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Thursday, 24 July 2014

France: Hamas v. Jews

The defenders of Hamas in Sarcelles:

I would like to add that this report comes from France's State Media, whose default position is very pro-Arab/Islam. They belong to the media whom I blame in great parts for the rising Jew-hatred and the misreporting on "Gaza", where Israel is defending itself against sustained Rocket attacks from the   the Terrorist regime of Hamas. So, things must be very bad in France, when even RTL are being fair in their reporting. 

French Jews defending their  Synagogue in Sarcelles:

(thank you Vlad)

This is an energetic group of  young French Jews, La Ligue de Defense Juive , who are fighting back, sometimes  physically. They are also an excellent source for the kind of  information which is being held back by the main French media.

In  physical confrontations they are usually very inferior in numbers (the old David Goliath story) to the Arab/Muslim/sub-Saharan and leftist thugs who are attacking them, but they will fight. So, of course, they have been accused of being "extreeeeeeeme right wing and violent" as has anyone who does not run away from thugs and who does  not call themselves "Antifascist" "Anti-Racist" "Pro-Palestinian" "Pro-Human-Rights" and all those fashionable euphemisms which try to hide (and often succeed) the real violence driving those groups. 

Personally, I am glad that neither the Jews of France,  nor Israel are "taking it" any longer. 

To quote one of my favorite writers, Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish):

"…The world as a whole, not just the occasional liberal brat, will continue being disappointed in Israel for not having magically and non-violently resolved the dilemma of people shooting at it no matter what it does. After all there's already a book titled, "How to Make Peace in the Middle East in Six Months or Less" on the shelf. Why not just read it and do what it says?"

While our young Jews above might be brave, and love their France, I have heard some better renditions of the Marseillaise (to be fair though, my friends below have had a little 'technical' assistance ;)


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