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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Postcards from Egypt to HAMAS

One of my ongoing  personal fights is with  anti-semitism which has been showing its ugly face again for some time now. But over the last couple of weeks the tiny see-through  fig leaf of the "We-Dont-Hate-Jews-Only-Zionists" excuse has been taken off and Europe has been swamped  by a wave of naked Jew-hatred. 

What is the  reason pretext for all these "solidarity marches" by Arabs/Muslims/Sub-Saharan Africans, Greens, National Socialists Socialists, Feminists (yes, really !), your common garden variety of Leftists and the rest of that Nietzschean herd?  In "solidarity" with whom or what are  these Jew-hating slogans polluting the air  in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, London and even in Sydney ?  

The "solidarity feelings " these aggressive and even  violent  wannabe jihadists  express during these hate feasts are with HAMAS, an organisation that even the Obama (mis)led USA has  declared a TERRORIST  Organisation. 

While Europe and Australia are now exporting jihadist murderers with European and Australian  paper-nationalities to islamic countries, in a nation  like Egypt, "civilisation" seems to be braking out after the departure of the Muslim Brotherhood and the speakers in this video (ta vlad) put all  those "born-again Jew haters"  to shame. 

Have a look what message Egypt has for HAMAS: 


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