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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Perimenopausal Politicians are the Killers

Yet another perimenopausal German politician is crying because the islamisation of Germany does not go fast enough for her. The people of Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, voted to 60% against a new mosque to be built on land offered by the Town.

This is how the poster of the original video introduced it (translation): 

"Kaufbeuren/Bavaria - 

With more than 60 percent the residents of Kaufbeuren decided on Sunday against the building of a Ditib (Muslim-Brotherhood/Erdogan) mosque. 

Martina Wischhöfer, SPD  city councillor, is "shocked" and struggles with tears in front of the camera. 

Mrs. Martina Wischhöfer sits in Kaufbeuren city council, representing  the former People's Party SPD  and is just simply appalled. More than 60 percent of the citizens have decided that they do not want an Islamic temple of the Erdogan-related Ditib in their town. 

And yet,  the SPD functionary was so sure that the citizens of Kaufbeuren were "reasonable and rational enough" and would cheerfully agree to the construction of the mosque. 

Wischhöfer is really sad that her fellow citizens do not share her dreams of Islamization. She's really disappointed, and so she cries into the microphone of the Moma reporter."

This crying politician is a member of the once respected "workers party" SPD (Socialist Party of Germany) but whose popularity is fast sinking and who is now behind the only 5 year old AfD (Alternative for Germany) in the polls. Ageing female politicians of Germany seem to cry a lot, here is another one on the day after the    Federal elections (September 2017): same demographic, same party: 

You will find some more "elaborate" comments to this "performance"  under  this link

What is it with those seemingly  mature female politicians so obviously  hankering for  an ever increasing influx of those, the German media refer to euphemistically as "South Landers" (Südländer) and to shamelessly submit to them ?! Hmpfff ! The UK have their own Pastor's daughter, Theresa May: 

And we all know by now the exotic preferences of Angela Merkel: 

Then there is of course the feminist  Lord Mayor of Cologne who advised the victims of the mass sexual attacks by Merkel-Muslims on "that" New Years Eve in Cologne, to "keep strangers at arm's length":

Lay down and think of Allah or burka-up already

And here we have  the deputy speaker of the German Parliament, the Green's Claudia Roth, who hates Germans and Germany (walking in Antifa demonstrations behind banners that read: "Deutschland verrecke!"  ) and just LOVES anything Turkish: 

I'm tempted to go and tell you about the victims of these political femmes and the blood on their hands.......

.....but I'd better stop for today. 


PS: you might find this Breitbart Article on the subject interesting too: 

PPS: anecdote: I spent my childhood in Bavaria during those  long-gone pre-PC times. For me, Kaufbeuren, the little town in which this story takes place always had a strangely fascinating aura about it because I was told, by some of the more sadistic adults that populated  my  childhood, that Kaufbeuren was the place of a huge  Lunatic Asylum.  Reading about the outcome above, I will look at Kaufbeuren now as one of the saner German towns.

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