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Saturday, 28 July 2018

Lauren, Stefan, OZ Sharia Police & Bad Promoters

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have apparently many haters in Australia. First there were problems with getting "the right" visas, then there was the Fake Media:

Then there was the Australian Police (a supposedly "high-ranking" one no less) who have, embarrassingly and dangerously, turned Sharia-compliant as is obvious from the video below:

But for me personally, it is their promoter,  Axiomatic.Events who  has done them no favours as far as I am concerned. 

Sour Grapes Mode on

I had bought tickets to the Sydney event  a month ago. For security reasons, details of the venue would only be advised 24 hours before the event which was to start tonight at 6 pm. I have gone through similar proceedings quite a few times before - it has become nearly routine for conservative events.

Long story short: I'm sitting at my desk now, when I should actually be in Sydney listening to these two bright, courageous  people.  When the deadline for the release of  the venue details  had passed by several hours without any sign from the "promoters", I started to contact them: My 3 (I admit increasingly irate)  emails  remained without answer until very late into the night  I got this message:

"Your order with entry code --xxx-- for the event Stefan Molyneux and  Lauren Southern Live In Sydney has been cancelled. The reason given for cancellation is: Client was outraged venue advice was late.."

Baboom ! The more than rude non-answer to my question about a  refund of my money (the tickets were far from cheap) makes me suspect that my hard earned Dollars have gone the same way as my chances to see Lauren and Stefan ever life in Sydney.

Sour Grapes Mode off

Oh, I received the details of the venue finally today at 2.25 pm, just 3.5 hours before the start. 

Update 30. July 2018

The Truth about Lakemba

Short (my)  version: 

Lakemba IS a no-go zone, except for Muslims and Dhimmies. This Policeman, who may be a muslim or not, but is certainly not a defender of Australian Laws did nothing less than enforcing SHARIA Law. 

Longer version 
by Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux
 chatting on a bench at Sydney's Botanic Gardens: 



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