel often warns 'Palestinians' whose homes are about to be bombed because their residents include Hamas terrorists by a 'knock on the roof.' We've often seen this practice from the IAF's aerial video, but on Saturday, the Gaza-based Watania news agency posted ground-level video to its YouTube account.

This recent footage from Gaza shows an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force of a home belonging to the Nofal family. A warning rocket is fired first and then, a minute later, an F-16 airstrike hits the building via two missiles.

According to Watania (from whom I did not take the video), about 15 minutes elapsed between the warning and the home's destruction. The family in the building - the Nofal family - escaped.

Let's go to the videotape.


London's Daily Mail describes what you've just seen.

Gaza-based Watania news agency posted the footage to YouTube yesterday, describing it as the moment the home of Samir Nofal and his family was bombed.

Filmed from across the road from the three-storey target, it shows how passing aircraft first fire small rockets at the roof of the building, causing a blast powerful enough to blow out the curtains and shake the street.

The house is not destroyed but, according to the caption, around 15 minutes later the warplane returns. This time it fires two fully armed missiles at the building, causing a tremendous explosion and filling the street with smoke and debris.

As the dust gradually clears it can be seen that the structure has been devastated, its front has been blown off and what remains is a skeleton with the trappings of daily life spilling out.

Yes, true. but notice something else. The home next to it - which presumably was not inhabited by terrorists - escaped completely unscathed. Where else have you ever seen that?

And here's what it looks like from the air. Note the secondary explosions at the end. Do you think you saw those in the first video as well? You probably did.

Let's go to the videotape.

Israel, I stand proudly on your side. 


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