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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Jerusalem, Capital of Israel v. HAMAS, Islamic Terrorist Group

Andrew Bolt, courageously swimming against the effluent emanating from the Left and assorted Jew Haters not only gets it, but he also shares it well, and only those of a Shoe-size IQ or of  ill intent will refuse to "understand". 

And here is Nikki Haley who, even in this vipers' nest of the UN always  remains elegant,  not only in appearance but also  intellectually and emotionally.  I could well see her as a future American President. 

The Palestinian Media Watch describes the "instructions" with which those "innocent and peaceful" Palestinian youth were sent on that so-called  "March of Return": 

"Bring a knife, dagger, or handgun," 
kidnap Israeli civilians,
and murder soldiers and settlers 


Update 1:

Robert Spencer reports:  

Hamas top dog admits Gaza protesters not “innocent civilians”: “If 62 people were martyred, 50 of them were Hamas”  

Continue reading the article at Jihadwatch

From about Minute 1:18 in this MEMRI video, you will see and hear "Ismail Haniyeh". On this picture below, he is the 3rd from the left. I dare say that their fortunes, made in the way of Allah?, have very much increased since the time of these photos.  

What I find 'interesting' in a galling way is, how this "brave, idealistic leader" of his poor, oppressed people  (all, according to him and much of the conformist Western Fake media  "victims of big bad Israel") can call for the destruction of Israel and the Jews, while shamelessly using Israel's hospitals for his whole clan and himself. 

Sometimes I wonder why Israel has not yet understood that  "no good deed shall go unpunished". 

Here is an extract from the Wikipedia article about this Ismail Hannieh: 

Haniyeh is married and has thirteen children.[32] In 2009, the family lived in Al-Shati refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.[6] In 2010, Haniyeh purchased a 2,500 square metres (0.6 acres) parcel of land in Rimal, a Gaza City beachfront neighborhood.[32] Haniyeh registered the land in the name of his son-in-law.[32]

Subsequently, Haniyeh reportedly purchased additional homes and registered them under the names of his (13) children.[32] According to a 2014 Ynet article, Haniyeh is a millionaire, stemming from the 20% tax charged on all items entering though tunnels from Egypt to the Gaza Strip.[32] Haniyeh's eldest son was arrested by Egyptian authorities at the Rafah Border Crossing with a few million dollars, which he intended to take into Gaza.[32]

Haniyeh's sisters Kholidia, Laila and Sabah, are Israeli citizens and live in the Bedouin town of Tel as-Sabi in southern Israel.[33] Kholodia moved to Tel as-Sabi first and then her two sisters followed.[33] Kholidia's husband said "Our life is normal here and we want it to continue."[33] Laila and Sabah are both widowed but remain in Tel as-Sabi assumingly to retain their Israeli citizenship.[33] Some of the children of the three sisters have served in the Israel Defense Forces.[33]

In early 2012, Israeli authorities granted a request to travel to Haniyeh's sister, Suhila Abd el‑Salam Ahmed Haniyeh, and her critically ill husband for emergency heart treatment that could not be treated by hospitals in Gaza.[34] After successful treatment at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel, the couple returned to Gaza.[34] Haniyeh's granddaughter was treated in an Israeli hospital in November 2013 and his mother in law was treated in an Israeli hospital in June 2014.[35]

In October 2014, a few months after the 2014 Israel–Gaza War, Haniyeh's daughter spent a week in an Israeli hospital in Tel Aviv for emergency treatment after she suffered complications from a routine procedure.[35]

I seem to remember that the grand daughter of Mahmoud Abbas was also treated in an Israeli Hospital during the last Intifada.  

Update 3

Update 4


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