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Thursday, 10 May 2018

The Pontius Pilate of Moelenbeek

Usually I am not a fan of  crying in public, especially on camera and my 7th sense - the one that detects crocodile tears before they start flowing  is finely tuned, but I think this one is real and raw.

Katie Hopkins of  TheRebel.media is in Belgium, asking the mayor of Molenbeek why she did nothing when given a list of over 100 terror suspects in her city — one of whom orchestrated the 2015 Paris attacks at the nightclub "Le Bataclan" a month later.

She  writes:

"   I didn’t expect to meet the mayor of Molenbeek when I came to Belgium.

Mayor Françoise Schepmans was privy to a list of terror-suspects living in her city — including Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam.

The mayor received the list a full month prior to the Paris terror attack that claimed the lives of 130 people.

 And she did nothing !!!

I asked her why — and her answer made me very angry…"

It also made her cry....but the reasons for which we cry are not always the obvious ones....Katie has teenage children...just sayin'....

come baaaaaaaaaack, all is forgiven !!!

This Belgian mayor seems to do the dirty work for the galloping  islamisation of the West, just like all the other peri-menopausal political femmes: 

-   The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo who sided with Qatar against French Patriots and prosecutes native French Islam Critics before the law for publishing caricatures, after fellating every camera in sight with a big sign saying "Je Suis Charlie!!!"

- the Major of Cologne , Henriette Reker who, after the mass sexual assaults by her beloved "rapefugees" on the girls of Cologne  on New Years Eve 2015 indulged in some victim blaming and advised the the girls and women of Germany to keep  rapists "at arm's length". 


"And that way we won't see your traumas!!!"

-    the whole Swedish "feminist" cabinet who think they look cute in the islamically correct submission gear and are so  giving  a truly bad example to younger girls.

-  The Pastor's daughter, Theresa May who is full-on into submission: 

-  ....and last but not least, the other Pastor's daughter who has unleashed the beast on Germany and Europe, this green/red hyena  in conservative sheep's clothing, this second worst Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

There are no doubt more, but I do feel a little nauseated and will stop here, lest I will give into the temptation and generalise about "women in politics". 

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